Love After Marriage (Part 104)


Arvi pack bag.. He see’s aishu sleeping like a kid.. She suddenly holds her stomach and starts crying.. He runs towards her and ask what happened? She says Arvi I don’t know my stomach ache.. He makes her drink water.. She holds his hands tightly.. He makes her sleep..thinks what happened to her..i can’t ask anyone about this also.. He asks aishu are you okay? She smiles.. He say her sleep for sometime dear.. He calls Amma and say her Aishu have stomach ache..she is crying.. Amma say him it happens for some ladies don’t take tension..tomorrow you both will be here na we can go to hospital.. He says okay amma.. Makes aishu sleep straight.. Kiss her forehead and say jaan please take care.. He thinks if she becomes mom ill miss her childish nature.. God knows if she always adds up with baby princess..then ill go mad..for sure..laugh.. Aishu wakes up and say is it funny im going through pain and you.. He hugs her and say ill missing my jaan..

just remembered something about her.. She says everytime you will be remembering you’re first’ll forget me.. He asks which number is yours as my wife? She says 3rd wife.. He asks what? She says first jaan.. Second office. And third me??.. He starts laughing.. She says thank god you laughed.. She goes to fresh up.. After her coming both leave for flight.. He takes care of her in flight..

Evening.. Arshu reach home.. Aishu goes to fresh up. Arvi talks with amma and mom inform them they reached home. Aishu hugs teddy bear and seats on bed.. He comes there and see aishu seating simply.. Asks what happened? She says my stomach pain why its paining? He says mostly bcz of food.. She nods yes..says arvi ill sleep da.. He makes her sleep..she holds his hand and sleeps. He thinks I don’t want tell her.. I want to see her happiness when she knows it but also.. Aishu see him and ask what happened why are silent? He says nothing I was feeling hungry.. She says wait ill prepare.. He says wait for 1 hour ill only prepare it.. She says ok.. He goes down and gets busy with kitchen works..

He goes to room and see aishu sleeping.. Wake up her .. She smiles and hugs him..says him I want grapes.. He says ok first dinner then only.. She hugs him and say thank you ?.. He says ok come down na.. She says you can lift me na.. He lifts her and takes her down.. She kiss his forehead and say thank you.. He thinks first month only so much drama..i don’t know what will happen to me by next 8 months.. She see’s milkshake and fruits salad.. She seats having.. He see her drinking milk and smiles… She see him and say you also have na.. He says ok ill have..goes inside kitchen and bring milkmaid cake.. She smiles and say you are really best hubby you will understand whatever I want and give me without asking.. He says yesterday you didn’t have cake na so.. She hugs him and say thank you ?.. He says it’s ok..makes her have.. She runs to washroom..vomits.. Suddenly falls down.. He holds her on right time and take her to bed room..make her lie down..makes her drink water.. She vomits that also… He asks her what happened to you? Why are vomiting everything you had? She says don’t know..i wanna sleep…holds his hand.. He takes care of her and make her have juice.. She says I don’t want anything.. He says you should at least juice na.. She drinks juice.. He makes her sleep..thinks she didn’t have anything properly.. She holds his hands and say Arvi why im feeling tired..vomiting sensation da..i can’t tolerate da.. Arvi hugs her and makes her sleep.. She says Arvi shall I sleep on your chest.. He nods ok..lie on bed and make her sleep on his chest.. He sleeps…

Arvi wake up and see aishu.. She smiles seeing him.. He asks are you okay? She says im feeling hungry.. He smiles and say ill bring grapes juice.. She says ok.. He asks shall we go to hospital? She says no no please aunty will give me again tablets injection fed up of those.. He says then Il call amma wait.. She says nooo please..if amma comes she takes me hospital and ask doctor to give injection for small cold also.. He smiles and say then we will go na? She says ok..but no injection ok? He says ok Aishu no injection promise.. He goes down and bring juice for her.. She drinks and goes to take bath.. After bath they both leave for hospital.. Aishu keeps starring at him.. He smiles and say you are not well but you’re drama’s won’t reduce na.. She says Arvi I didn’t do any drama.. ☹☹ .. He shows her video..and say my fatty wife ?? .. She says see im becoming fat day by day above that you will make me eat so much then ill vomit everything..then also I increased by 2 kgs.. He says you are really… She says fatty.. He smiles and says no darling you are not fat.. She nods no.. Both reach hospital..

Arshu meets doctor.. Aunty smiles seeing them..asks what happened? Aishu says aunty I became feeling stomach back pain..then vomit sensation aunty..yesterday night I had dinner and vomited everything..i feel hungry but I cant have anything..i can’t eat chocolate cake or chocolate ill get vomit sensation.. Arvi and aunty starts laughing hearing her.. Aunty say then dear..anything remaining? Aishu says aunty my dresses became tight bcz I became fat..tell me some idea to reduce weight..please 2 weeks..i have to attend marriage function.. Arvi says shut up ? be silent till aunty ask anything.. He says aunty she has morning sickness and.. Aunty asks what? He nods yes..adds I have doubt.. Aishu see him and thinks what doubt he as now? Aunty asks aishu did you get you’re periods? Aishu nods no.. Aunty says from? Aishu says from 1.5 months.. Arvi and aunty smile hearing her.. Aishu asks aunty my blood count reduced na again? Aunty smiles and says lets check once na.. Aishu keeps quite.. Arvi smiles seeing her.. She winks at him.. Aunty says aishu tomorrow morning come again for test ok.. Aishu nods ok.. Arvi asks what happened? Aunty replies some test need to be done before confirmation but seeing symptoms I too feel so.. Aishu asks what you feel? Aunty smiles and say tomorrow ill tell you ok.. Aishu says ok..
Precap: Amma and Aishu coming to hospital.. Later aishu comes to know she is pregnant.. She is fully shocked..

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