Love after marriage and marriage after love – Intro


Love ? after marriage and marriage after love ? (Intro)

Hi guys. I love ff. I daily read ff n I found the fan fictions so creative n unique that encouraged me to write a ff. I almost thought ? for two weeks about the title n the story plot for this ff. And at last I named it ‘LOVE AFTER MARRIAGE AND MARRIAGE AFTER LOVE.’ I have thought the pairs to be Swasan and Raglak but please let me know your views about the pairs. The further story plot you’ll be knowing later. So keep reading. Pls bear my grammatical errors and please don’t be upset with the photo that I have selected for this title. The photo is only for some days till the pairs won’t be revealed.
So here’s the intro:

Ragini Gadodia: A fun loving girl who loves her family a lot n also cares about them but knows to enjoy life as well. Likes hanging out with friends but asks the views of her family members before taking any decision.

Shekhar Gadodia: Father of ragini. Loves his family a lot and speciallly ragini

Sharmistha Gadodia: Mother of ragini and kind hearted

Rohan Gadodia: Brother of ragini. (Played by Avinash Sachdev)

Swara Mehra: Best friend of ragini but is too cultured. Respects family

Shankhar Mehra: Brother of swara (Played by Faisal Khan)

Ram Prasad Mehra: father of swara and shankhar. A big businessman.

Sujata Mehra: Wife of ram prasad and mother of swara and shankhar

Laksh Maheshwari: A handsome boy who is cool and doesn’t take anything seriously. Just wants to have fun and shares everything with his brother

Sanskar Maheshwari: Brother of Laksh. N just opposite of Laksh but loves Laksh and his family a lot. When the thing comes about his family, he can do anything. Although he doesn’t like hanging with friends that much but joins his friends just for Laksh

Anaisha Maheshwari: Sister of Laksh and Sanskar. (Played by Shalmalee Desai)

Durga prasad Maheshwari: Father of Laksh, Sanskar and Anaisha. Has a strict image infront of his children but is loving and caring.

Annapurna Maheshwari: Mother of Laksh, Sanskar and Anaisha and wife of Durga prasad. Serious and strict when the matter comes about selecting bahus for her sons but respects his sons decisions regarding marriage and recently worried about the marriage of Anaisha.

So guys that’s for today. If u want me to continue this ff then pls comment ?. Your comments are precious for me like diamonds because it encourages me. Last time I stopped my ff in second episode because of your less response only so please don’t disappoint me this time. Bye ? guys see u soon and I’ll try to update regularly.

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  1. Cutiie


  2. Cutiie

    nice…but change pair

    1. Innovative

      Thanks cuttiie. And about the pairs lets see how many want me to change then according to the number of people I’ll decide whether I’ll change or not.

  3. Awesome nd plzz continue with swasan as a pair..

    1. Innovative

      Thanks anu. I also think I’ll continue with swasan and raglak only but lets see how many of them want to change !

  4. Alia

    Sounds interesting..Lets see n yeah I think ur choice for couples r perfect so don’t change it

    1. Innovative

      Thanks. Ok Alia I’ll try not to change the couples but if many people will want me to change then I’ll have to change as I have to satisfy all of the readers. But lets hope so that many of them will not want me to change the pairs

  5. nice..continue soon..

    1. Innovative

      S, I’ll write soon and I’m happy that u like it

  6. Ragz_teju

    awesome dear keep writing

    1. Innovative

      Thank for the compliment Rags_teju.

  7. Sreevijayan

    Nice cs dear…ny pair wud b fine..i like both raglak and ragsan……

    1. Agree I like Ragsan and Raglak too..
      But I’d like this one to be Ragsan and Swalak ..

      1. Innovative

        Teja thanks for your comment. And another thing now I’m being confused whether to write on swalak and ragsan or swasan and raglak so I have decided that according to the number of people I’ll decide whether I’ll change or not

    2. Innovative

      Thanks Sreevijayan. You made my work easier by saying that you like both Raglak and Ragsan.

