Love after marriage and marriage after love Episode-2


Love ?after marriage and marriage after love ?(episode 2)
Hi guys I’m back with the second episode of my ff. I am really really sorry for the late post. I guess you wont believe me but I would like to clear you that I am just 13 years old. And due to school’s home-work, I couldn’t update. My school is preparing for some project so they are giving loads of work for us. Hope you guys understand. Today the pairs are going to be revealed and also the entry of our heroes.
So let’s begin:
Recap- A boy helps Ragini

The boy helped Ragini to stand. The boy was mermerised seeing Ragini. He thought: (wow beautiful!). Then he came in his senses. Their Convo:

The boy: I’m so so so sorry. I did not notice you crossing the road.
Ragini: Yah, why would you notice me? You were talking in phone and your attention was there in the phone. I wonder who gave you the licence. If something would have happened to me, then?
Boy: I said I’m sorry so why are u making it a big issue ?
Ragini: Oh u hit me n now you’re saying that I’m making it a big issue ??
Boy: (suddenly remembered something) and said “I’m getting late. I cannot waste my time fighting here.”
Then he went from there, and Ragini also remembered something. She said to herself “Oh shit I’m getting late.”
And when she was about to leave, she noticed a wallet. She opened it and found a licence. There she saw a photo which was of the same boy who had hit her and there the name was written ‘Laksh Maheshwari.’ (Yes he was our lucky)
Then she kept that wallet and left from there.
In college
Ragini reached the college and saw Swara waiting for her in the gate.
Swara: Ragini why are u late ??
Ragini: Wo I’m sorry shona. Papa gave my car for repairing and on the way, that stupid hit me with his bike
Swara: Nothing happened to u na ?
Ragini: No. OK now leave it. Let’s go to our class, we’re getting late.
Swara: OK come lets go
They entered their classroom and sat in a bench.
Then the professor entered. All of them wished the professor in a chorus
Professor: Good morning
All students: Good morning Sir
Professor: From today, a boy is joining our college. He’s not a fresher but he has recently shifted Kolkata so he’s joining our college in half. Please treat him well
All of them: Ok Sir but where’s he ?

Then the professor called out
Professor: Laksh beta please come in.
Ragini became shocked by hearing his name.
Then Laksh entered the classroom and saw everybody and noticed Ragini and remembered their meeting. Ragini was left mouth opened. Seeing that Swara asked her
Swara: What happened Ragini ?? Why are you shocked?
Ragini: Swara, he is the same boy who had hit me.
Swara: What?????
Ragini: Yes he was the one.
Laksh went and sat on a bench. Then the professor started teaching.

A big mansion is shown where a voice of a woman can be heard
Woman: Sanskar you are bigger than Laksh so I’ve seen a girl for your marriage. Please today you go and see her and say you liked her or not!
Sanskar: Maa, if you have seen her what is the use of me seeing her??? I have full faith in you. You know what is good for me!
Ap: No Sanskar, although you have faith on me, once you go and see her. Otherwise I will feel like I have forced you for your marriage
Sanskar: OK Maa if you say I’ll see her

At the college;
The bell rang and the professor left the classroom. It was their break. Swara and Ragini went to the canteen. They were drinking coffee and suddenly Ragini saw Laksh sitting in one of the table alone and remembered something. She went towards Laksh’s table. She went near him but she didn’t knew how to start a conversation so she stood there quiet for 5 min. Now Ragini was damn angry. She had been waiting for 5 min and Laksh didn’t even noticed her then:
Ragini: Oh hello. I have been standing here for almost 5 min and you’re not even bothered why is it so!
Laksh: Oh you were here. Sorry I did notice you standing. OK now say why you were bothered for 5min?
Ragini: Wo actually when you helped me in standing in the road, you had dropped your wallet
Saying this Ragini took out the wallet and gave it to Laksh
Laksh: I’m again sorry for the morning and thanks.
Ragini: It’s OK. I just became more angry in the morning.
Laksh: So friends! ???
Ragini: Ok friends ?. Ok bye see you tomorrow.
Laksh: Ok bye.
Then Ragini left with Swara.

Precap- Sanskar meeting the girl and Raglak masti

Guys my exams are coming near so I would not be able to post for few days but after that my holidays are there so during those holidays I’ll post. Bye guys. ?????

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  3. Amazing and swasan and raglak right .
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    3. Innovative

      Thank u everyone. I thought to reply all of your comments personally but I didn’t get time so I’m thanking u all at a time. I will try to update soon and thank u for understanding me ??

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