Love After Marriage (Part 115)

Amma calling aishu.. She goes inside.. Amma asks her to get ready for Bindu and ranju haldi.. Aishu nods and goes to get ready.. See’s Surya leaving.. Arvi goes to room.. Aishu is taking clothes.. He gives her a pack and say her to change.. She nods ok.. He keeps her jewellery ready.. She comes out wearing white and yellow mix long gown with duppatta.. He makes her her wearing jewellery.. Then plate her hair.. She smiles.. He kiss her forehead and say my doll is ready now.. She asks him to get ready.. He nods ok and leave to fresh up.. She keeps his clothes and other thing on bed..sit on bed.. He comes out and see her.. She signs him to change.. He takes clothes and goes to change.. She sits in front of mirror… He comes there and apply sindhoor.. She smiles,say lets go.. He nods ok.. Both go down.. Then all leave for bindhu’s home..

Surya and Madhu are at ankith place.. Arvi’s granny is also there.. She apply turmeric paste to him.. Then followed by mom,Madhu,Surya and dad.. Madhu asks Surya to take haldi to bindhu’s home.. He leaves.. She gets busy with moku.. Ankith thinks about change in his life after Madhu’s marriage.. He smiles when he remembers Arshu’s love in their marriage..then bindhu and his love story..he smiles and says aishu you changed my life..from revenge filled person to caring person..thank god for giving me such a cute sister..she made me get relations in my life..filled my life with love,happiness..

At bindhu home..
Aishu hugs bindhu and say you’re looking so pretty in this colour..i should say today if ankith was here he will become mad looking at you ? Bindhu thanks her.. Aishu asks why? Bindhu says nothing.. my sister I can say thank you na.. Aishu smiles and hugs her.. Arvi comes there and says all are waiting for you both come down.. Bindhu say Arvi thank you ? arvi asks why? Bindhu say aishu is pregnant else she would be looking like bride and me bridesmaid.. Aishu says you have gone mad.. They go down.. They start function.. Arshu apply haldi to her.. Bindhu goes to take bath.. Arshu are siting in garden.. Aishu smiles and say Arvi in 2 days they will married.. Arvi says then our kids will come into this world.. Aishu says then our family will be half complete.. He says full na.. She says after 2yrs only it will be fully complete.. He says sorry.. She smiles..

Amma comes there and give her milk and juice for arvi.. Aishu makes sad face.. Arvi smiles and make her juice.. Arvi drinks milk.. Amma smiles,say aishu get into practice..your children will not drink milk then you will know.. Aishu says arvi will see that..ill make them chocolate and food.. Arvi smiles.. Amma says arvi you named her correctly bachaa party ? Aishu smile.. Amma say them within 10min we will leave for Sai’s place.. Arvi say ok..amma go get ready.. Aishu excuses and goes inside.. Amma ask arvi is it true that Sai has informed about cancer to ranju? Arvi says before asking about marriage he said her. Amma smiles and goes inside.. Arvi goes towards car..he sits think about the day when Sai said about cancer to aishu’s parents..and thinks about the pain he underwent..amma asking him if he really thinks her as his mother or not..then Sai promise that he won’t hide anything from now onwards.. Aishu comes there and see arvi lost..sit next to him..kiss his cheeks.. He doesn’t react..she tickle him.. He holds her hand and say I want to kiss you.. She shows amma and smile.. He glares at her.. She holds her ears and says sorry.. He smiles.. Amma sit in car..they leave for sai’s house..

At sai’s place..
Papa and aishu’s granny are waiting for arshu and amma.. They arrive.. Aishu asks where is Sai? Arvi says ill go and bring you be here.. She nods ok.. Arvi goes to Sai’s room.. Sai is just staring outside.. Arvi comes there and ask him ranju is waiting for you.. Sai says I know but Arvi.. Arvi says forget everything happened.. Now everything is fine na.. Sai says yea but her parents don’t know about it.. Arvi says ok lets talk about it.. Sai asks will they be okay that daughter is marrying cancer patient? Arvi says you were not now you’re perfectly fine.. Sai says but also..see aishu standing near door.. He goes towards her.. She says don’t talk with me.. I hate’re not my Sai.. Arvi goes and holds her.. Bring her inside room she keeps crying.. Sai sits down and say aishu you are still fighting with you’re problems dear how can I say about my health? Please don’t be angry..dont panic..your kids health will be affected.. She says at least after you became okay you could have informed me na.. He says you were under treatment dear..sorry ill not hide anything from you..please dear..please forgive me.. She hugs him and ask him not to hide anything from onwards okay.. He nods okay..adds go wash you’re face..first only you’re look fat now crying won’t look good.. She hits him and smiles.. Sai ask arvi to be there and goes down.. Aishu hugs Arvi and say you also didn’t say me na..did he took promise? Arvi says yes.. She fresh up.. Then both go down..

