Love After Marriage (Part 101)

Arshu are sleeping.. Aishu thinks it has been 1 month..ill go tomorrow and ask aunty..if again blood reduced? Then..our kid plan…no no ill take fruit juice,fruits that I can become mother..i want my baby to come early as possible.. Arvi hugs sleep.. She smiles and say I love you Arvi.. She sleeps..

Aishu wakes up and goes down.. Makes juice and start drinking.. She prepares breakfast.. Keeps having fruits.. Arvi comes down.. See aishu having fruits and think what happened to her? She is having fruit juice and fruits.. She see him and ask what happened? He says im thinking did sun raise in west… She asks why? He replies you’re having fruits na so.. She says I was feeling hungry da… He says ok dear…go have bath and get ready.. She says ok and leave for taking bath.. He thinks what happened to her she is having apples? He keeps breakfast on dinning table and keep tiffin box ready.. She comes down.. They have breakfast together.. He see her having milk and gets shocked.. Thinks she having milk? From when this miracle happened? She see him and ask what happened? He says from when you started having apples and milk.. She says I also don’t know I felt like having you’re favourite food items. He says that’s good only .. She smiles… They both leave for office..

Tapu is with Manu.. Doctor explain them about changes a girl undergoes in pregnancy.. Tapu says doctor more 3 months na..i cant even have a cup of coffee..ill get vomit sensation.. Doctor says be careful about your diet.. Tapu nods ok.. Manu ask can she seat for long time? Doctor say them just a small walk between.. Manu says ok.. Both leave from there.. They reach office after 1 hr.. Tapu goes to aishu’s cabin.. They spend little time.. Aishu keeps teasing her calling her moti.. Tapu replies don’t worry you will also be like this.. Aishu smiles.. In lunch break.. Tapu,Manu and arshu have lunch.. Tapu observe aishu having fruits then food.. She asks whether she on diet? Aishu nods no.. Tapu says I thought for Sai’s marriage you will be on diet.. Aishu says no da.. Tapu says ok.. Arvi finish his lunch ,then Manu.. They leave for work..
Aishu : tapu I was missing you soo much..
Tapu : me too..

Aishu: Tapu did you see baby?
Tapu: No da
Aishu: While scanning
Tapu: Ya I saw… Manu was so happy after that da..
Aishu: How do you feel?
Tapu: I feel so completed da.. His love and care increased..
Aishu: Smiles…
Tapu: Don’t worry dear… You will be pregnant before my baby birth..
Aishu: Im not worrying.. If I become pregnant my tummy.. I cant wear my dresses ☹
Tapu: You’re tummy will be big than this don’t worry.. I’ll buy you clothes of 4xl?
Aishu: Big than yours??
Tapu: Ya… Bcz we all expecting twins or triplet’s from you ?
Aishu: You cant run else I would have chased you till you reach home ?
Tapu: Laughs..
Aishu: Be quite…
Arvi comes there..

Tapu: See him and ask bro I said we are expecting twins or triplet from you both is it wrong?
Arvi: No its not wrong.. But I need a cute little princess..
Tapu: Why not prince?
Arvi: Bcz we have a prince at home.. We need a little princess? his sister ?
Tapu: If boy?
Arvi: Its ok…
Aishu: First priority for a girl…i mean our princess…

Tapu: Ok ok I can’t be succeeded if my bro and my bestie join together ??
Arshu smile.. Manu come there and leave with tapu.. Aishu says arvi they used to fight so much na..see their love now.. Arvi says you can’t see my love?.. What to do? She smiles and say you didn’t even gift me for my birthday excepting me to love you ? He hugs her and show her tickets.. She asks what are these for? He says our 2nd honeymoon trip tickets.. She asks what? He says don’t you want to celebrate your birthday… She says I wanna celebrate.. He says then pack your bag..we will return on Sunday evening ? 5 days trip… She hugs him..asks who will manage office?did you say about this mom and amma? He says Manu and ranju will manage office.. Mom and amma..don’t know this yet.. She says first say them na.. He says ok sweetie ill say.. She smiles.. He calls amma and say Amma im taking your daughter out of this state is that ok with you? Amma replies ya its ok..just be careful while travelling… He says ok..then he calls mom and say mom we both are going out for celebrating aishu’s birthday is that okay? She replies do whatever you want..but careful while travelling and enjoy this trip…don’t leave her alone in dangerous places..or leave her shop alone ok.. He says ok mom…bye..

Aishu smiles and says shall we go? He nods yes..adds pack fast bcz at 9 we have flight to that place.. She nods ok.. Both leave after sometime.
Sadhana’s mom tells Kumar that sadhana like a guy named Parishith .. She didn’t sleep whole night.. Kumar says ok leave it’s just a careful that she doesn’t go behind it.. Sadhana hear this and thinks dad you have to go through hell now see from tomorrow I have pre exams ? I know what I should do?? so that you only ask me about him and then… She goes inside and seats reading about Parishith in fb and twitter.. Kumar see her.. She see’s him through mirror and think papa you are gone ??.. She closes door and seats studying for exams.. Kumar see her room closed and think if she started loving him or what? She is my daughter if she also does like me then..
Arshu are packing.. He gives her saree’s and say it’s India so wear only these.. She says sweetuu last time for 3 days i didn’t wear any good dresses ? remember? He says shut up..and pack now.. She asks will you really leave me to wear this dresses? I think only 5 salwars are enough.. He says aishu.. She starts laughing.. He hugs her and say lets see if you get date then? She says ill take tablets if I feel so..lets leave.. He says ok.. Both leave for airport..

Precap: Arshu’s 2nd honeymoon… Kumar comes to sadhana’s room and asks her don’t you shame to like a person who is 8yrs elder to you..

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