Love After Marriage (Part 109)


Aishu asks Arvi please don’t inform about twins to parents… Arvi asks why? She says please at least till marriage completes bcz amma and mom will not allow me to wake up from bed.. He smiles and say you won’t take rest darling.. She says promise ill take rest..ill have apples or any thing you say.. He nods ok.. She says thank you cutie pie ? He says it’s ok kiddo.. She smiles.. He asks what pet names you keep for kids? You will call me with these many pet names na.. She says ill search ok..don’t worry..for your princess ill keep good pet name only ok.. He says madam you should think for two now ? She says one ill think will think one ok.. He nods ok.. Both start laughing.. They reach home..

Amma asks what happened? Aishu says Amma everything is normal amma..please don’t take tension…be cool..else I should give you my ice cream share..i can’t share you know ice cream..? Amma smiles.. Aishu goes to room. Arvi says Amma really she is fine..aunty told we have to take care of her..just apples and fruit juices.. Amma tells him she won’t have.. Arvi say her Aishu promised aunty she will have whatever she told her.. Amma say lets see. Arvi say ill keep dresses and come. Amma say ok mom will be here by 2pm. He says ok and leaves.. Amma think of aishu and say she is kid..why she talks say me that she is ok but I’m her amma ill be worried for her..she will come to know about me after she gets her kid..

Arvi enters room see aishu seeing outside window.. He goes and hugs her from back.. She turns his side and smooch him.. He holds her by waist.. She hugs him and say I love you.. He says I love you too.. He says after 2 pm you should be down with mom and amma.. She says sorry da.. He asks why? She says I asked you not to tell about twins.. He says ok..he kiss her lips.. They both get close..she smiles.. He holds her close..both smiles as they get closer.. They move towards bed.. He kiss forehead.. She hugs him.. Suddenly they hear horn sound and come back to senses.. He says aishu fresh up and come down..move down.. She smiles and goes to fresh up.. After sometime she comes down they enjoy family time till 8pm.. Arjith kiss aishu hands.. She smiles and hugs him..say I love you my prince charming..? . After dinner everyone get settled..

Aishu is in room.. She is getting ready for sleep.. Arvi comes inside and see her.. She watch him..thinks he might be.. He takes laptop and gets busy with it.. But his mind is totally disturbed..he thinks better ill go outside.. He moves to terrace and say why im getting close to her..i know its my mistake.. She is sleeping.. Suddenly wakes up and search for arvi.. She thinks he is at terrace for sure..calls him.. He runs down and ask her what happened? She says you please be here.. He says sorry dear..he hugs her.. She says Arvi I know what is going on in your mind.. He says sorry.. She says Arvi it’s common da..i know you far from me from 4 months it might happen.. He says sorry aishu.,you sleep ill sleep on sofa da. She hugs him and say Arvi its ok for this after 4 month can do it da..babies won’t be harmed..dont worry.. He says but you will get tried.. She says ..i will take rest don’t worry da… He says aishu.. She says Arvi.. Slowly hugs him and say Arvi don’t be guilty for unwanted things ok.. They sleep hugging each other..

Arvi wake up and see aishu sleeping..thinks better ill be far from her..if not I may do something which is wrong.. Aishu holds his hands and say you can’t go for from me ok.. He smiles..say good morning ?..ill take bath and come. He goes to fresh up.. She smiles seeing him tensed..says babies shall we torture your dad? She feels baby..think ill start now.. Goes and takes her favourite colour saree…smiles remembering their moments ☺ He comes out and see her getting ready for bath.. She smiles..goes to take bath.. He see’s saree and changes it to salwar suit..thinks ill go mad in her love..she never leave me a chance to irritate this saree..I don’t what..but whenever I see her in this purple colour ill go was her favourite colour..with time it become mine..this colour started looking awesome on her..i just cant take my eyes from her..if she is in this colour saree.. She comes out in bathrobe..he see her and give her salwar suit.. She says I want my saree.. He says aishu you should wear free dresses dear.. She says ok..take salwar suit and get ready.. He held her back knot..

She smiles and say today also you’re hands are shivering.. He hugs her and says please aishu don’t tease dying here.. She kiss his lips and say da…you can go ahead with your feelings da..i can never stop you da..i asked varsha regarding it don’t worry da..just we have be careful regarding something’s..ill be da..

He says ill go to office dear..i didn’t go yesterday also .. She cups his face and say I love you.. She hugs him.. He says Kiddu please..i will go mad.. She says you have that right.. He hugs her back.. She smiles.. He lifts her and take her bed..make her lie..sleep next to her.. She turns his side and kiss his lips.. He hugs her..slowly holds her waist.. She seats ..he says aishu.. She kiss his forehead.. He covers themselves with blanket.. She smiles as she starts feeling him.. Both get intimate.. After 2hr he gets up from bed and go to use washroom.. She is lying on bed only bed sheet covering her.. He comes out and seat next to her..caresses her hair.. She wakes up and say go to office..come early ok ill be bored ok.. He says aishu take your breakfast and lunch at properly in time then take rest.. She says ok as you order.. He gives her clothes and say you take rest ok.. She says ok.. He kiss her forehead and leave for office.. She goes and get fresh up..smiles remembering arvi..say Arvi I know you will be thinking that if this moments will affect our kids..don’t worry about it da..

She hugs teddy bear..smiles.. Amma comes there and say enough of teddy bear..come have breakfast.. Aishu smiles and hugs amma say you want to make me look aunty na..everytime food food.. Amma says ok wait ill call mom.. Aishu folds her hand and say please if mom comes here she will make me fruits,food juice and again fruits..ill come now..we will have breakfast together.. Amma takes aishu down.. They have breakfast together.. Amma see her tried and ask her sleep for sometime..ill complete work and come to you.. Aishu nods ok..leave for sleeping..
Amma see’s aishu sleeping.. Makes aishu’s dresses ready for engagement.. Aishu wakes up and see amma..she asks amma can I sleep in your lap ? Amma nods ok.. Aishu sleep in her lap..ask amma how you felt when I came into this world? Amma says is this time to ask all these.. Aishu says Amma.. She says aishu.. I was so happy..I can’t express it in words..but with time I came to know my drama queen is here.. Aishu says Amma..

She says aishu you should take know what after child birth a family is completed but as mom you will also undergo many changes.. Aishu says ok amma.. She says you’re relation with arvi is changed now only but after child it will be changed more..but always remember Arvi should be given priority else you will lose your love..always think about arvi first..bcz for child you and arvi can think together but Arvi should think.. Understood? Aishu nods ok amma.. She adds he takes care of you..but you should also take care of him without thinking about anything ok.. Aishu says ok amma..shall we have juice? Amma goes to bring juice for aishu..

Precap: Arshu reach engagement venue.. Arvi’s granny asks aishu is she expecting twins? .. Arshu are shocked..

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