Love After Marriage (Part 117)


Arshu are going back home.. Aishu hugs Arvi and say im happy today… He says im not.. She asks why? He says my friends are enjoying but me.. She says go be with them… He says Cheeeeeeee.. She asks what happened? He says I said about Sai and Ankith.. She beats him and say you’re stupid.. He says thanks for compliment.. Both laugh.. She kiss his cheeks and say just with this small things till 8 more months ? He says what? She says ya 8 months.. He stops car and looks at her.. She starts laughing..say see 4 months babies will come then 4 months for me to recover ? He says ok’re health is first to me.. She smiles and say you’re first to me than my health ok.. Both smile..

A 3 months leap..
Aishu is 8 months pregnant.. Arvi and amma or mom will be be her every minute.. She have started feeling sudden kicks bcz of that she wont sleep properly.. Arvi also will be awake with her most of days.. If she have anything then for 60% she will vomit..arvi take care of her every second..

Arvi is sitting with files.. He gets call form office.. He gets to know project which aishu did is selected as best project in that year and there will a function related to it. He thinks of saying this to her.. Amma comes there and ask him what time they both will go for hospital? Arvi reply her after 10 am.. Amma goes to feed aishu.. She see her standing front of mirror and saying just one month more babies will be here in bedroom.. Amma says now also babies are in bed room..aishu smiles..says amma I want feel them touching them.. Amma says it’s wish of every woman who is gonna give birth to baby.. Aishu says amma you were also fat like me when you gave birth to me?? Amma smiles and say not this much but I’re having two babies na..don’t worry ill take care of them you can reduce your weight after 3 months of there birth ok..aishu say ok… Arvi comes down..calls aishu.. Amma takes her out.. Arvi smiles seeing her.. He takes her out.. She sits in car.. Amma asks him to drive slowly even if aishu blackmail ok.. He smiles.. Aishu says amma.. They leave for hospital..

Arshu smile.. She says Arvi I want ice cream please.. He says after check dear.. She says you don’t love me now na.. He stops car and say my drama won’t leave instance na.. She smiles.. He kiss her forehead and say death will be last moment..that moment I may stop loving you.. Aishu says if you speak about death then that moment ill die for sure.. Arvi says ok I wont..shall we go inside hospital now? She smiles.. After 1hr.. They both are waiting for Dr aunty.. She comes.. Arvi asks about the dates.. She replies near to next month 20.. Arvi says it will be 7 days early na.. Aunty smile and say it will be just days early not months don’t worry.. Arshu smile.. They leave for home..

Aishu says more 26 days na.. He smiles and say yea… She kiss his cheeks and say I love you.. He replies I love you too.. She smiles.. Both reach home and enjoy ice cream with family.. Mom asks about date? Arshu say after next month 20.. Amma and mom see each other and says then you can’t celebrate your marriage anniversary this time also.. Arshu look at each

Precap: Babies birth.. With aishu’s memory back..

Pooja asked me to say thanks for all your wishes.. Thank you all for your wishes? Her marriage is fixed after 2 weeks. Her life Arvi is similar to this fiction arvi but he gets angry. Pooja and Abijith make a good pair. Its love come arranged marriage. Thank you all???

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  1. wow ..say my hearty wishes to pooja and abhijith ..wish them hundred years of happy married life …arshu now pooja and abhijith…lovely ..sheer episode is so cute yaar ..waiting for precap ..

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  3. Ohhh poor guys they cant celebrate marriage aniversary

  4. nice episode

  5. meghna shanti

    Eagerly waiting for next update

  6. Oh……pooja find her arvi…?congrats
    And shree pls update soon

  7. Awesome episode, arshu bestest couple….n I’m really very happy for pooja…congrats!!!!!….I wish her very happy n lovely married life… you soooooooo muchhhhhh. …muaaaaahhhhhh

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