Love After Marriage (Part 10)


Recap: Chinu naughtiness…
Arvi ask ash whether she wanna shop or not. She says no I want you to shop for my parents. He says ok then..and ask her come with him. Both leave for shopping. He buy’s watch for her parents. Shows her and she likes it? . Then he asks her be here only for 15min ill be back. She nods ok. He goes and after seeing not seen she smiles.
She runs from there, goes inside a shop and buys electronic watch. She records her voice,ask them to pack it fastly. Goes back to place where Arvi asked her to be. He comes there and ask her did mom call her, she says no I didn’t bring phone. He tells her to call amma she wants to speak with you. She calls amma,she tells ash to come back fast. They both come to Arvi’s home. Mom welcome both, sil comes out congrats both for their engagement. Arvi asks what? She tells next week Wednesday morning at 10 you’re engagement. He looks at ash, she just smiles. He knows what she might be undergoing. Sil ask what happened? He tells her ash is not ok with marriage now what shall I do? She tells him you’re love for her will make her perfect. He smiles and thanks her. She goes to ash and tells you’re parents are with Arvi’s dad. Sil takes ash and go Arvi’s room.
Ash see’s pic of her and arvi on wall. Sil tells her it’s just my hubby creation. Ash smiles. Sil feel sorry for lies and give ash saree to get ready. Ash asks why saree? She tells it’s formality, Ash say her I don’t know to wear it. Sil smile and give her half saree, which looks exactly like saree. Ash goes and get ready. Sil goes as her hubby call her. Arvi comes to room and goes near wardrobe. Ash comes out after getting ready and call Akka please tie thread. Arvi hears her, he close wardrobe door. He looks at her, full back is viewed. Ash see him mirror in front of her and turns around. He also turn other side and tell her sorry I was not knowing you will be her. She asks him to help her. He looks at her with question mark face, she repeats help me. He comes near her,she turns around and tells to tie. His hands shake will tieing thread but his eyes are closed. She thank him and he goes out. She smiles thinking how his hand was shaking and he closed eyes. He is at terrace thinking what happened, he smiles. Sil come there ask him why is he smiling? Do you know that ash don’t know to wear sari? He nods yes. She asks him but you many of pics in sari wear. He bushes. She comes to know and go from there smiling. Ash come there and give him gift which she brought, tell him to hear to record whenever he is free. He asks what is there in record? She say you hear and by the mom is calling you. Both leave from.
At hall ..
Pandith ji comes in. Ash and arvi parents welcome him. Sil see arvi and ash coming down. She smiles and signs her hubby to look there. Mom too see them feel happy and ask them to take blessings from elder’s. After taking blessings,pandith ji tell let children go in. Arvi’s sil and bro with arvi and ash to garden. Sil takes ash from there by telling I didn’t get time to with you. Arvi look at ash and ash see him & smile. Arvi excuses and goes to make call. After calling, he check for recording” ash tell him I don’t why you care for me? Whenever I see you’re eyes it tell me something but I don’t understand it. I’m sure someday ill understand it. Thank you for making me soo special everytime ” . He feels happy at least she is thinking im good. Arvi think of giving her gift which he brought.

Precap: Arvi give his gift to ash. Ash open and start feeling how does he soo much about me…

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  1. Ppoja u r a rockstar…. seriously ur story was too gud dr… llike caring affection feeling so nice

  2. Please reply… Do you wanna know about ash-arvi love story before memory loss?
    Then what type you want?
    a) enemies-lover’s
    b) arranged love
    c) college love

    1. b) Arranged Love..

    2. Because Arranged suits best for ur concept..i said my view..Sorry if it hurts..Thank u di..

    3. Enemy love because enemy tarvata vachw love pure ga untundi….

  3. Tooo gud:-)

  4. Pooja di..As usual Epi is Superb and Narration too..i love ❤ it..Actually I like that hero very he is so understanding and thinking about her that what she feels etc always … cute..
    Pls continue ur story..The Concept is Amazing..
    I want to know their past they met,fall in love,and accident too..
    I am waiting for ur next update eagerly..pls post soon and a big epi too..
    Thank u ? and take care ?..

  5. Pooja very cute yr……its good to see how he cares for her…..pls update soon…

  6. hi pooja where did you this conspect? its really amazing but please change lead lady name i just hate that name. please if you can replace you’re name with ash name. because call them “POORVI”

  7. Happy Diwali friends ?????? celebrate a safe Diwali ? love you all???

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