Love After Marriage (Part 113)


Evening..Arshu room..
Aishu is sleeping.. Arvi see her..smiles and says you’re be mom of two kids but you will act kid..i fell for you..but you changed my life.. Aishu opens eyes and see him staring at her..smiles..start tickling him.. He holds her hands and kiss them.. She asks him..shall we out? He asks why? She says you’re kids want ice cream.. He nods ok and takes her out.. She keeps holding his hands..says arvi shall we go by walk.. He nods ok.. She smiles.. He holds her as she slips.. She says thank you ?.. He says ill bring car you be here. She nods ok..he leaves..
She thinks Arvi you care for me so much.I wish I would care for you but I never want you to fall in any trouble. Arvi I love you more than anything in this’re the best person who can make anything perfect thank you so much ?. He comes there. Make her sit in car. They both reach hospital .. She looks at.. He says aishu I know you have leg pain so.. She says it’s common.. He says but also. She hugs him and say you’re kids are growing inside me so.. He asks nothing else na? She nods no.. Then both leave from there.. In way back home they have ice cream..
Amma and ranju are waiting for them at home. Aishu smiles seeing them. Ranju take aishu and go to room. Amma tell arvi mom is waiting for him. They both go to meet her. Plan for Aishu’s baby shower function. Amma say we will be busy with marriage preparations so we will complete everything now itself and then we can be free. Arvi says ok.. Dad and papa also arrive. All get busy with planning. Aishu calls Arvi.. He goes to see her.. Then they have dinner.. Sleep..

Arvi wake up aishu and say don’t you want dresses for marriage.. She says no.. He asks why? She replies I can’t wear those dress after pregnancy period.. He says it’s ok you buy them..we can keep it as memories..of this period.. She says ok.. He hugs her and kiss her forehead.. She goes to take bath.. He helps her getting ready. She says thank you ?.. He goes to take bath,she asks shall I help you? He smiles..says after babies birth without you I won’t take bath ? She says I didn’t mean that..i said ill keep your clothes out.. He says ok.. She hugs him and say go take bath.. He says I want to take bath with you.. She says me too.. He says after babies bath ok.. She nods ok.. Smiles and push him to take bath.. He suddenly kiss her lips..she smiles..sits on sofa.. He comes out..smiles seeing her. He says will you stop staring at me. She says im going out.. He says no need just don’t stare at me. She says I don’t want see you so.. He says it’s ok? She smiles tries to get up..loses balance..he holds her.. She smiles.. His bathrobe knot loses.. She closes her eyes and say you’re bathrobe… He lifts her and make her lie on bed.. Then goes to change.. After a while they both go down..

She smiles seeing everyone waiting for them. They have breakfast.. Aishu gets pampered a lot by everyone..she makes crying face.. Dad and papa take her to garden.. They make her laugh.. She says papa… He asks what happened? She says baby.. He calls arvi,amma and everyone out.. Arjith comes to aishu keeps his hands on her kicks.. Dad says see baby is responding to brother’s touch.. Everyone smiles.. Mom asks arvi to take Aishu inside.. Aishu goes to with arvi.. She sits on bed..arvi talks with babies and say princess prince come out early im waiting for you both.. Aishu smiles,say Arvi I want a baby girl.. He say you’re getting two babies na.. She says im saying about another baby who will come our house after 2yrs.. He smiles and say ok ..ill be having two princess… She smiles and says ill get 2 best friend’s.. He smiles..says ill get a best buddy.. She hugs him and say but names for them… He says for girls janani and Aradhya,boy abhijith.. She says soo bad.. He asks why? She says arjith abhijith huh?my son I brother of Arjith not twin ok. He says ok..then for girls? She says mom will choose a name for girl and for our second daughter it will be Arshu ok? He says arshu? She says ar from arvi and shu from aishu.. He smiles and says then we will keep boy baby name from your name na.. She says Ashish? He nods no.. She says what else? He hugs her and says Arya from Aishwarya.. She smiles.. He says for girl? She says Pari from Parishith.. He smiles.. She says we will write and keep those names which will come into our mind…
Boys means Arya, ashith
Girls means Pari ,arshu
Boy and girl means Arya and Pari.
Both write these names on white board in their room.. Mom and amma smiles seeing them.. All family members watching them clap.. They see them and smiles..

Precap: Sai ranju and bindhu ankith marriage.. 3 months leap..

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