Love After Marriage (Part 108)


Arshu are sleeping.. Aishu gets up with a dream and holds Arvi’s hands.. She see him sleeping..sleep next to him.. Try forgetting dream she saw.. She says herself he is not like that don’t worry sleep’re baby need sleep.. She closes eyes but again see arvi and Sindhu laughing and talking.. She see’s him..remembers those words which she heard when she had been for hospital ” husband become monkeys when wife’s are pregnant..they get attracted to other girls” she tries hugging him but he wakes up and see her tensed.. Ask what happened? She says I saw a dream about you and Sindhu.. He says you’re impossible da..shut up and sleep now.. She says you always say shut up.. He hugs her and say I love you I can’t see anyone else you look so beautiful every time.. He makes her sleep..think she is Kiddu.. He sleeps..

Morning Arvi wake up and say aishu I should be 6 more months far from you it doesn’t mean ill get attracted to any other girl.. She says I know but im scared.. He see her opening eyes..staring at him like small baby seeing new things.. He smiles and say good morning.. She says good morning.. He hugs her as she seats.. Kiss her forehead..she hugs him back .. He smooch her.. She says baby is watching you.. He says she will close her eyes.. She smiles.. He tries kissing her neck.. She nods no.. He makes her lie down.. She keeps seeing his eyes.. He winks at her and say don’t worry I won’t go beyond limit.. She hugs him and say if you go beyond then I can’t control myself..and yourself.. He says I feel like hugging you..whole my life.. She say then what about? He asks what? She says I thought after this princess you will ask for other princess or prince ? he says this is good idea na..lets try na.. She takes pillow and hits him.. He hugs her and ask now what we can do? She laughs and say something in his ears.. He asks what did you say? She repeats it and laughs.. He says you have gone mad.. She says I know..lie on bed.. He lie next her and say aishu im waiting for my princess ..i was just thinking how will be our life after our princess entry.. Aishu smiles and say Arvi our daughter will bring happiness to our life..she will be cute like you ? Arvi says cute huh? She smiles.. He says im cute na.. She says im Kiddu na.. Both laugh together..

Amma knocks door.. Arvi wake up and goes to open door.. Amma says him you should take aishu for monthly test.. Arvi says ok..amma she is sleeping..after 8 let her wake up.. Amma says ok and leave from there.. As arvi close door aishu starts laughing..arvi comes towards her and say sleep now at least.. She says my hubby have no interest in can I sleep? God what should I do? He holds her hand and say mental you and your dialogues going mad.. She starts laughing.. He kiss her forehead and say ill take bath and come till then sleep ok.. She says I also wanna take bath.. He says after me ok.. She says no.. He says yeah.. She says with you.. He says after baby birth ok.. She calls him unromantic.. He laughs and goes to take bath.. She sleeps….

After bath he see Aishu sleeping and think she acts so kiddish..I just enjoy being with her.. I can forget everything seeing her smile.. He goes down and helps amma with breakfast preparation.. Amma say him after check up..take her out and buy some dresses for marriage and engagement.. He nods ok.. Then go to wake you aishu… But see she is already got ready seating simply.. He asks what happened? She says im feeling lonely I don’t know why… He says come lets have breakfast and leave for hospital.. She says Arvi im missing papa.. He hugs her and say im also missing dad..they both have gone for world tour na.. They will back by next month..come down now.. She keeps saying I don’t want breakfast.. Amma asks what happened? Aishu says Amma for today ill have only juice. Amma says at least fruit salad you have. Aishu nods ok.. They both leave for hospital..

Aishu hugs Arvi and say Arvi im feeling restless.. He say you gonna see you’re baby na .. She smiles… They reach hospital.. She holds her stomach and say I and your dad want to see you.. He smiles and say come lets go inside first.. Both go inside. They get inside testing room.. Doctor aunty ask aishu to sleep. Arvi is seating outside.. Aishu keeps seeing what is aunty doing.. After 10min aunty smiles and say aishu you really lucky.. Aishu asks why? Aunty say her wait.. Calls arvi inside..and show him screen.. He is totally shocked.. Aishu asks what happened? Aunty say her to sleep.. Arvi holds her hand and say aishu your baby..i mean babies.. Aishu is fully shocked… She tries to get up..aunty and Arvi help her.. She holds her tummy and say babies.. He holds her hand and say yeah babies.. Aunty say Arvi to come to cabin and leave.. Aishu hugs Arvi and say babies.. Arvi says ya come lets complete formality.. Both go to cabin and get busy with other things. Aunty say aishu you’re really lucky..from that stage where you thought no kids even decided to leave arvi and go. But now see God has given you twins.. Aishu says aunty really I don’t know how to say what im feeling also..

Arvi asks aunty can we tell this to parents.. Aunty say yeah but you should be very careful regarding her health,make her have more fruits ya apple aishu you should have without thinking anything.. Aishu nods ok. Arshu leave after sometime..

Aishu says arvi you love me more than … He says I said you na..twins but you said only princess.. She says really im so lucky..I got everything in my husband and now baby..sorry babies.. He says only one thing is remaining.. She asks what ? He says you’re memory.. She smiles. He says if that also happens than .. She says ill be luckiest.. He says not more than me.. She smiles..keeps her head on his shoulder.. He takes her to mall.. She says home.. He says for engagement you don’t want dresses? Then marriage dresses? She says only for engagement we will buy now.. He asks marriage? She says for that we will buy after 1 month.. He asks why? She says my tummy..ill be fat.. He smiles and say ok.. She smiles.. They buy dresses.. She says im feeling hungry.. He takes her to hotel.. She says I need chocolate milk shake.. He says yesterday night you said I don’t want chocolate cake now but now.. She says I don’t know I want that.. He smiles and goes to get her milk shake.. They have some snacks and leave for home..

Precap: Bindhu’s engagement.. Followed by sai’s engagement..
Friends please suggest me Arshu’s kids..
2 boys
2 girls
1boy and 1 girl

Their names also.. One more thing they will adopt kid. Please suggest if boy or girl,as you wish. That baby name will be Arshu. So please suggest for biological kids Name and gender.

We recommend
  1. 1 boy 1 girl – pari (from parishisth) n arya (from aishwarya)

  2. 1 boy 1 girl.Aarav and Arshu

  3. i will go third option 1 boy name ashwin and 1 girl name paridhi and adopted baby is girl

  4. awesome episode i suggest 1 boy 1 girl

  5. Pooja as u like dr it’s ur wish but den also my vote goes 2 1. Boy n 1 girl names for boys – Ashisth (ashwariya+paristh) or anjit or ansh
    For girls – parisha (short – pari) or anansha or avni
    I have combi arshu’s name for parisha n Ashisth hope u like it

  6. 1 boy 1 girl Better I think nice

  7. 1 boy and 1 girl

  8. 1boy and 1girl

  9. 1 boy 1 girl

  10. a boy and a girl… And adopt a girl….

  11. I also vote for :one boy and one girl . Names suggested above r really very nice . And I would love it if they ADOPT A BABY GIRL .

  12. Actually today’s part is so cool &very happy…..????
    1 boy &1 girl
    Boy name-Aryan (Aishwarya)
    Girl name-avni(arvi)
    Pooja ur really u??

  13. Arey……pooja update soon……can’t wait…

  14. Awesome episode, wowwww aishu having twins. ..just loved it. ..third option will be good. ..a boy n a girl…names…girl-pari…boy-arya…love you soooooooo muchhhhhh

  15. I m waiting from so many days for the 110th part.. wen ll it get posted?? Plz reply.

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