Love After Marriage (Part 106)


Aishu is sleeping.. Arvi comes there and ask her to have dinner.. She says I want pickle.. He says I have prepared that sour have that now tomorrow ill bring which ever pickle you want.. She thinks Ayyo he wont sleep thinking of me better ill have dinner.. She nods ok.. Both come down and have dinner.. He feeds her she says Arvi I want pickle please.. He says ok ill bring tomorrow dear im tried aishu please.. She nods ok.. Hugs him and say sorry I know you are tried..sorry da..i won’t irritate you.. He says you have to irritate me..i already said you I love your kiddish behaviour.. She hugs him..thinks you gonna pay for not telling me why you are staying away from me..? im enjoying irritating you.. He thinks she is irritating me but im I don’t way but I want to do whatever you want me to do.. She says I love you.. He says I love you too Kiddu.. She says am I Kiddu? He smiles and say you are really a Kiddu bcz you’re kid.. She says i just love the way you call me.. He says you were a kid for will be kid for me even after you grow 60yrs old.. She says if ill become 60 you will be 62 ok.. He says ok.. Both laugh.. Then leave for sleeping…

Arvi wake up and see aishu holding his hands and sleeping.. He cares her hair.. She see’s him with half open eyes.. Says arvi please shave..i feel like seeing a devdas.. He smiles hearing her.. She says please.. He keeps seeing her.. She gets up and goes inside washroom..brings shaving kit..make him seat in front of mirror.. Helps him in shaving.. She says perfect.. He hugs her and say who should see me that I should look perfect.. She says I want my hubby to look best..i love my hubby so much..he looks so cute when he shaved ? like a school boy.. He says cute huh? She nods yeah..hugs him.. He says you are really my kiddo.. She asks why will you call me kiddo? He says you’re my doll so..I fell in love with your kiddish look like a kid whenever I see you sleeping.. She says lecturer.. He smiles and say you won’t change na.. She nods no.. He smiles and says go take bath.. She says you’re unromantic hubby.. He asks what happened? She says I helped you in shave can’t you help me in taking bad…??.. He lifts her and take her to bathroom.. Both have bath and get ready.. She keeps teasing him saying lecturer school boy devdas my cutie pie.. He just smiles..hugs her and say come down..ill prepare breakfast. She nods yes..thinks he cares for me so much I really feel im kid than his wife.. Thank you god.. I should really say you thanks every minute of my life..for giving such a best husband.. She goes down.. Have breakfast with him.. Amma comes there.. She gives aishu pickle.. Aishu seats having.. Arvi and Amma see her smiles. Then arvi leaves for office.. Amma and aishu leave for hospital.. Amma asks driver to go slowly even 10kms per hour.. Driver say her ok ma’am ill drive carefully.. Aishu smiles hearing them..

Amma and aishu reach hospital after 2hrs.. Aishu smiles seeing amma..say Amma it’s just test.. Amma asks her to shut her mouth till results come. Aishu replies you both ask me to shut up everytime..I feel im not your daughter..he is you’re son?? .. Amma says I know your buttering ways..ill ask doctor to give injection if it’s required ok.. Aishu hugs amma and say I love you amma.. Both go inside.. Doctor aunty take aishu with her for tests. Aishu keeps silent during tests.. Aunty asks what happened to you? You’re so silent today.. Aishu says arvi said me to be silent not a word during tests and irritate you.. Aunty say her Aishu you never irritate me..for me you and Varsha are same.. Aishu thanks her.. Aunty asks her to have lunch and come back.. Aishu nods ok.. Amma takes her hospital canteen.. Aishu asks her I want milkshake amma.. Amma brings her lunch with milkshake.. She feeds her.. Aishu says Amma I m missing something.. Amma think what she is missing now.. Arvi calls aishu and ask her did she have lunch? Aishu says I had.. Arvi asks what happened? Aishu says im missing something.. Arvi says give phone to amma. She does so.. Arvi says her to give her chocolates which he as kept in her bag. Amma gives Aishu that chocolate.. She says amma shall we go.. Amma think really arvi knows her a word by word of her life.. reach aunty’s cabin.. Aunty smiles seeing them and give aishu reports.. Aishu smiles reading it and say Amma aunty im baby… Seats still..holding her stomach.. Amma hugs her and say you’re pregnant.. Aishu says Amma im..becoming..amma…ill call arvi..she runs out.. Aunty and amma tell her be careful.. Aishu says sorry and walks out.. Amma say I can’t believe she is becoming mother I still a kid in her..i never thought she as grown up so fast.. Aunty say her girls grow up fast..make us cry for them..miss them..their childhood.. Aishu who is out thinks why should I say him now..I’ll go and say him directly.. She comes inside and say Amma ill go to office.. Aunty say her ill talk with Amma about your pregnancy you go and say Arvi directly.. Amma smiles and say go but asks driver Anna to drive slowly..

