Love After Marriage (Part 103)


Arvi orders aishu’s breakfast.. She keeps looking at him.. He asks what happened? She says Arvi are you angry with me..i didn’t spend time with you in holidays na.. He smiles and say I spent time with my wife..don’t worry.. She holds his hand and keep her head on his shoulder.. He thinks she is going through new phrase of her life..till my doubt gets cleared I can’t say anything or do anything.. She says Arvi next month ankith’s and Sai’s marriage na.. He says yes.. She says I want to enjoy their marriage da.. He says you’ll dear.. She says Arvi ill go to doctor after going home da.. He asks why? She says see im not able to spend time with you.. He says it’s time we will go to any place where beach’s are there.. We will enjoy there.. She says ya..we will go… They have breakfast together.. She takes milkshake.. He smiles.. She asks what happened? He says you’re becoming kid na..milk and all? She replies I really don’t know why I’m having this.. Im feeling like having more milk..fruits..apples ya..

arvi I want apple juice..with milk please.. He says aishu it’s not our home to get like that juice you’ll get apply.. She says it tastes bad I don’t want.. He says ok..wait for sometime ill come back be here only. He goes inside..

He talks with manager and says my wife is pregnant she want to have apple juice with milk is it available here.. Manager says no sir its not available. Arvi asks can you please help me. Manager calls a person,arvi thanks him and go inside kitchen. Arvi prepares apple juice and bring for aishu.. She drinks it and say its so good… Thank you so much.. Arvi smiles.. Manager see them and smiles.. Arvi thanks him again. Arshu leave for roaming.. He takes care of her.. She says Arvi I want to go there..she shows some place.. He says aishu next time dear please.. She says please.. He says asks anything else ill get you.. She says I want I want…asks him what I want? He smiles and say how do I know., she says ok ill ask you afterwards.. He nods ok.. He stops a taxi and both move towards aishu’s surprise.. They that place after 2 ours of travelling..

It’s a mountain view.. She gets down.. He shows her a small house..say shall we go there? She nods.. Both walk till that house.. They go inside. He tales her balcony.. She stands and see’s garden.. She is speech less seeing it.. A red rose garden.. In that white rose plants are arranged in the form of “I LOVE YOU AISHU..” She hugs him and says it’s really beautiful.. Thank you so much.. He says I thought of presenting you things but those might not lost this is your birthday present.. This house and garden belongs to our old age we can spend time here..far from everyone and enjoy the nature.. She says I don’t want your house and all I just want you..your love nothing else matters for me..than that…

He calls a person and introduce him to aishu. Arvi says he is Pranav, he will take care this place on our behalf.. Aishu say him thanks.. He smiles and leaves from there.. After Pranav leaves.. Arvi hugs her from back and ask her shall we come celebrating our next anniversary here? She nods..turns towards him.. They have eye contact.. His eyes move down towards her lips.. She see that and blushes.. He holds her hand.. She kiss his lips.. There kiss becomes passionate with time.. She hugs him.. He remembers her health and leave her..just hugs her.. She says Arvi I don’t know whether I can give you back your love.. He says you will dear.. Both smile.. They leave for hotel.. Aishu asks him can we go home by morning flight? He says as you wish.. She says thank you ? hugs him..

They reach hotel room.. Aishu says arvi.. He asks what? She nods nothing and hugs him.. He hugs her back.. She kisses his cheeks.. He cups her face and kiss her lips.. Takes her to bed and make her lie down.. She keeps starring at him.. He kiss her forehead and say sleep ill go and bring lunch for you.. She nods no.. He asks what you want? She says I want to sleep but with you.. He makes her sleep on his..ask her to take a nap.. She says Arvi..slowly remove his shirt buttons.. He says aishu sleep you are tried.. She says I want you.. He kiss her forehead and say I also want you it doesn’t mean you’re health should be spoiled… She says nothing gonna happen to me.. He replies ill hear to you if you sleep now..make her sleep.. She hugs him and sleep.. He makes her sleep patting her back..

