Love After Marriage (Part 100)

Aishu wakes up from sleep see its 8pm.. Thinks im becoming lazy girl now.. She see’s arvi sleeping.. Kiss his forehead and goes to fresh up.. Comes out and wear pink&blue colour saree.. She gets stuck with blouse knots.. Arvi comes near her and tie it.. He asks why you’re getting ready when you know this saree won’t remain for long time? She replies if anyone come home then? He hugs her and say they don’t have such mind to disturb us.. She asks who? He says anyone.. She smiles and turns to go down.. He hugs her and smile saying I said you… She says you don’t want dinner? He says go prepare ill take bath and come down… She goes to prepare dinner.. He comes down after 30min.. He hear her waist chain sound and smile..goes near her and kiss her forehead.. She smiles and say lets have dinner.. He says aishu after 6 days you’re birthday na..what gift shall I give you? She says whatever you want.. He replies her I want our baby birthday date after your birthday date … She says you can’t decide it.. He smiles says I can? She asks how? He says if air doesn’t disturb us coming between us.. She smiles.. He asks are you ready? She says no.. He asks you didn’t prepare dinner?? She says I prepared.. He says then you’re not ready yet.. She says I said im not ready.. He asks why? You wanted to have dinner na? Why aren’t you ready? She says I thought… He smiles and says aishu you’re mind amma..gone dirty now a days..? She says you didn’t ask me properly.. He says I asked you properly..only.. She says ok leave.. He hugs her and say I asked you about that work only not dinner.. She says manipulator.. He hugs her and say you want that to happen now.. She pushes and runs from there..towards dinning hall.. They both have dinner.. She thinks he wont leave me for sure.. He smiles seeing her.. She feels his legs touching her foot.. She see him..he starts tickling her foot.. She says please da… He asks what happened? She says nothing..goes inside to keep utensils back.. He comes and hugs her from back.. She says Arvi you go and sleep I have some work.. He lifts her and takes her to bedroom.. She says Arvi I.. He makes her lie and switch off lights..removes his shirt and comes next to her.. She says Arvi.. He smooch her.. She starts feeling him..smiles.. He asks what happened? She says you.. He hugs her tightly and cover themselves with blanket.. With time they both get intimate.. Her anklets sounds..bangle sounds starts reducing.. She blushes… After 3hrs.. He is sleeping on her.. She also doze off..

Aishu wakes up and takes his shirt and cover her body.. She feels like something happened with her..she is happy but feeling tried.. She takes water and drinks it.. She says herself so many we both got one..but today why im feeling somewhat..i don’t know what happened with me.. She goes to take bath..( friends I read somewhere mother’s can know when their child enters her womb.. I don’t know whether it happens or not sorry) She comes out and gets ready.. Goes down to prepare breakfast..thinks from today we have office.. He comes down after taking bath… She hugs him and say good morning.. He says good morning sweetie… She asks im aishu na why sweetie? He say her you taste sweet so? she says what? He pulls her close and say you’re stupid questions.. I can’t answer… She says ok… He says hugs her and say you always prove me that you’re kid still.. She says ok have breakfast.. Amma call arvi and ask him about aishu’s birthday plan? He replies ill call back.. Aishu kiss him and say bye hubby.. He asks why you will not come? She says im feeling sleepy da..ill sleep..please.. He says ok dear..but be ready for night ok.. I said you till I die very night will be first night.. She says ok bye.. He kiss her forehead and leave for work.. She sleeps off..
Arvi reach office.. Sharath is waiting for him.. Both move to canteen.. Sharath asks him did you ask aishu about accident? Arvi says no.. Sharath says I brought my sister here.. He calls sadhana.. She comes there and say hai arvi .. Arvi asks who is she? She says im Kumar sir’s daughter..dont you remember me..aishu Akka introduced me to you when you had come to her college.. Arvi says sorry I forgot.. She says its ok.. I know you might be angry with papa so.. Arvi says im angry with his character not him.. She says don’t worry ill help you to make him proper..sharath bro said me everything.. Arvi thanks her.. Sharath says plan is that she will go home and say she likes you..her father will create a scene..then .. Arvi says but.. Sharath say don’t worry aishu won’t know this..she will be kept far from this..even you will be far ok…I don’t want your love get any bad eye.. Arvi thanks him.. Sharath and sadhana leave.. Arvi gets busy with work..

