Love After Marriage (Part 112)

Arshu’s room..

Aishu is sleeping.. Arvi smiles seeing her.. She hugs him in sleep..saying arvi and bacha party..sleeping.. He smiles and says you’re really kiddo only.. Both are sleeping.. Arvi gets up..goes down.. He brings toys and teddy bears..and decorate room with those..then keeps their pics all sides.. He smiles seeing their first proposal pic.. Aishu keeps her hand on his shoulder and say jadoogar why you always smile seeing this pic? He replies nothing.. She hugs him and say you are looking like mad in this pic na? He says aishu… She keeps her finger on his lips and say jaan… He smile and hugs her..then feel no baby bump..ask her baby? She kiss his lips and say sshhh..dont disturb..take him to other room. She smooch him and get close to him..both keep smiling.. She removes his shirt..he does same with her dress.. Both are getting so close eachorther.. She hugs him and say jadoogar you won’t make me you’re girl today? He says without you I cant complete.. She kisses his neck..bites his earlobes.. He hugs her and gets close to her.. She kisses his lips and gets closer..

Both see eachorther eyes and smiles..
Arvi lifts her and make her sleep on bed.. She pulls him and say I need you..i want you.. He gets closer to her.. She pushes him and runs from there.. He goes back of her..see’s her saree on floor.. Then her blouse.. He then see her standing her bathroom with only bathrobe.. He goes towards her.. She smiles seeing him and winks at him.. Starts dancing for Makhmali from road.. He hugs her.. She pushes him and runs towards bathroom.. He holds her.. She hugs him and say s*xy get closer to me if you can…runs from there.. He runs behind her..she hugs him and say don’t dare to touch me till you catch..if you catch me then im all yours ? .. He tries to hold her hand but she pinch him and say s*xy get closer..make me yours forever..i want you.. ? … As he holds her by waist she says ummmm…arvi… He smiles..lift her and take her to bed room.. She laughs and says can’t control huh?? He says ya.. Makes her lie on bed..she smiles and pulls him over her.. Both get intimate..

Arvi suddenly opens eyes.. See aishu sleeping on bed..he lying on sofa..thinks im really going mad..i should be far from her physically.. See time.. Thinks ill go get ready.. She wake up..see’s arvi tensed.. Goes near him and ask what happened? He says nothing.. She smiles and sit next to him.. He suddenly hugs her..she smiles,says arvi don’t hide anything from me.. He says sorry.. She says Arvi never be sorry.. He says but my thoughts are making me say so.. She laughs and say it’s human nature..don’t be sorry happens with girls also but we have to hide it..when I drank what happened you know na..same thing will be running our mind but also we should be quite..thinking of decency but we also need love.. He hugs her and say my kiddo know so much na.. She smiles and say ya.. Kiss his forehead and say him thank you for making room look so special.. He smiles..she hugs him and say love you?? .. He replies love you too?? then goes to have bath.. She goes down to prepare breakfast.. She prepares pongal and thinks of fruits salad.. Arvi comes down and see her preparing breakfast.. He keeps her with fruit salad.. She smiles.. He asks her to have breakfast.. She says bath.. He says it’s ok have now .. She says amma.. He says it’s ok have na.. She nods ok.. Both have breakfast.. Then they sit watching movie.. She is keeping her head on his shoulder..

Amma and mom come to Arshu’s home.. They see arshu watching movie and smile.. They come front of them and see they lost in each other than movie.. Mom coughs to alert them.. Both look at her and smile.. Amma asks had breakfast? Both say yes just now.. Mom asks Arvi to bring Arjith’s clothes for tapu’s baby. He leaves for Arjun’s home. Aishu goes to take bath.. Amma and mom see kitchen.. They taste pongal and say aishu prepared this..then check fruit salad and say Arvi prepared this.. Amma say they really share everything na.. Mom smiles and say yea even washroom ? Amma asks what? Mom say her while Arjith’s naming ceremony appu went to call aishu.. Arshu said taking bath will come within 30min.. Amma and mom laugh.. Amma says they always try to hide their closeness but we can know their love towards each other by their looks.. Mom say her really we are lucky to have them as our kids..I have seen many for them who think love just touch and all but arshu are not like that..even if we had said no for their marriage they would remain single and love each other for life long.. Amma says that’s true..when we had asked them if we haven’t agree to marry what you will do? Arshu said we will not marry anyone or not even we both marry with you’re wish..
Mom says we only saw their closeness in form of care..but Arvi’s granny asked us to marry them as early as possible then only we came to know that they hugged each other.. Amma say so we both asked appu to ask aishu whether it was anything more than hug?

Remember? Mom says yea I do.. aishu said her its nothing like was just a friendly hug.. Amma say yea..after that incident both were like poles apart in front of everyone.. Mom laugh and say yea really we thought they broke up remember? Amma smiles..see aishu coming down.. Mom and amma smiles seeing her.. Aishu comes and say Amma see my saree im not able to do it properly.. Mom smiles and say her to wear long shirts and pants which arvi brought. Aishu say mom how I can wear those outside.. Amma and mom help her with saree..

Amma brings juice for aishu… She says amma if I keep having like this then my kids will call me fatty then mummy.. Mom and amma laugh..say together you can start you’re exercise plan after 3 months of babies birth ok.then you won’t be fat when they start talking.. Aishu says you both say everything but seeing you both only they will start calling fatty grannies ?? Dad comes there starts laughing with aishu.. Mom stare at him.. Dad and aishu keep laughing.. Arvi comes home..ask what happened? Aishu nods nothing.. Mom asks arvi to take aishu and leave for hospital.. Arshu leave.. Dad,mom and amma are busy with kids room decoration.. Papa brings more toys.. They all arrange it..then go to arshu’s room and see its already decorated with toys and teddy bears.. Mom say then we will keep extra toys in kids too only.. Dad says till painting dries lets complete other works.. Amma says its 5th month more 4 months na..we will ask them to shift to ground floor room.. Papa says arshu won’t be ok with it.. Mom says we should try..

Arshu reach hospital.. Aishu smiles and say 4 more months.. Arvi hugs her and say then we will be 4.. They meet doctor aunty.. Aunty advice her to take care of her more..than anything.. Arvi says ok aunty but ask her to sleep well.. Aishu says aunty I cant sleep at night..full day amma and mom wont allow me do any work then how can I sleep at night.. Aunty say arvi take her slow walk but be careful.. Aishu says aunty say him not keep feeding me fruits im going mad with sweetness.. Aunty say ok but you will drink 1ltr of juice more no fruits ok? Aishu nods ok. Then aunty prescribe some tablets and vitamin drinks.. Arshu leave from there.. Aishu smiles seeing golgapa..arvi says no..if you don’t want to meet tapu? Aishu says ok tapu.. They leave for tapu’s room.. They meet tapu’s baby boy and Manu.. Aishu asks where is Tapu? Manu says tomorrow she will be discharged na so some checkups’. Arvi says ok then thought about baby’s name.. Tapu comes and says no yet.. Aishu smiles seeing her..they both sit and talk.. Tapu asks aishu what will be baby’s name? Arshu say together manoop.. Manu says what? Tapu says its good name..but Manu’s family members.. Manu says tapu whatever you wish will be baby’s name.. Tapu says then manoop.. Amma,mom and dad reach room at same time..they say together it’s best name for baby boy..

Precap: Arshu’s argument for babies names.. 3 months leap..

Friends ill try to finish fiction as soon as possible.. Babies gender will be one boy and girl.. Names will be from Aishwarya and Parishith names. Arya for boy and Pari for baby.

Credit to: pooja


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