Arvi is on bed.. Aishu is sleeping hugging him.. He thinks she is thinking it’s honeymoon trip and she didn’t come near me in that way.. Aishu wakes up and kiss his lips.. He keeps seeing her..and smiles.. Asks get ready we will have dinner.. She says ok.. Both leave to have dinner and after that.. She goes to room..saying him I have to use restroom.. He is busy with booking flight tickets and then procedure about logging out hotel. He comes to room after half an hour.. See’s it’s decorated with candles.. Before he say something.. Aishu keeps her finger on his lips and say you said you’ll hear to me.. He gives her angry look.. She smiles and removes his shirt..then her saree pallu..and hugs him tightly.. Says I don’t have that much strength to lift you.. He smiles hearing her.. Lifts her and take to bed..make her lie on bed.. She holds his hands.. He says at least ill switch off my phone.. She nods ok.. He sleeps next to her.. She turns his side.. Both have a eyelock.. She thinks he is thinking about my health but im thinking about him..i know you want to be near me but.. Kiss his forehead..his lips..his neck..

Play with his chest hair.. He smiles seeing her.. Clover themselves with blanket.. She throws it.. He says aishu.. She hugs him and say I need you if you say anything else I won’t talk with you.. He hugs her and say ok don’t talk with me..

She gets up from bed and goes stands near window.. He thinks she got angry..goes near her and hugs her.. She asks who are you to hug me? He says you don’t know me.. She says ya I don’t know.. He lifts and put her bed.. He lie next to her.. She says you don’t love me.. He says love doesn’t mean that .. She says you didn’t do it from two weeks then also.. He says you’re important to me not that.. She says I want to fulfil my hubby’s desires also.. He says I don’t any now.. She says bcz of He says aishu.. She starts crying and say Arvi get married to someone who can fulfil your and mom’s wishes.. He gets up from bed and slap her…and say if you repeat this words again ill kill you.. She says im not able to.. He hugs her and say aishu.. She keeps crying.. He makes her sleep and kiss her lips..say if you cry again ill die.. She hugs him..say Arvi I want you.. He says jaan you can’t withstand that pain now.. She asks what happened to me? He says you’re tried dear.. She says but you.. He says don’t say a word.. She hugs him and say im strong enough to fulfil my hubby needs.. He say her ok but also.. She says ok..leave.. Turns otherside and sleeps..He makes her turn his side..thinks that if I don’t get close to her then.. She says ill think im … He hugs her and say you are my are my love.. She says not your wife na.. He hugs her and say you’re my everything..thinks you are stubborn.. He gets close to her.. Both get intimate..

She is sleeping.. He thinks I should have not done it.. He reads article and say himself is this common in this stage? But if anything happens to aishu or baby.. He reads a line..and see aishu.. He smiles and switch off phone.. Cover themselves..gets close to her and … After two hours.. Aishu wakes up.. She see arvi sleeping hugging her..feel happy and say herself Arvi I know I spoke nonsense night but I don’t want to make you wait for me or my health.. She hugs him and sleeps..

Arvi wake up and smiles seeing aishu..say himself good morning Aishu and my baby princess.. He kiss her forehead and her stomach.. He says sorry my baby princess if I had hurt you..what to do your stubborn mom and her drama.. Aishu wakes up.. She keeps hand on her waist and say herself he kissed my forehead and stomach why? Everytime he used to kiss my forehead and lips.. He see her and hugs her says good morning drama queen.. She hugs him and say sorry.. He smiles and say go get ready.. She says we can be here only na.. He smiles and says you’re Amma mom then office friends… She says I don’t want anything da.. He kiss her and makes her lie.. She hugs him and say sorry.. He asks why? She says nothing.. He slowly kiss her lips.. She loses herself as he kiss her neck.. She says Arvi please.. He slowly kiss her waist.. She holds his head.. He kiss her belly button.. Hugs her and makes her sleep..

Precap: Amma and aishu going to hospital..

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