Love After Marriage (Part 102)


Arshu reach Shimla.. She smiles seeing nature… He asks it’s good place na.. She nods yes.. Both login hotel.. She goes to fresh up.. He seats on bed with phone.. She comes out.. He see her and ask her be ready for lunch.. He goes to fresh up.. She smiles and get ready in pink colour saree.. He comes out.. Both leave for lunch.. He keeps seeing her..thinks she is looking so pretty in pink colour saree.. She winks at him.. He smiles..asks madam you want me to live my life or not? She says ya I want… He asks then why did you get ready in this colour saree.. She replies I wanted my hubby to see me no one else…. He says okay..did he ever see anyone else then you? She says ya… He asks whom? She replies his jaan .. He smiles.. She says im serious about it he saw his jaan more than me.. Whenever he tells about her I feel so jealous bcz she is his first love..she saw his naughtiness more than me.. He replies but you have my heart now.. She says its second hand na..she was there already I came after her.. He says but you have spent more time with me… She replies physically not mentally na… He says aishu… She says Arvi… Both laugh..hold hands and leave for roaming…

Sadhana is at exam hall.. She see’s question paper and says these lecturers have kept everything so easy when im not in mood to write exam? sorry arvi and aishu akka…starts writing I love you Parishith.. She writes this in all pages… She prays god please help to execute my plan please please.. Her lecturer collects papers.. She calls Sharath and say what she did..adds mostly dad will beat scared but ill do it for Aishu Akka.. He says don’t worry ill be there when he talks with you about aishu ok.. She says ok bro bye..

Arshu reach hotel.. She says im tried da..ill sleep.. He says ok sleep.. She says sorry feeling tried now a days..i don’t know why.. He says its ok sleep now.. Makes her sleep.. He makes things ready for her birthday celebrations.. He thinks last year we both celebrated it in just a formal way bcz of project but now ill try to make it best.. He leaves for his work.. Aishu wakes up after 30 min.. She holds her stomach..feels like someone has hold it tightly.. She drinks water and sleeps.. Tries to sleep on stomach but it pains more.. She sleeps straight.. Thinks mostly I roti didn’t digest.. She gets up and changes into night dress..says im feeling free now.. Sleeps off.. Arvi comes to room and see her sleeping.. He smiles and thinks she may like surprise.. He sleeps next to her.. She hugs him in sleep.. He keeps patting her back.. She sleeps well.. He thinks 4 more days we will be here.. I’ll make these days beautiful for her.. He sleeps thinking about her..

At 3 am aishu wakes up.. See arvi sleeping next to her.. She feels hungry.. Wakes him up and say Arvi im feeling hungry da.. He says ok.. I’ll get you.. He gives her fruit,chocolates.. She haves fruits.. Tries to taste chocolate and feel vomit sensation.. She say’s I don’t want chocolates..i want fruits.. He asks you don’t want? She nods yes I don’t want.. He thinks so many changes im not able to reach her changes.. She asks for milkshake.. He says tomorrow morning we will have ok? Please dear sleep now.. She says ok good night.. She sleeps.. He have chocolate cake and thinks what happened to her? Without chocolate she was not getting up from bed now? She says switch off lights arvi and come fast.. He goes and sleep next to her..

Arvi wake up.. See aishu sleeping..she holds his hands.. He smiles and say I won’t go anywhere.. Kiss her hands.. She opens her eyes asks him what happened? He says nothing.. She says ok..can I sleep in your lab? He nods yes.. She sleeps.. He thinks what happened to her nowadays she as morning sickness.. She asks him arvi can you get me ice cream but not chocolate favour ok.. He says after breakfast dear.. She says ok..ill have oats,fruits and order it here only na.. He says lazy girl .. She says im feeling somewhat da.. He asks what happened? She replies yesterday I had roti na after that.. He says shall we go to doctor? She says no no im alright..wait for 15 min ill be ready we will go out and have breakfast..then roam ok.. He starts laughing as she runs inside washroom..thinks she is really drama queen..amma kept her good name.. She comes out.. He asks what happened? She takes dress and says I thought to call you but if you join me we will have lunch directly.. He keeps starring at her.. She winks and keeps her tongue out.. He tries to catch her.. She closes door.. He laughs..

She comes out after taking bath.. See him..push him inside washroom saying im feeling hungry go inside and come out fast ok.. She says herself if I say anything regarding my health he’ll take me to doctor ill shut up now.. He comes out.. Both go out for breakfast.. Then roam nicely till evening.. She feels tried..but doesn’t say him a word.. He see her and says aishu I feeling tried dear lets go and sleep.. She nods ok..
Like this 2 days gets over.. Arvi have completed his aim of bringing her to shimla.. “her birthday celebrations”

Aishu wakes up… See arvi and say he brought me here for birthday celebration he didn’t even gift me anything so bad of him.. Arvi holds her hand and say my dear ill give you gift when right time comes shut up and sleep now.. She sleeps keeping her head on his chest.. She feels pain on her left side of waist.. She says herself im going mad bcz of this morning sickness.. Both sleep hugging each other.
At sadhana’s home.

