Love After Marriage (Part 11)


Recap: Ash gifts arvi watch and he hears her recorded voice.
Arvi thinking of giving gift to ash. He search’s for ash but his bro gives him keys and tell him to bring coconut. Arvi goes to bring.
Ash goes to amma and say can we go home? She asks what happened? Ash tells her I didn’t have tablets. Mom comes there ask what happened? Amma replies she forgot her tablets. Mom tells let arvi come home we can send her home. Amma also tell its better idea. Ash think why always amma and mom keep asking me to go with Arvi. She smiles and goes from there. Arvi comes home and gives mom coconut. She tells him drop ash to her home,she didn’t have tablets. Arvi say ok mom. He comes to ash and ask her to come fastly. Both leave to ash home.
Arvi think of giving her gift, suddenly he puts break. She hugs him completely and after realizing what she has done,tells him sorry . He drops her at her home. She asks him come inside. He says ill go. She asks at least for coffee. He nods. Both go inside, he tells her go and change I can wait. She smiles and goes. He smiles and goes out to bring gift which he kept in his bike.
In Ash room , she is thinking what to wear just then she picks up a t-shirt and jeans goes out. She calls arvi then goes to prepare coffee. He comes inside and keep gift on sofa. She comes and gives him coffee cup. He gives her gift and thanks for gift. After finishing coffee,he says bye and go home.
Ash opens gift and see’s it’s two hearts, simply touch one heart ” her favourite song rings”. After full song his recorded voice plays ” thanks you my friend ” she smiles and thinks he kept his promise here also. She thinks “he is soo sweet. He always try making me smile. When he tied dress ,his were shaking mostly he haven’t touched any girl. But why did I ask him to help me what as happened to me,how can I turst so fast? Did tapu say truth that ill fall for him? Did i fall for him? She blushes. She texts arvi and say him thanks for gift. He reach home. Before that ash parents have left for home.
Ash is keeping gift in wardrobe,she feels how does he know so much about me? Does he have any connection with my 2yrs? Amma comes and tell her to sleep.. Ash goes to sleep.
At Arvi’s home..
His sil is talking with Arjun ( Arvi’s bro) you know what Arvi and ash have many things in common. Arvi love her I know this but I don’t know how much ash love him tell me . He tells her ask Arvi I have some important work. She gets angry with him and goes out of room. Arvi is seeing stars and standing near steps. Sil(suji) comes to terrace, he sees her and ask what happened ? She tells you’re bro have no time for me. He smiles. She says idiot don’t smile, I was asking him how you’re love began? He said go ask Arvi. He laughs and say her why you want my love story? She says after seeing your love for her I wanted to know. He says her you could have asked me. She tells I could have but you might feel bad missing those days. He tells I never miss those days, I remember each and every second of those days. She asks him does he don’t miss her? He tells I don’t because she keep seeing me same why how she saw me on first day of our meeting. She smiles and ask him to say his story…
Precap: Ash and Arvi’s first meet…

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  1. God its very intersting eagerly waiting fot next update….

  2. Hey pooja Gud nd interesting story
    Plz keep it up nd post nxt part by today only nd can u tell me what is relation between sil nd arvi I m confuse
    Is sil is Bhabhi of arvi

  3. Damn interesting… Loved it post the next part soon ?

  4. Sil sister in law. Sorry for not following grammar and English rules properly. Happy Diwali ????

  5. pooja very interesting…now will come to know some of their history….love u

  6. I was waiting for ur story from yesterday..i thought u will b busy in Diwali preparations..Thank u so much ?for updating di really getting interesting..
    I am excited for next part eagerly..pls update soon..pls keep writing di and Take care..?

  7. Ur stry is 2 gud . . .

  8. Very nice episode, keep it up, eagerly waiting for the next episode

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