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Missing parts..

Arshu come to door.. Aishu waves him bye.. He smiles says only bye .. She kiss him and say only bye..with small kiss..bcz my hubby should wait till night.. He says okay..execute plan else.. She smiles..says love you Jadoogar.. He replies love you jaan..take care of kids also.. She goes inside..take care Pari and Arya.. She thinks how to make them be awake.. Tapu calls her.. Aishu talks with her and decide to take kids for playhouse.. Tapu says wait ill come there.. Aishu says ok..

After 40min.. Tapu comes to aishu’s home.. Aishu says tapu lets go.. Tapu says wait for 5min..madhu and suji akka are also coming.. Aishu says ok.. Pari and Arya are playing with manoop..Tapu says aishu he as become naughty boy..everytime he keeps irritating.. Aishu smiles.. Tapu asks arvi won’t get irritated? Aishu asks why? Tapu says at night.. Aishu says no he takes care of them more.. Tapu asks then you both? Aishu nods no.. Tapu says you both are really.. Aishu says shut up.. Suji and Madhu come there..they smile hearing shut up.. Arjith comes to kids..they all start playing.. Aishu asks where is moku? Madhu says school.. Aishu says ok.. Suji asks did you feed kids? Aishu says yes akka.. Tapu says then lets go.. Suji says ya but who will drive? Madhu says ill drive.. Aishu says ill get car keys wait.. Suji says aishu mom was asking when you will bring kids ? Aishu says Sunday akka.. Tapu says Saturday is holiday na.. Aishu says arvi will get one day to spend with them na so… Madhu says you also will get one day to rest na..but also you’ll be busy.. Tapu says yea its Saturday na..madam will be busy.. Suji laughs.. Aishu says enough your talks.. Goes towards kids..

They all leave for playhouses.. Arya starts crying.. Aishu takes him and plays with him.. Pari see it..and see also starts crying.. Arya smiles..seeing her crying.. Aishu says ill take her..Arya smiles.. Aishu take Pari.. Tapu takes Arya.. Suji says aishu really there is no need of any gym or yoga for weight kids are enough.. All laugh.. Aishu says Akka i don’t know when they start walking..think of me.. Suji says you will be zero size.. Aishu smiles..says Akka.. All say then.. They reach playhouse..

Aishu takes Arya and gets down..tapu gives her puller.. Suji takes Pari and keep him.. Arya and Pari are in puller.. Arjith says mom ill sit.. Aishu asks are you baby? Arjith says no im not.. Aishu says oh ok..i thought to get ice cream for baby.. Arjith says then im baby.. Suji says baby… Arjith say mom please.. Suji says aishu take him..ill take Pari and Arya.. Arjith says mom bye.. Suji says aishu take this Idiot..i hate you Arjith.. Arjith says I love you mom.. They all enjoy day.. Aishu see’s Arya and Pari tried..make them sleep.. Then afternoon @3 they leave for home..

When they reach home.. Tapu asks aishu to wake up kids and give them night.. Aishu nods ok.. Tapu says take care bye.. Madhu and suji also leave.. Aishu wake up Pari.. Then feeds her.. After that Arya… She plays with them.. Ranju calls aishu.. Aishu receive it..put on loud speaker.. Ranju hears their laugh.. Says aishu kids are playing? Aishu replies yea..they had their evening snack so.. Ranju asks did you have your tables.. Aishu says ill have after dinner .. Ranju says ok take rest ok.. Aishu says I should say that.. Ranju says amma won’t leave to clean plate also im sitting 16hrs..then 8hrs sleep.. Aishu smiles say ok take rest..
Arvi comes home..see’s kids playing with aishu.. He comes inside and hugs Aishu..say jaan .. Aishu replies go fresh up..ill get dinner.. Arvi nods ok..

Aishu smiles..keeps dinner ready.. Then prepare kids food.. Aishu thinks arvi will be angry if he gets to know kids slept for 2hrs..tapu said hot water bath makes kids sleep but I have to try that.. Arvi comes down see aishu lost..say jaan I know kids slept..i won’t scold you’re a mother you can’t see them tried.. Aishu says sorry Arvi.. He hugs her and say you should take care of them first..ok.. Aishu hugs him and say thank you ? Arvi says aishu you know na..if you hug me then ill lose myself..and what happens next is unpredictable.. Aishu says you have dinner ..ill feed kids.. Arvi says ill also help you.. Aishu says you can’t feed them.. Arvi says I know..but I can feed you na.. Aishu smiles.. Aishu feeds food.. Arvi feeds aishu and say ill make bed ready for kids.. Aishu smiles..says ok..but can you take Arya to room..ill come with Pari.. Aishu goes to close doors and windows.. Arvi says jaan you take Pari and go ill do this work.. Aishu goes to room..prepare for Arya’s bath.. Arvi comes to room.. Aishu says see Pari ill come back..goes to give bath for Arya.. After that gives bath for Pari.. Arvi asks what happened? At this time you are giving bath for kids.. Aishu says they will sleep well.. Arvi asks how? Aishu says ill make them sleep.. Arvi says ok.. Aishu makes kids sleep after 1hr.. Arvi says really if this is way to make kids sleep then daily we can.. Aishu smiles says ill fresh up and come.. Arvi hugs her and say first punishment..