Kumar gets call from her lecturer that his daughter as written”I love Parishith on all answer sheets than writing answers” he gets angry.. Goes inside her room see her laptop open with Arvi’s fb pics..she is sleeping.. He closes laptop and goes outside.. She takes her phone and text Sharath”come home please” he replies ok.. He reach her place after 2hrs.. Meets Kumar,say about Vinaya.. Asks what happened? Kumar says sadhana is in love with arvi.. Sharath says what? She comes out in sleepy mood.. Kumar holds her and ask what you wrote in answer sheets? She replies answers.. Kumar says you wrote Parishith I love you.. What’s that mean? She replies I love Parishith.. He says he is married.. She says so what I love him.. He asks aren’t you shameful that you’re liking a person who is 8 yrs elder to you? She says no why will I be? He says what? She replies when you liked aishu did I come in your way no na.. Now why you are asking about arvi.. He says shut up.. She says I didn’t cross my limits dad but Tried to molest her..her memory was lost bcz of you..i know everything ok.. He says that’s none of your business ok.. She says than Arvi’s matter is also none of your business.. He tries to slap her again..Kumar holds his hand and say don’t do it..she is kid yet.. She replies im not kid ok.. Just 2yrs more ill be married..ok.. Kumar slaps her.. She says dad im just 2yrs to 21 when you tried to molest aishu dad.. I just love Arvi nothing else.. She goes inside room..

Kumar seats shocked.. Sharath leaves from there.. Kumar thinks how aishu pleaded him to leave her.. How he became reason for her accident.. He says himself when I was wrong..i couldn’t find it out..when my daughter is doing it why im stopping her I dont have any rights to stop her.. She was my princess..she was my family’s first step..she was my everything.. When aishu came..i was just attracted to her beauty..i didn’t see such innocent girl..her eyes I remember now also speaks a lot.. Why I didn’t see my daughter in her.. I thought others also .. I tried everyone as my children but in case of aishu I made a mistake which I couldn’t rectify now also.. Sorry aishu..i made you suffer a lot.. From today onwards ill pay for my sins.. She is undergoing such a problem bcz of me.. She was coma..she lost her memory.. He simply seats in his room..doesn’t speak with anyone..

Aishu is fully tried..she thinks he brought me here for honeymoon but im not able to fulfil his wishes.. Tomorrow night however ill try my level best not to be tried. He see lost and asks what happened? She nods nothing.. He hugs her and say I know you’re tried please sleep. She says Arvi I don’t know why im tried..i think blood.. He smiles and says nothing like that whether changed na so you might be feeling so.. She nods ok.. She sleeps on his chest.. He makes her sleep.. She suddenly wakes up and runs to washroom.. He thinks food poison ? she vomits and comes out.. He asks shall I get you lemon juice? She nods no.. Sleep on bed facing ceiling.. He hugs her from side and sleep..

Arvi wake up.. See aishu sleeping.check temperature.. Thinks what happened to her..she is feeling morning sickness..tried..and then.. He suddenly take phone and check for pregnancy symptoms.. He reads 4th week symptoms and see aishu.. Thinks if she is? He feels happy but thinks of confirming once.. He slowly asks in her ears..aishu did you get date? She replies no..this time also my blood count might be reduced.. He smiles and seats reading article.. Thinks might be she pregnant.. Reads till first 6-7 week even ladies can’t tell if they are pregnant.. He thinks ill take care of her..after this month ill ask her.. He kiss her forehead.. She turns to sleep other side but he makes her sleep straight.. He keeps seeing her.. Remember her favour changes and smile.. He caring her waist region.. She wakes up due to his touch..says arvi please don’t do anything pains a lot.. He asks what paining? She says left side of waist..back pain da.. He says don’t worry ill not do anything that hurts you.. She smiles..says sorry sweetoo I know we came here for honeymoon but im giving you reasons to be away from me.. He says shut up..if you speak like this then ill slap you.. She says don’t slap me..ill fall down..then .. He kiss her lips.. She closes her eyes.. He leave her.. She says Arvi you said you won’t do anything,, he replies if I dint kiss will keep speaking nonsense.. She says ok.. He smiles.. Goes to take bath.. Thinks of returning home..ill give reason of office work.. But there ill be far from her..atleast amma will be there na..ill ask her to take care my princess and my baby princess.. He comes out..asks aishu to take bath.. She goes inside.. He calls Amma.. Say her about aishu and his doubt.. She is happy.. He asks her not to tell about this to anyone even mom.. She says ok..return back early as possible. He replies tomorrow evening we will try to take flight. She says ok take care ? .. Aishu comes out.. He hugs her and say shall we go tomorrow? She asks why? He replies simply.. She nods ok.. He asks her to get ready in white saree please.. She nods ok.. After 15min both leave for breakfast..

Precap: Aishu’s birthday day gift.. She hugs him and say thank you soo much…

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    Superb yaar and congrats for 100 parts you made me melt towards arranged marriage!!!??????????????????????????????

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    For which show characters ur writing this show love after marriage

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    1. It’s just a fictional story.. Not any serial fiction dear

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  8. love after marriage is a serial or your own thinking

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