love before marriage or after marriage last epi


Next day moring…
Pragya opened the eyes with the sound of birds.she saw that abhi is sleeping like a kid by hugging her.she kept a loving kiss on her cheek and slowly get up without disterbing abhi.then she went outside from their tent.. she felt more freshness in here than her room warmth of sun rays huggs her to protect her from cold wind blows from every side.. birds songs and the sound of water of the near by river add nice background music to the greenish environment…
P,i love you abhi.i love you sooooooooooooooo much.. this is the best place that i visit for my life time. How nice made our honeymoon unfrogettble.i must surprice him..pragya said to her self.

After few hours abhi get up and came out from the tent.. he looks for pragya.. but she was not there.. abhi shouts loudly for pragya.. he went to te river and search her there too.. but she wasnt there.. then he saw her footsteps on the riverbank and follow them… after walking fer metres abhi heard some music. (Yep,itz sanam re guys.. but not from bg.itz from pragys i pod)
Abhi reach to that place..pragya is there.she is wearing a crown made by flowers…
A,fuggy… you here… are you enjoying lonely na..what a nice crown.. it makes you look geourges.. like a jungle princeses
Pragya came to abhi and put him a garlend made by her..
P,how about this abhi. I made it for you..
A,wow nice pragya. Itz with fresh flowers na… great smell toooo… now we both looks like prince and princeses to the jungle.. bhi huggs her and about to kiss
P,wait wait abhi.. there are more surprices.. sit here and close your eyes.. dont open till i ask you to open okey?
A,are pagal ladki what are you going to do.. ok.. here i closed my eyes..
P,ok.. now open your eyes my darling.. this is for you..

A.. fuggy how did you do these things.. unbelivble. Do you no any magic
P,no mAgics abhi.. i know that you are i made these things for you..
A,but how fuggy.. i cant understand anything..
P,wait i ll explain.. before that eat and tell me how it is..
Pragya gave a big leave(from tree) wich is full of kind of yams well cooked and its garnished with red color some small fruits and wild berry s..
A,it smells great this is the frist meal i eat which made by your hands..
P,haan abhi.. let me explain now.. this a kind of yam which people can eat.when i search something to cook i found itz plant ant dig it.. and i got this yams.these wild berrys i found near the river bank. And this red colour small fruit is just like chile.
A,but how you know these things..
P,wait i am not finished yet.then i found this fruit from that tree..
Pragya shows a huge fruit like pumking
Then i pluck it and open from one side and cleand it.. then i pour water and yams into this . Again i did a pit and makes fire inside that..i keept this fruit on the pit and close it by itz cutted piece.. as a habbit i took small salt bottle with me bcz i used to it more salty foods.. so i had salt with me.. i add salt to… With all these things i made breakfast to my husband.. so now tell me how it tastes..
A.. mmmmmmm yummmmmyyyy…. you are my super wify.. when we go to our house i want this yams everyday..very tasty.. come sit with me. I’ll feed you.

Pragya sit near to abhi.. abhi feeds pragya while pragya feeds abhi. Both of them hugg after have meal.
A,you done all these thing for me na?? Thats why i loved you fuggy..
P,i didnt thought that i ‘ll get a husband like you abhi.. you are such loving and caring . It makes me feel that our relationship is not a new one and it comes from many births before..
A,yes fuggy..not only this birth.. in every birth we had my wife my love my life was you…
(Allah waariyan plays.. not in bg.but abhi’s phone)abhi panicks and switched off the phone
P,abhi… what are you hiding from me.
A,wo wo…. nothing pragya..
P,dont lie to your wife okey? You told that signle is not available here. But how could your 4n rings..
A,actually fuggy.. this is my plan yar..we are not lost in here.i asked guide to leave us.. i need to be with you. Tell you about my Have unfrogettble two days with you.. so i plan althese things.. do you angry with me
P,no abhi.. i love this expirience.. full of freshness. Lets be here more two days..letz explore the whole forest.. but wthout guide..
A,woooow pragya.. i thought you will not like this.. i”ll let our parents know we are here for few more days…

Both of them started to walk toward their tent by holding hands

Like love birds…

Guys.. i ll end this okey… i think this is not interesting like love from sky.. so now i can consentrate more on that ff..sorry if i heart any one.. thanx for the support friends


Credit to: tina

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  7. Hey it’s not boring yaar its really interesting don’t end it

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    1. don’t be angry with me yaar…. hahaha :-):-):-):-) i’ll continue this okey.. and never i’ll going to tell that my ff’s are boooring.. thanx for supporting sis.. you have big family na? i’ve just only one bro.. always fighting with me.. any way this is a promise i’ll continue second part of this as LOVE Vs VILLAN

      happy now???

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