Love After Marriage (Part 105)


Aishu see arvi bringing medicine and say he wont leave me today till I have tablets.. She runs from there and get busy talking with kids who are playing in garden.. He smiles seeing her.. She see him and say Arvi I want have ice cream.. He takes her to ice cream parlour.. She orders for one ice cream then cancel it then orders other one then cancels that also.. Arvi holds his head and seats.. Waiter also says ma’am please decide and call me.. Aishu nods ok.. Arvi as closed his eyes.. She see’s him and say good morning Arvi.. He acts like he woke up just then.. She makes crying face.. He asks what happened? She says you don’t love me.. He says jaan please select one favour.. She says I don’t want ice cream now.. He says ok ill order every favour you have which you like ok? She says ok..what about remaining ice cream ? He says ill ask them to pack it..we will have it whenever we want ok.. She says my hubby became intelligent.. He smiles.. She says Arvi ask them to pack everything we will have at home.. He nods ok..thinks im gonna be in mental hospital by 9 months.. They leave for office.. She says ill go home.. He says please dear think about ice cream it will melt off.. She says ok.. They reach office..

Arshu go inside.. Arvi keeps ice cream on table and ask aishu to choose and have.. She nods ok.. He gets busy with work.. She have mango favour and keep others in fridge.. She feeling bored.. She seats watching movie. Ranju comes there and smiles seeing her.. Aishu says im feeling bored..they both seat and do shopping.. Arvi see them busy and smiles.. Manu ask what happened to her? He replies she is expecting but its not confirmed.. Manu says congrats da.. Arvi say it’s not confirmed da..but if she is then really it’s big thing of our life.. Aishu comes out and see them say you both are enjoying im feeling bored.. Manu says ok ill take to tapu’s house.. Aishu says no I won’t come there.. Aunty will make me have food..and it will be spicy..i don’t want to burn my tongue.. Manu say then have food which is made for tapu.. Aishu says no no you don’t know that taste it tastes spicy no salt.. Manu says god should only help arvi..he will be mad for sure.. She asks why? Before Manu say anything.. Ranju comes there..and say Amma wanna talk with you.. Aishu goes from there.. Manu smiles and say Arvi all the best..for 9 months.. Arvi smiles..
Aishu is talking with amma..Arvi join her..say Amma tomorrow I have a meeting can you please take Aishu to hospital.. Amma say ok..bye take care..

Aishu say Arvi please come with me..i want you to be with me every second of my life.. Arvi kiss her forehead and say ill be there da..please understand for this time na.. She hugs him and say please… He says ill get you teddy bear.. She nods no.. He kiss her lips lightly and hugs her.. Their kiss becomes passionate.. She loses herself.. He asks should I come tomorrow with you? She nods no.. He slowly say her sorry jaan.. She says I want big teddy bear ok.. He nods ok.. Thinks I want to enjoy her happiness when she says she is pregnant.. She pushes him and say till you get teddy bear don’t even dare to touch me ok.. He says ok.. She hugs him and kiss him.. He says you said.. She says I didn’t mean ill not hug you.. He says you.. She kiss him on lips and say I want teddy bear ok.. He says be here till 6 ill get you whatever you want.. She asks really? He nods ok.. She pushes him out and say come at 6 till then don’t show me you’re face..i don’t want to see you.. He asks really? She says shave and come pokes me.. He says ok ill after going home ok.. Leave from there..

Aishu feel like having something.. She goes to canteen and thinks what to have? A lady staff comes there and see her confused ask ma’am what happened? Aishu replies I want to have something but I don’t know what to have.. That lady asks aishu shall I get you pickle? Aishu nods ok.. She asks aishu to be in cabin,ill bring. Aishu goes inside.. That lady smiles seeing Aishu and say she is expecting for sure.. She goes to give her pickle.. Aishu seats having pickle says aunty this is so tasty I didn’t taste pickle saying ill get pimples but today im enjoying it.. Aunty say her you will enjoy this taste in this period.. Aishu asks what? Aunty replies mostly you’re expecting.. Aishu say no aunty im not.. Aunty smiles..says ok.. She leaves.. Aishu thinks what is this? Am I expecting? I mean im pregnant? How can that happen? She touch her stomach and say really am I? She thinks something and say internet.. She searches for pregnancy symptoms..she smiles reading it and remembers what all she went through.. She says aishu arvi baby princess yippee …im pregnant..I should say this to

akka..Arjun..tapu..manu..ranju..sai..madhu..Surya..everyone ill say.. Then stands still shocked says if it just symptoms not pregnancy means…ill tell after meeting doctor aunty tomorrow.. She seats simply..thinks I will say this after test.. Then thinks does arvi know this..she says he said he have doubt was that this..he was going away from me..was that because this..he is bad he didnt say me..ill not tell him that aunty told me this.. Arvi comes after 1hr..see aishu seating quite thinks she might be bored.. He asks shall we go home? she nods yes.. Both go home.. She thinks he knows everything I won’t say anything let him go.. He see her.. She turns other side and seat.. Arvi stops car at house gate.. She tries to get down but he lifts her and takes her inside.. Aishu keeps starring at him.. He asks what happened? She says teddy bear.. He laughs and say tomorrow morning you will get it. She says you don’t touch me.. He asks will live for second without me huh? She nods no.. Hugs him and say I can’t even think of that.. He says then.. She holds his hands and keep those on her waist.. He keeps smiling.. She kiss him and say I want something.. He asks what? She says I want mango pickle..aunty gave me it was tasty.. He says meri maa how can I get you at this time.. She says you are bad you won’t get me anything ill call mom wait.. He holds her and pins her wall..say please ill get you..

She says I want now.. He smooch her.. She keeps pushing him..but hugs him..atlast.. He says jaan ill get you tomorrow morning na.. She says im sleepy.. He says dinner.. She says I want pickle.. He lifts her and take her to room..make her lie down.. He says ill come back in 20min don’t get up.. She nods ok.. As he leaves..she starts laughing and say see now meri patidev what gonna happen with you before tomorrow’s test ?? She holds her stomach and say I don’t know how are you..if you really in my tummy..but if I come to know that you’re there then ill happiest don’t know how much happiness you are bringing to my life..i love you..ya more than myself and Arvi..

Precap: Aishu’s pregnancy news..

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