Love after marriage and marriage after love Episode-4

Love after marriage and marriage after love – episode 4

Hi guys I’m back. Hope u guyz remember me and if so pls forgive me for updating late. I went to stay in my sister’s house for some days and when I returned there were loads of works pending so I couldn’t update. Hope u guys understand. Now enough of my bak bak let’s start the 4th episode.

Recap- Sanskar met Swara and Raglak friendship

The episode starts with Ragini reaching home.
Sharmistha: Ragini beta, u came! Go and get fresh up and come for dinner. Your Papa is waiting for u.
Ragini went to her room, got fresh and came down.
Ragini: Papa, Maa where is bhaiyaa
Shekhar: Rohan has gone out of town with his friends for some important work
Ragini: Ohh and when is he going to come back
Shekhar: He said he will come after a week but let’s see when will he return
Sharmistha: Now father and daughter stop talking and eat your dinner.
After they finished eating, the trio sat down for talking. Then suddenly
Shekhar: Ragini beta, I have some photos of some boys, once you look at it and say which boy u liked
Ragini: Papa I have said before also. 1st I’ll finish my studies then I’ll think about marriage.
Shekhar: Ok beta as your wish we won’t force you
Then Ragini left for her room
We can see confused face of Laksh.
Laksh: Shall I call her or not ???? Then at last he decided to call her
Suddenly ragini’s phone rang and she saw an unknown number. She picked the call
Ragini: Hello
Caller: Hello Ragini. Hope u recognise me.
Ragini: Why not laksh? How can I forget u.
Laksh: By the way were u busy ???
Ragini: No
Then they talked for sometime and then
Ragini: Laksh wait Ok. From that time someone is calling me.
Laksh: Ok Ragini
Then she cut off the call
Ragini saw that it was Swara’s call.
Ragini: Hi Swara
Swara: Ragini, why were u not picking up my call??? I am trying to call u from that time
Ragini: Wo I was busy in another call.
Swara: Ragini, I have called you for saying that my marriage is fixed
Ragini: Really ??? I’m so so happy. How was he ????
Swara: Ragini stop teasing me.
Ragini: But one thing you could have informed me tomorrow why today ??
Swara: Wo tomorrow is my roka so I won’t go college and I want u also to be present on my roka so…
Ragini: tomorrow??? I so happy. Finally I can see my best friend’s marriage
Swara: Ok Ragini meet u tmrw. Bye
Ragini: Bye Swara. Wish u for getting his dreams. Ohh I talked about your marriage but forgot to ask his name. What’s his name ???
Swara: Sanskar. Ok now final time bye.
Ragini: Ok bye Swara
Ragini informed shekhar and sharmistha about Swara’s roka and got permission for not going college and attending her best friend Swara’s roka
The next day
Ragini got up and got ready and went to Swara’s house for making her ready.
She was in a peach color lehenga with matching Jewellery.
Swara’s house
Ragini and Sujata made Swara ready in a pale blue color lehenga.
Sujata: I will go and check whether Shankhar became ready or not
Then sujata left

Precap- Raglak again meet each other in the roka. Swara in an isolated place. Whole family tensed

Sry guys for the short update and grammatical errors. In fb I have seen many swasan pages but not raglak so I have created a page specially for raglak
“Swaragini: raglak forever.” Pls like that page.

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