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Thanq friends…. you’ve supported me lot when i was broken.always i need your support..

A, i know that you won’t belive.. 22 years mean long time na.. i was just three yrs old when i entered to the pre were also there na.. as i thought you’ve frogot everything fuggy… frist day you broke my the patch is still there..
Abhi shows his leg to pragya..
P,no no no don’t tell me you are the boy who fight with me that frist day of pre school…

22 yrs before
Itz the frist day of pre school.. after morning essembly all the kids when to there own classes.little abhi sat near a cute girl becouse he had no where to sit.but after few time another girl came and started to scream and shout.she is non other than our chashmish
Pragya,arey dont you havd eyes. I kept my bags here and went to my parents..this place is mine and girl next to you is my best friend.. i kindly request you to stand up and give my seat.
A,please let me be here.i won’t go anywhere. Leave me if not i’ll cry.(little abhi is really inocent)
P,okey then,you are not going to give my seat na..
(With a very cruel face)
I’ll never let anyone to have my things

Pragya draggs abhi from his school bag.. though abhi started to cry pragya didn’t stop.. she drags abhi to the out of the class.. when she pulls abhi in stairs abhi felt down.. he was injered his leg.pragya run from their. She went to the class and took her seat . She thought that teacher will punish her. But nothing
Happened.but aftr that day she didnt met him again
♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡fb end♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
P,i am sorry abhi.after school ends i looks for you to say sorry.but why didnt you complain about me.
A,no need of sorry i didnt complain becouse i need to be friend of yours..but i have to left that school bcz my mom wanted to sent me to a pre school without stairs..
From that day onwards i thought about you.
P,then what happened
A,after few days from that insident my mom’s friend came to our house.that day i also at home with my injered leg. That aunty asked me what happend.. i told the whole story.. after that she told that cruel girl is non other than my pragya.. can you belive itz your mom yaar.. i asked your mom to dont tell about me
Anyway my family shifted to uk. But my mom kept contacts with your mom.sometimes i massged to your mom like my mom and asked for your photos.. i have more than 500 photos..
One day i caught by my mom. And she got to know about all these things.. then my mom proposed to your mom about our marrage insted of punishing me..
Thatz the story yaar..
P,i cant imagine even.. i knew that my going to be husband is mom’s friends son. But i didn’t know these things.
A,calm down yar.. i know you from 22 years ago.. and started to think about you when i am 15… thatz my love story
P,amazing abhi.. i didn’t know that you had crush on me.i am lucky to have lovely husband like you..
A,then dont tell again that we are strangers okey…
P,promise..i wont say like that.
Abhi i am tired.lets sleep..
A,you go inside and sleep sweety.i am going to stay’ll be more safe.
P,no.. nothing will is here na.animals never reach when there is fire.come to sleep..
A,okey i have to obey my cute wiffy’s word.i’ll come.letz sleep
Both of them lay inside the tent.tent is not big enough for both of them to sleep..
A,fuggy are you angry at me for this trip
P,no abhi this is really interesting.i lo… before she end the sentense wolfs began to scream loudly becouse itz a ful moon night.. pragya huggs abi by her both hands and kept her face on abhi’s chest..abhi cares he hair by hugging her with other hand..
(O rabba ki kaaran plays in bg)
A,sleep on my chest fuggy..if not your neck will affected to pain bcz we haven’t any pillow here..
P,you know what abhi,for a woman,most protective and comfortable place is her husbands chest.. no need of pillows.. itz comfortable here more than needed.pragya kept a small kiss on abhi’s chest..and she close her eyes..
P,gd ngt abhi
A,good night my sleeping beuty. He also kissed pragyas forehead.
Both of them slept while hugging each other..

Precap will they find path to go home?or stay in forest itself….

Friendz… this epi is bit boooring.. next tims i’ll add more rom & com..

Credit to: tina

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