Love After Marriage (Part 110)


Aishu smiles remembering things amma told her..she says herself aishu if you don’t give what Arvi needs at that time you’re relationship may find differences.. Arvi comes home at evening.. He comes inside room and see aishu hugging teddy bear.. Aishu smiles seeing him..he comes near her and hugs her say sorry darling.. She asks why? He say morning???…she says Arvi you didn’t do any mistake ok..please don’t say sorry for those things.. Arvi says but.. She says I had already said you many’re needs are my are first than anything..hugs him and kiss him..adds if it was mistake then I was with you in it..if it was crime then I was crime say more than 80% it was my mistake.. He says aishu for me you did its my mistake not yours.. She says ok let it be decided by our kids.. He asks how? She says if twins are boys then your mistake or girls then my mistake.. He asks if one girl and one boy.. She says its not a mistake.. He says you are really Kiddu.. She smiles.. He says bachha party.. She asks what? He says you and you’re kids bachha party ? She says ya..we will irritate you and make you mental ?? He says for making me mental there is no need of are enough.. She says I know.. He hugs her and Sa tomorrow is your sister and brother sleep well.. She says after dinner..ill sleep.. They both go down for dinner.. Amma says aishu take rest..tomorrow you can’t take more rest ok.. Aishu nods.. Then everyone go for sleeping.. Aishu hugs Arvi and sleeps..

Aishu wakes up and feels like vomit..she goes into restroom and then after sometime she gets ready.. Arvi wake up and see aishu getting ready and think she got up full day she won’t have rest.. She smiles seeing him.. He says don’t get ready that your sister and ranju will feel bad.. She says Idiot.. He hugs and say meri jaan don’t make me go mad at you.. She says I have those rights ok.. He says yeah to make me feel weak..? She laughs and say not now..if I do so then..ill be bedroom than at venue.. He says then I should ask my kids sorry..which I cant? ok.. She kiss his lips and say you go get ready..I also want to see my hubby handsome..see him.. She shows him mirror and say see that idiot he looks like

mental..mad..then…devdas….then..monkey ?? He asks what? She laughs and push him into washroom.. She thinks of wearing saree..says baby bump will be seen..takes brown colour anarkali..this will be better.. He comes out and see’s Aishu confused with green colour dress and say wear this ok.. She nods ok..checks fabric and say cutie babies are really lucky to have such a sweetoo papa..? He hugs her and say but im lucky have you..sweetie pie.. They both get ready..comes down..

Amma takes bad sight off from arshu and say wish everything’re baby princess comes complete you’re world.. Arshu smile.. They leave for venue..aishu is seating front with arvi.. Amma asks arvi to drive slowly.. Arvi and amma keep talking about reducing speed.. Aishu holds her head.. Arvi asks are you okay? Amma also asks same.. Aishu says I want to attend their engagement not marriage so please drive fast ok.. Arvi says ok..but you should keep silent.. Aishu says ok… Amma asks her to take rest.. Arvi says ya..if you want seat here na.. Aishu says please..i want keep my feet freely.. Amma says ok..but be careful.. Arvi drive to venue.. Aishu says Amma don’t treat me like a patient there..all my friends will be they’ll think im patient.. Amma say okay..ill not treat but you should be careful.. Aishu nods ok.. Arvi drops them go to park car.. Aishu goes inside.. She smiles seeing preeti,Madhu,sadhana,appu,suji talking goes join them.. Amma gets busy.. Arvi comes and check aishu..then gets busy with his friends.. Surya,Manu,ankith and Sai with Arjun and preeti’s hubby are chatting..

Arvi see’s tapu and goes towards her.. She smiles seeing him and say bro you are looking handsome..atleast today you could give chance for anki or Sai na.. He smiles and say you’re joking to make me laugh but you’re pain is seen in you’re eyes.. She says Arvi every girl undergo this phase but we cant say its pain..its combination of love,pain,future..everything..this phase gona complete my life.. He smiles.. She asks Arvi did doctor aunty show you baby? He says yes..tapu you’re guess was right.. She asks what? He says aishu is carrying twins.. She gets happy and say bro double congrats.. He says don’t say anyone she will kill me.. She laughs and say ok.. See aishu coming towards them … Aishu hugs tapu from side and say thank you.. Tapu asks why? She says about twins.. Tapu smiles..asks aishu to say this to you’re parents early ok.. Aishu nods ok..
Engagement starts…

Ankith and Bindhu exchange rings..then Sai and ranju.. Sai see’s aishu sweating and ask arvi to make her seat.. Aishu says papa..rushes outside..amma and mom go behind her.. Papa smiles seeing aishu.. She hugs him and say I was missing you soo bad of didn’t even call me.. Papa smiles and say aishu I also missed you soo much.. Dad also comes there..he asks aishu you didn’t miss me? She says I missed not so much as Arvi.. He hugs her and say I know you won’t leave him off.. Papa and aishu smiles.. Arvi comes out and see He goes towards them.. Hugs them.. Dad asks no surprise arvi this time? Arvi’s granny comes there and say you’re son won’t give you surprise means it will be a miracle right.. All smile.. She asks aishu you are expecting twins na? Arshu are shocked..just see eachorther.. Amma and mom asks her again.. Papa and dad also asks her.. Aishu see arvi..he signs her to tell off.. Aishu nods yes.. Amma and mom hugs her and bless her.. Papa and dad tell her..congrats and hugs her.. They all go in..see Sai and ankith as heard everything.. Aishu smiles.. Ranju and bindhu hug her say this is best gift for us…thank you soo much.. Ankith thanks her and say you gave us best gift.. Sai hugs her and say aishu you’re really looking like a aunty.. She says Sai.. He smiles and say you always irritate tapu so many are here to irritate you.. Aishu smiles and say I also get time to irritate you ok..don’t act to much… All congratulate arshu..

Aishu goes towards Arvi’s granny and ask her how did you come to know about twins? We thought of saying this after marriage.. Granny smiles and say l was there when you were talking with tapu.. Aishu smiles and say granny you and you’re grandson cant hide secrets ? Granny smiles and say what to do.. Aishu hugs her.. Granny bless her and say be careful and be happy..? Arvi smiles and say granny shall we go home..i wanna meet Vinaya and Sharath son.. Aishu smiles and say yea we wanna meet them.. All leave venue to meet Vinaya.. Aishu says granny till now I haven’t seen new born baby till now..that its just cute na.. Arvi smiles hearing her.. They reach home at 5pm.. Arshu go in with amma,granny and mom.. Aishu see baby and touch its fingers..says arvi touch na..its like no 1000% soft than cotton.. Arvi takes baby and give to aishu.. She smiles playing with baby.. Sharath and Vinaya smiles seeing aishu.. Aishu asks them what is baby’s name? Vinaya says Ashith.. Aishu says okay..but it doesn’t contain your name also.. Sharath says bcz of you both we are together.. Arvi says you both love each other so you are together not bcz of us.. Vinaya says arvi please don’t say anything now.. Aishu see arvi and say im feeling hungry.. Vinaya smiles and asks granny to get something for aishu.. Granny gives her chocolate cake.. Aishu smiles and takes it..but soon she gets vomit sensation.. Arvi takes aishu to restroom.. Granny asks what happened? Amma says she have got split tasting.. Aishu comes there..say sorry granny.. Granny tell her be quite..

Precap: Aishu’s 5th month pregnancy..

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