Love After Marriage (Part 114)

Arshu leave for shopping.. She buys saree’s. He gives her long gown and ask her to try. She says ok. He thinks of buying something for kids..remember amma saying we should make kids wear old clothes. He says himself my kids will not wear old clothes of arjith sorry prince.. Aishu hears him and smile..thinks Arjith you’re also our kid sorry.. He looks at her and say you look cute in this gown. Then they shop for him,move towards car.. He hugs her and say shall we ice cream.. She says okay.. They both are standing near parking lot.. Suddenly a car comes..Arvi see it push aishu other side and he stands in place.. Car turns its direction..bcz of it he falls.. Aishu make him stand see blood near his knees.. She says Arvi blood.. He says nothing happened don’t panic please.. She makes him seat and drives back home. She drives car rashly.. Arvi keeps saying slow down. She says shut up.. Both reach home..

Papa see arshu..go towards car.. Aishu says papa Arvi’s knee.. Papa helps him to get down and go inside.. Mom and amma see him..comes there and ask what happened? Aishu says please bring first aid box .. Dad brings it..and does Arvi’s first aid. Aishu says what happened.. Dad ask did you see car number? Arshu says no.. Arvi goes to his room..thinks if this is accident or any plan.. Aishu brings him turmeric milk and say him to have.. He asks are you okay? She says first have.. He drinks.. She says im fine..but now take rest.. He says aishu you should also take rest.. She says first you take then say me.. He sleeps.. She sits next to him..eventually sleep.. Amma comes to room and see’s them sleeping..close door and go down.. Aishu wakes up after a while..she keeps her hand on his forehead..say Arvi got fever.. She goes down calling doctor..says arvi got fever..please come home early as possible.. Mom asks what happened? Aishu says arvi got fever..mostly bcz of pain.. Doctor comes after a while .. He checks arvi and say his leg is twisted..let him take rest tomorrow bring him to hospital.. He takes injection but aishu says please give him some will pain more na..

Amma ask her to be silent. Doctor gives injection to Arvi..aishu holds mom hands tightly and her eyes are closed.. Doctor leaves.. Aishu asks Arvi did he feel pain? He nods no.. She says don’t lie.. Amma ask her not to disturb him..ill bring lunch both have and take rest ok.. Mom and amma go down.. Aishu keeps starring at him.. He asks what? She says you didn’t feel pain..why did you push me from that place and you stood.. He says if anything happens with you..our kids will be in danger..i don’t want anything to happen to you or our kids.. She says you got hurt na.. He smiles and say you are there to take care me na.. She kiss his forehead and say im feeling hungry wait ill go bring food for us.. He smiles and say amma will bring be here..

Amma and mom come there with food.. Mom feeds aishu where as amma feeds arvi.. Mom gives milkshake and ask aishu to drink.. Aishu suddenly goes to washroom and vomits everything.. Mom goes to see her.. Arvi thinks im not able to take care of you.. She brings aishu and make her sit next to Arvi.. Amma gives her sour mango. Aishu have it .. Mom says kids are naughty so they are not leaving her to be free.. Amma says you know these both na..then how can we expect their kids to be silent.. All laugh.. Mom and amma go down.. Aishu keeps her head on his shoulder..arvi holds her hand.. Both smile seeing each other.. Aishu asks Arvi when will we say about baby adoption matter? Arvi say after babies birth.. She says ok.. Mom hears them..thinks they are doing good thing but if they can’t manage kids? If they can’t give time to themselves then?
Next day..

..Ranju and Bindhu’s haldi .. Aishu is getting ready..she tries to wake up arvi.. He wakes up..pulls her close.. Both smile… He smooch her.. She pushes him and ask him to get ready..we should go for hospital.. He says my legs are paining.. She takes him washroom.. Helps him taking bath.. He smiles seeing her getting wet.. She asks what happened? He says you’re getting wet.. She says what to do my hubby is acting like a kid.. He says im giving you practice.. She says yea..kiss his forehead.. He says I gave you on lips not on forehead.. She replies we shouldn’t kiss kids on lips ? .. He says you can kiss kids dad on lips na.. She says yea.. He asks then whose permission you need? She says no one.. They both come out.. She removes her dress..see him staring at her.. Laugh and say your eyes are turning lo to Lu.. He says what to do my wife is making to starve for it.. She see him and say sorry.. He says I was joking..don’t be sorry..we planned for kids together ok.. She nods ok..

They both see watch and say it’s 6 am still..both go and sleep on bed.. She is halfn**e he removes her clothes and throw it near bed..she hugs him tightly.. He asks will it affect kids? She nods no.. He kiss her forehead..then lips..lightly bite her ears. She holds his head against her as he goes towards her navel.. She smiles.. He slowly try to get close to her.. She dig’s her nails into his shoulder… Suddenly mom knock door.. Aishu signs arvi not to speak.. She answer her mom Arvi is taking bath after that ill take bath and come down.. Mom says ok..leave from there. Arvi kiss her lips..slowly it turns passionate.. She says Arvi just more 4 months.. He hugs her tightly and say ok.. She says I also need you..but sorry… They hug and sleep for a while..

Amma check time and say they might be sleeping.. Mom says aishu said Arvi went to take bath.. Amma says then might be aishu taking bath now.. Arshu come down.. They have breakfast and leave for hospital.. Aishu is driving..arvi thinks to irritate her..he keeps his hands across her waist.. She see’s him and say you can’t’re kids won’t allow you.. He kiss her cheeks.. She says please.. He smiles.. She drive to hospital.. Arvi keep doing some naughty things..aishu blushes but be careful..
After 2hrs..

Arshu meet doctor.. He advice arvi to take rest everything will alright.. Arshu leave for home.. Aishu ask arvi if yesterday accident was a plan? Arvi says what? Aishu say him car came so rushly when you stood in my car ,it turned off na.. Arvi say I also think same..who want to harm my princess now? She says I don’t know.. He remembers about Sindhu.. She says Sindhu?? Both look at each other..say Sindhu.. Arvi calls Surya and asks about Sindhu.. Surya say him she got married to Arun and now both are in Delhi. Arvi says ok. Surya ask why you need about her? Arvi says about yesterday’s accident.. Surya says Kumar.. Arvi say ok ill call latter. Arshu leave for home..
Surya comes to meet Arvi..both sit in garden and talk.. Aishu brings coffee for them.. Surya smiles seeing her and say you look like a aunty aishu.. Aishu says you’re my uncle.. Surya hugs her and says for my cutie sis ill become uncle.. Both smile.. Surya ask her how many months ill see you like fatty ?? She replies more 8 months.. Arvi and Surya ask what? Aishu replies 4 months with kids..after that 3 months rest..then ill start my workout.. Surya says lets see.. Aishu replies him ya lets see..bcz I don’t want be like Madhu.. Surya says wait ill call her.. Aishu says no no she will kill me.. Surya laugh and say don’t worry I won’t say about my sister to her friend.. Aishu thanks him.. Arvi says he may say it his wife.. Arvi and Surya give hifi.. Aishu stare at them.. all laugh..

Precap: Aishu comes to know about Sai’s cancer.. Followed by couples marriage..

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