Love after marriage and marriage after love Episode-3

Love after marriage and marriage after love – episode 3

Hi guys I’m back with my 3rd episode of my ff. As I have already said you, I had my exams so I’m late. Hope u guys excuse me and remember me. ?

Precap- Raglak friendship and sanskar’s entry

The next day
Ragini called Swara
Ragini: Swara what a shocking thing. Today I’m saying you to get ready fast
Swara: Ohh Ragini today I’m not going college. My parents have said one boy is coming to see me.
(Guys u may have already guessed who that girl was)
Ragini: Ok then meet u tmrw. And best of luck. I’ll pray to God so that the boy fall in love with you at the first sight only ?
Swara: Stop your nonsense ragini. Ok c u tmrw. Bye
Ragini: Bye Swara

Ragini became ready for college and bid bye to her parents and left for college in her car.

Ragini reached the college and when she entered her classroom she saw Laksh sitting alone in a bench. Then she went forward and spoke
Ragini: Hi Laksh
Laksh: Hi Ragini
Ragini: If you don’t mind can I sit with you for today ???
Laksh: of course. why not ???
In a mansion.
Sanskar reached there and talked with the parents of the girl. When he was talking, a girl came with her head down holding a tray of cups. He wanted to see her face but her head was down. She didn’t even once looked up. She gave a cup to her father, then her mother and slowly went towards Sanskar. Then it was the time she lifted her head up to see his face. She just stared at him for a while when a voice disturbed her.
Sujata: Swara what are you staring at??? Give Sanskar the cup of tea
(As u have guessed it’s Swara)
Swara: Ok Maa
Then Swara gave sankar the cup of tea and stood at one place.
The Talkings was over and then rp and sujata asked them to talk in private. At first they denied but later they agreed and went inside the room.
There was pin drop silence when Swara broke the silence and told
Sanskar: I wanna say something. I’m very frank so I’m saying this. If u don’t mind, can I say ???
Swara: yes ofcourse
Sanskar: I’m marrying you as my mother said. I don’t mean I’m marrying you because I’m forced by my mother. I don’t believe in love and all. So it’s better to marry the choice of my mother. Please it will take me time to accept and pls don’t expect much from my side.
Swara: Ok
Then they both went out from the room. When Sanskar bid adieu from rp and sujata, he was about to leave when a boy entered. Then sujata said
Sujata: Shankar, meet your home wale jiju. Turning towards Sanskar she said, “Sanskar he is my younger son, Shankar.”
Shankar: Oho dd. He is very handsome haa. Nice choice
Swara: Stop it shankhar.?
Then Sanskar left for mm
At college
Their class was over and it was their break.
Laksh: Ragini, would u mind giving me your number ??
Ragini: why would I mind. Here’s my number __________
Laksh: Thank you.
Then they left for their respective home.

Recap- raglak growing friendship and swasan marriage fixed

Guys sorry for a short update and please let me know if you’re bored with my story. My exams are over so I’ll try to update regularly if possible.

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