At evening…
Arvi comes home and see aishu sleeping.. Ask her to wake up.. She gets up and say Arvi you didn’t go office? He says its evening dear.. She see’s watch and say sorry.. He asks her what happened? She says don’t know im feeling sleepy… He says ok..get up and have something dear.. She says I didn’t prepare anything.. He says ok ill take rest.. He thinks what happened to her..she looks so tried.. He prepare dinner and feed aishu.. He have his dinner… After sometime Aishu says arvi I want to go out… He asks what? She says a small walk… He says ok..takes her out.. He see’s its raining..say her come inside.. She goes out and start playing with rain… She smiles and say Arvi come’s feels so good…i just love it.. He says you will get fever.. She says its ok come na.. Pulls him.. He gets wet.. She collect some water in her hand and put it on his face.. Starts laughing.. He smiles and holds her close.. She smiles..say Arvi..i love you soo much… He smiles and say you are looking nude in this dress.. She see’s herself and say it’s ok im nude in front of my hubby na… He says you won’t leave wearing white dress na.. She smiles and says ya.. He lifts her and take her to room.. She keeps repeatedly I wanna play in rain.. He hugs her and say I want to be healthy.. She says Arvi.. He says after 2yrs I wont stop you a second from playing in rain.. She says that time our kid will stop me.. He laughs and says ill be having be healthy to take care of you and kid na.. She says yes… He says change clothes.. She says you should take care of me from now only.. He smiles and ask her am I not taking care of you? She says you take care of me like amma and appa..take care of their’re so special…i wish I get you in every life.. He says I can’t afford that much of care.. She says then go now also don’t take care of me.. He smiles and hugs her.. Slowly removes her dress.. She keeps looking at him.. He makes her lie on bed.. He removes his shirt and jeans.. Lie next to her.. She smiles and hugs him..says I asked you to help me change not remove my dress.. He says I think we don’t need clothes for sleeping.. He hugs her.. She smiles.. He kiss her forehead and say you want any order to.. She smile’s and say no.. He smooch her.. She smiles.. His hands touch’s her waist.. She holds his hand…say no please.. He kiss her waist and move down.. Her breathing increases..starts moaning….please….pleaaa…seee…arvi….. He tickle’s her.. She starts laughing… He hugs her and kiss her neck.. She holds him tightly against her body… He smiles and ask shall i? She nods yes…closes her eyes… Her breathing becomes deeper deeper.. She holds pillow tightly..a drop of tear fall form her eyes.. Slowly she leaves pillow and hugs him.. Both sleep off.. After 2 hrs she wakes up and see Arvi sleeping.. She kiss his forehead.. He holds her waist.. She asks him you didn’t sleep huh? He says how can I sleep if you’re awake.. She hugs him..sleep on his chest..say Arvi please shave pokes me.. He say ok dear… She smiles and says but I like your roughness…i just love everything about you…i love you… He hugs her… They sleep…

Next morning…
Aishu wakes up early and gets ready for office.. She goes down and prepare lunch.. He comes from back and hugs her saying good morning.. She smiles and kiss his cheeks.. He says don’t you know to say good morning? She says no.. He holds her and kiss her lips lightly..she hugs him back.. He says in this way you have to say good morning ok.. She nods ok.. Both have breakfast and leave for office..
Like this 3 weeks gets over.. They both were so busy with work,postponed aishu’s birthday celebration also as he had been for Delhi bcz of meeting…
Arvi comes home at evening.. He thinks of aishu and smile.. Manu drops aishu at home.. Aishu goes inside and see arvi.. She hugs him and say I was missing you badly.. He hugs her and say me too.. Soo sorry da..bcz of me you didn’t even celebrate your birthday… Aishu says whenever you there with me.. All those days I have born’re love gave me hope to live again again.. He hugs her and kiss her.. She says have dinner na.. He says but I thought we will go out.. She says ok as you wish.. He says lets leave… Both go for dinner.. He keeps seeing her..she smiles and say Arvi look at road… He says I can’t look at road bcz you’re smile.. She says ok I wont smile.. He says that better.. She switch on radio..listen songs… He drives and reach restaurant.. They both have dinner…

In same restaurant Kumar’s family is having dinner.. Kumar see arshu.. Sadhana see’s him staring at them.. She gets up and go towards restroom.. She msgs arvi ” please take aishu akka and leave from here” He see her msg and reply ok.. While he is moving out with aishu, sadhana collide with arvi.. Kumar observe them.. Sadhana say sorry and come back to her family.. Kumar gives angry look towards her.. She smiles and say herself plan is working… They also leave for home.. When they reach.. Arvi texts her be careful don’t get into danger.. She replies it’s ok..i can do this for my sister.. He thanks her.. She replies take care of aishu Akka she needs you.. He says bye.. She seats in front of laptop.. With door open… Kumar see her busy with facebook.. He sends his wife to her room. Sadhana say mom I saw a guy in restaurant he was so cute..I collided with him but he didn’t see also you know.. Mom ask so what now sleep.. She adds mom I wanna see him once before sleeping.. Mom asks how? She says I heard his name so im searching on fb… Mom says ok but sleep early.. She says ok mom..

Precap: Kumar comes into sadhana’s room and say you don’t have shame to like person who is 8 yrs elder to you…

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