Aishu reach office.. She goes inside see Arvi busy with meeting.. Arvi see her and smile.. She excuses and comes seats in meeting.. After 1hr meeting finishes.. All start leavening.. Aishu goes and hugs arvi..say Arvi im…pregnant… Im becoming mom…you dad..then amma mom granny’s and appa dad granddads.. She starts jumping.. He smiles seeing her and holds her say you’re gonna be mom don’t act as kiddo.. She says I won’t talk with you.. He asks why? She says you were having doubt but you didn’t say bad of you… He kiss her forehead and say I wanted to see your happiness.. She hugs him and say I love you.. He replies I love you too.. She says Arvi be ready to spend money for my clothes.. He says im ready to do anything for you.. She asks for me or baby? He stare’s at her and say baby who will care for you..i fed up of you.. She says I hate you.. He hugs her and say you’re important to me more than baby ok..ill care for you..more than myself or anyone.. She hugs him.. After 5min..manu comes inside see them..close door and go from there.. Arshu goes out.. Manu smiles seeing them.. Mom and amma are waiting for them.. Mom comes and hug her say thank you Aishu…for such cute news.. Manu and Arvi are talking.. Mom and amma say Arvi we are taking aishu from office ,come home after 6 ok. Manu says aunty without arvi aishu can’t be take him also..else he will be busy with phone than work here… Mom and amma smiles.. Arshu stare at him.. He holds ears and say sorry to aishu.. She smiles.. He says aishu come back with only our princess ok..and hugs her say congrats sister.. Then aishu leaves.. Arvi smiles seeing her leaving with questioning look..

Aishu reach home.. Her family and friends are waiting for her.. She thinks am I patient why everyone are surrounding me.. Amma make her seat.. All congratulate her.. Aishu is seating with sad face.. Arjun ask her what happened? Aishu says im feeling like im patient .. He laughs.. Suji gives him Arjith and say take care of him.. Aishu laugh and say bro now laugh na.. Arjith smiles seeing aishu.. Aishu takes him and plays with him.. Suji takes him and say aishu take rest..don’t take stress.. Arjun smiles seeing her.. Arvi comes home..see’s aishu pampered.. Aishu stares at him and say im tried.. She goes to room.. Mom says amma I think we should change her room.. Aishu says no need im not any patient.. Arvi smiles seeing her.. Arjun says I think we should leave them.. Amma and mom seeing each other and say we should leave but their dinner.. Arjun says arvi will take care of her..we can’t take care of her like him right lets leave na.. They ask arvi to take care of her and leave.. Arvi goes to room and see aishu talking with tapu laughing… Arvi hugs aishu and ask how was day? Aishu stare at him and say tapu ill call you back.. Arvi smiles and says I love you.. She hugs him and say Arvi I want to be with you..ill come to office ok..please don’t say off okay for mom and amma’s words.. He smiles and say just 6.5months hear to them na.. She says they are planning to keep me far from you..that I can’t afford ok.. He says ok ill ask them to shift here ok? She smiles and say ok.. He says then you can’t wear my shirts roam in house.. She says ill become fat na so I won’t wear your shirts.. He smiles and say ok..ill buy bigger size shirts ok? She says ill wear your shirts to feel you..but new shirt how can I feel you.. He says ok..ill buy them early and wear it.. So that you can wear it.. She kiss his lips and say you’re the best hubby.. Both prepare dinner and have it.. Then sleep..

Precap: Aishu observing baby bump and say Arvi see I started becoming fat… He hugs her and say you’re my fatty..? I love you..

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  1. really happy for aishu thanks for giving good news pooja.

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