She asks what? He replies you made kids sleep afternoon na so.. She says sorry.. He says this sorry wont work.. She asks then.. He replies go take bath ill say.. She goes inside..asks for her bath robe.. He smiles says that’s you’re punishment.. Aishu says please jadoogar.. He smiles..says aishu come out.. Aishu see’s arvi’s shirt wear it..comes out.. Arvi smiles seeing her say you’re wet take towel.. Aishu takes it..say you’re…. Arvi hugs her and say my wife looks hot in black She smiles.. He asks do you remember vodka night? She smiles.. He asks shall we complete that work today? She nods no.. He steps forward..she steps backward.. He smiles and says you should… She steps a step back..gets wall.. He smiles..says then..hugs her..

She hugs him back.. He smiles says jaan I want to spend time with you.. She says you have spent many days.. He says yea with my wife..but not with girl who loved me.. She says sorry.. He hugs her and say first complete our night.. She smiles..starts shivering.. He hugs her..and start kissing her neck.. She holds his head.. He bites her ears.. She closes eyes..takes breath.. He kiss her forehead..then eyes..then cheeks.. She opens eyes as he stops.. He keeps seeing her.. She looks at him..his eyes as just love..his smile say he is going to win her today.. She closes her face with hands..say don’t look like this.. He asks how?and starts tickling.. She removes hands..starts laughing.. Then suddenly see kids and close her mouth.. He asks what happened? She shows kids.. He says sorry.. She smiles and kiss his lips lightly..he holds her..starts kissing her.. Their kiss turn passionate with time.. They break to take breathe..but again get into their work.. She says you don’t want anything else then this and winks..

He says jaan don’t tease me..ill go mad.. She says you used to go mad with waist and belly button ? from when you started.. He says jaan pls.. She smiles.. He says go ill go and have ice cream.. She says no ill have..both run downstairs.. He holds cup first..smiles..says no ice cream jaan.. She smiles and comes near him..starts removing his shirt..and kiss his neck..sits on his lap..pulls ears..says you won’t give me ice cream.. Ok don’t give.. Starts kissing his lips..says this ice cream tastes best then common ice cream.. He gets shocked seeing her bold side..thinks did madam had vodka? Aishu says don’t worry I didn’t have wanted to spend time with jaan na.. He smiles..says then .. She smiles..kiss his lips and hugs him tightly.. He says this is not fair.. She starts removing her shirt..says come to want everything to be fair means..
She runs to room.. He goes behind her.. She starts smiling seeing him..removes her shirt completely.. He says you are looking.. She closes his mouth and say what.. He hugs her..both sleep on bed.. She smiles and says Arvi down.. He smiles and say ok..arrange bed on ground.. Then lifts her..she keeps staring at him..he makes her sleep on bed.. Then sleep next to her..both smile seeing each other.. His eyes go down..she says arvi…he looks at face.. She hugs him and say plz don’t irritate me..on bed.. He smiles and says where I should irritate you.. She kiss lips.. He says kitchen..she kiss again.. He says hall.. She kiss him.. Then slowly goes on him.. He says now you’re irritating me. She hugs him..sleeps.. He makes her sleep next to him..say I know you’re also first sleep.. They both sleep for 3 hrs..

Aishu wakes up..goes and fresh up..gets ready in his favourite colour saree.. Then see’s kids..fix camera and say everything is only he should wake up.. She switch on lights..and tries to wake up him.. He wake up..asks what happened? Why did you wear dress? She says come with me.. He says kids are sleeping.. She says I have done every are safe.. He gets up and goes with her.. She shows room..and say be there ill come.. He nods ok.. Goes inside and see’s its fully decorated with rose petals and candles..think what’s happening..
After 15 min aishu comes inside with milk glass.. He keeps seeing her.. She gives him… He says jaan.. She signs him to drink it.. He nods ok..does so.. She sits next to him..says Arvi thank you ?.. He asks why? She says you’re the best gave me life is full today bcz of you.. He smiles.. She says arvi wait for one min..goes on the lappy.. He smiles seeing kids..say my jaan as brain also.. She says yea..being with you I got brain.. He smiles and hugs her.. She say love you…

He smiles says I love you too…i can’t leave without you for one second… She says I want your love..nothing else is important than that in my life.. He hugs her..says jaan..i missed soo much..for two years..i was like I wanted to die.. She slaps him..says idiot I hate you go.. He says sorry…jaan..i can’t think of anything when I remember those days.. She hugs him says please forget those..think of other positive things.. He asks what? She says we got a chance to fall in love again..I got to know how much my hubby loves me..even after knowing I can’t bear kids.. He says yea..hey who said my wife cant bear kids..shows kids on screen .. She smiles.. He says those are best gifts I got from my wife.. She hugs him.. He says only hug huh.. She smiles and kiss him. He says no fair na.. She asks what? He says im shirtless..but you… She nods no.. He comes forward..she smiles..says please..

He slowly turns her to other side.. Opens knots.. She smiles.. He removes her pallu.. She closes herself with hands..says at least off lights.. He says ok.. She smiles.. He makes her lie on bed… She smiles…says what are you… He removes saree petals..kiss her belly button.. She closes her eyes..and press his head.. He bites.. She screams arvi.. He slowly kiss that part and heal her pain.. He removes her blouse…and throws it on floor.. Then removes saree completely and throws on floor.. She keeps closing her eyes..says pls… He asks who asked you to make this room ready.. She replies my hubby wanted to spend time with me..he was missing his jaan so.. He smooch her… She cooperates him.. He removes remaining clothes.. She feels him against her..smiles says please..,don’t make me lose.. He starts kissing her neck..then slowly move down..bites her skin.. She keeps saying please…or…arvi…..or hmmmmm…. He smiles…. She hugs him..and finally loses herself.. They both get intimate…

Precap: Arya and Pari first birthday..

Please suggest me how and where I should end this fiction

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