Sai smile seeing arshu..function starts.. Amma starts applying haldi..then arshu..then all.. Amma asks arshu to leave for ranju’s place. They leave with haldi.. Aishu kiss Arvi’s lips in car.. Arvi smiles and say you’re becoming naughty girl ? She says you asked for it ok.. Arvi says I wanted to kiss..i didn’t ask you to kiss me.. She says ok sorry.. He stops car.. And see her.. Holds her hands.. She turns other side.. He says I love you.. She says I hate you ? he cups her face and kiss her lips.. She holds his head..then pushes him and say concentrate on road.. He says ill but now I have something else to do.. She asks what? He smooch her.. She pushes him and say please do anything but in home.. He nods ok..starts car.. Both reach ranju’s place.. Haldi function starts.. Arshu apply her haldi..aishu hugs her and say you’re really best half of my Sai.. Ranju smiles.. Arshu leave for home..

At home..
Aishu is changing dress.. She wears simple long gown and smiles remembering Arvi.. He hugs her and say sweetie I want not able to control myself.. She smiles and say sweeto .. He lifts her and take her bed.. Both get intimate.. After 3hrs..he is lying next to her…she smiles seeing him..cover themselves with blanket.. Sleeps holding his hands.. He smiles and hugs her.. She says Arvi please sleep.. He asks are you feeling tried? She says no..but I should sleep well else ill keep having more food then vomit..then amma will tell my kids are naughty.. He smiles and say they should be.. She smiles and say yea..i don’t know how will my son’s wife will tolerate him..seeing his father I think .. He says aishu.. Both laugh.. He sleeps hugging her..

Aishu is getting ready.. She smiles seeing him..goes near him start tickling him.. He makes her sleep next to him.. She smiles and say Arvi we should go for wedding.. He hugs her and say it’s at 4am tomorrow why you want to go there now? She says all we there na.. He says everyone know you’re pregnant.. She smiles and say so.. He pulls blanket over them and say sleep.. She keeps saying sai’s marriage.. He says however what they will do tomorrow night lets do it now.. She asks what? He says after marriage what couple will do? She says they take blessings from parents..then have food.. He says in bedroom.. She says sleep.. He says before sleeping.. She asks what? He says what we did yesterday night.. She says hummm…takes pillow and hits him..say you don’t have other work? He smooch her..she pushes him and says please.. Get ready..i want to meet everyone da.. He hugs her and make her sleep on him.. She sleeps off with time.. He smiles seeing her sleeping and make her lie on bed..

After a while arvi try to wake up aishu.. See’s aishu is sweating.. He checks her temperature..see it 100 degree..thinks she was OK yesterday night but this bcz of our closeness.. Decide from today onwards ill not get so close with her.. She wake up and see arvi is fully silent..says arvi…i want to have chocolates can I? He nods ok and goes down bring her chocolate milkshake.. She see’s milkshake and say I want only chocolate.. He says aishu two kids are there for one chocolate and other milk so milkshake dear.. She nods ok and drinks it.. He smiles..goes to prepare breakfast for them..calls Amma and inform aishu have fever so we will come by evening.. Amma ask him to take care and says ok.. He gets busy with work.. Aishu comes down. He see her struggling and goes holds her hand.. She smiles..he lifts her and bring down..says ill prepare this room you will stay here ok? She nods no.. He says yes.. She says I want to stay with you.. He says ill be with you everywhere.. She asks will you be with me in operation theatre? He says ok ill ask aunty and say you ok na.. She nods ok.. He hugs her and then make have breakfast.. She feeds him..he smiles and Say after kids birth will you feed you’re prince and me? She says I love my prince charming and my prince so ill feed both.. He smiles.. She asks will you do same? He says first ill feed my baby princess and then my princess..yea after two years from their birth ill get my little princess also..ill feed her also.. She smiles and hugs him..

Precap: Couples marriage..
…..3months leap….

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