  8. boring pairs
    swalak are cool

    1. Innovative

      I’m happy that you commented what was in your heart but lets see if I can satisfy you according to your choice

    1. Innovative

      Lisa, thanks!

  9. Fats

    Great start. The characters seem really interesting and I like the title of your FF ?. Oh and I love the pair of RagLak and SwaSan ?. Can’t wait to read more ?

    1. Innovative

      Thanks fat. I became double happy with your comment that you liked the pairs and the title both but about the pairs I’m not sure cause many of them want me to change but I think I’ll not change but if many people will want me to change then I’ll have to

  10. Akshata


    1. Innovative

      Thanks akshata!

    2. Innovative

      Thanks for your words akshata

    1. Innovative

      Ok j but I’ll just try. I cannot assure you that it will be ragsan so. Hope u understand

  11. Superb. Raglak and swasan plz plz plz

    1. Innovative

      Thanks ammu and I’ll try to make it swasan and raglak only.

  12. Ayonti(swasan)

    nyc.waiting 4r swasan part

    1. Innovative

      Thanks dear and I’ll post soon

  13. Interesting dear and plz continue. Plz don’t change pair. I love both swasan nd Raglak

    1. Innovative

      OK ammu and I’ll try not yo change

  14. Plz don’t change pair. I love both swasan nd Raglak

    1. Innovative

      Thanks Arjuna

  15. Sherin

    its so nice…..but my favourite is always ragsan and swalak….pls…pls…if you can change it…anyways its ur ff i just said my views

    1. Innovative

      Yeah sherin I can understand but I have almost written the episode 1 and decided the pairs. You’ll know whether its ragsan and swalak or swasan and Raglak in episode 1or 2

  16. Interesting introduction of characters… Pls continue

    1. Innovative

      Thank u for the words tani

  17. AnuAnn


    1. Innovative

      OK Anuann, I try to make it of swasan

  18. Awesome don’t change the pair I want swasan and raglak

    1. Innovative

      Thank u lucky for your suggestion

  19. Swasan raglak

    1. Innovative

      OK apurva, I’ll try to make it Swasan and Raglak but let’s see.

  20. Swasan pls don’t change it pls

    1. Innovative

      OK seema I’ll try not to change it

  21. According to plot ragsan pair is best, but I like Raglak also

    1. Innovative

      Thank u lovely. Your acceptance for both ragsan and raglak made it easier for me

  22. plz plz swasan and raglak

  23. Arshaanya

    Swasan alwayz ?

  24. Meenakshi03

    I think Swasan and Raglak r the perfect pairs for this plot

    1. Meenakshi03

      But I would surely say that choose the pairs u like the most.

      1. Innovative

        Thanks for Your support meenakshi

  25. It’s amazing dear… N Ha the pairs r perfect… Plz don’t change

    1. Innovative

      Thanks Vidhi

  26. Awesome bt plzzzzzzz don’t change pairs i love swasan plz

    1. Innovative

      OK till now I have decided not to change but let’s see

  27. raglak swasan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Innovative

      OK Shelly I’ll see till 5 o’clock so I cannot assure u that it will be Swasan and Raglak but till now its Swasan and Raglak only

  28. Innovative

    Thank u all of u for your precious comments. N about the pairs, as I said more amount of people does not want me to change so I have thought not to change. Sorry if I have hurt someone but still I have not confirmed. I’ll see till 5 o’clock and if till then more people will not want me to change, then I’ll not change. So let’s wait till 5 o’clock

  29. SwaSan

    Good intresting

    1. Innovative

      Thnx shrinjal. N I’ll try to make it swasan

  30. comparing to my story writing style you have the best

    1. Innovative

      Really ??? Anyways thanks

  31. Simi

    Make it swasan & raglak

  32. i am ok with any one raglak or ragsan i love both

    1. Innovative

      Thanks j. It made easier for me because of your acceptance for both couples

  33. Superb introduction dear.plzzz continue with d pairs SWASAN n RAGLAK…. m too excited … ??

    1. Innovative

      Let’s see Ina

  34. Swalak and ragsan

    1. Innovative

      I’ll try kashish


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