love after marriage missing parts

Hi friends pooja here.. These are missing parts of love after marriage season 1.. Here Pari and Arya are still 1yr..

Part 121…
Arshu are sleeping with Pari and Arya.. Arya gets up..move towards aishu and hugs her.. Aishu wakes up..smiles seeing Arya.. Lifts him and take him out.. She arrange pillows in such way that Pari won’t fall off.. Aishu says Arya you wake up daily at 4am… Arya smiles.. She takes him to kitchen and prepares Horlicks for him.. He drinks it..says mamma.. Aishu smiles..says ill make you sleep.. They both go to room.. Arvi smiles seeing her.. Aishu says sweeto take care of Arya na.. Arvi nods ok.. Aishu sleeps.. Arvi makes Arya sleep..then see aishu and say she is tried.. Arvi sleeps then..

Morning.. 6:30am..
Aishu wakes up.. See everyone are sleeping… Aishu goes to take bath.. After a while bathroom knock is heard.. Aishu opens it.. Arvi is standing outside.. She asks what happened? He replies meeting at 9 I have to leave early so.. She says then take bath ill go prepare breakfast.. He comes inside and hugs her.. She says Arya will wake up.. Arvi slowly puts her hair front.. Aishu smiles..says you are… He slowly kiss her neck..then earlobe… She closes her eyes… He says jaan..i love you.. She hugs him and says I love you too jadoogar.. They slowly move towards shower.. He says lets have shower together.. She nods ok.. He says tonight you will spend time with me.. She says Arya Pari.. He says don’t let them full day so that at night they will sleep well.. She nods ok.. They take bath.. Come out and get ready… She goes down to prepare breakfast.. After a while he comes down..see her busy and hugs her from back say my princess is soo busy now a days.. She smiles.. He says lets make a agreement.. She asks what? He says weekly 3days you cook breakfast and next 3days ill cook.. She asks what about other one day? He says we will have directly lunch no breakfast.. She asks why? He smiles and says bcz on Saturday night my jaan promised me she will give me special treatment.. She blushes.. He kiss her cheeks and say my jaan will turn red like tomato,,,,she hugs and smooch him..say you are really… He says only 2years over .. She says yea 2yrs..over..after marriage.. He says till my death we should be like this only na.. She smiles.. They hear pari’s cry.. Both run from there to room..

Arshu come to room.. Smile seeing Arya giving doll to Pari.. She smiles seeing doll.. Arvi says jaan you take care of kids..ill prepare breakfast.. She nods ok..goes towards kids.. Arvi goes to prepare breakfast.. Aishu smiles and says who is going to take bath.. Pari and Arya see her and smile.. Aishu come towards bed…lifts Pari..and take her bathroom.. Arya starts crying.. Aishu comes running and say my Arya wants bath.. She lift him also.. Take them to washroom.. Arvi comes there..says jaan you can’t do this job alone.. She says but I should do it.. Arvi smiles and says ill help you.. Both complete bathing their kids.. Aishu says then dressing.. Arvi says ill get you make them ready.. Aishu smiles… They make them ready.. Arvi smiles seeing aishu.. She asks what happened? He shows her face..say powder.. aishu says ok..takes little powder and apply on his face.. Then start laughing.. Arvi holds her.. She stops laughing..says please.. He rubs her face with his.. She says arrrvii.. He smiles and say yea.. She says you’re meeting.. He says unromantic life partner… She says yea any problem ?.. He says yea..i cant even think anything.. She says ok go.. He kiss her forehead and say come lets have breakfast.. Aishu shows kids.. Arvi says take them also down..I prepared their food also.. Aishu says ok..take Pari.. Arvi takes Arya..they go down.. For breakfast…

Precap: Arshu’s romance.. Then Arya and Pari 1st birthday..

Pls comment.. Whether I have to continue this or stop please let me know early..

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  2. Friends I tryd my best. I don’t know how is this part.. Please respond whether I should continue it or not..

  3. Continue dr was waiting fr this fffrm many days n plz update regularly….

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  7. Plz,plz,plz continue..My fav season 1.yeah!I’m so happy fr this.

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