Love – Marriage – Life (Promo – 2 and 3) (Ragsan)

Hi guys I am back with one more promo. i hope you will like it.

A boy fishing in river. He has bright eyes. He says, love that is a beautiful feeling. but i hate this love. love is the xerox copy of hell. and about marriage that is the real hell. love and marriage specially love marriage guys please don’t do that mistake. you got love marriage then you have to remember that your life is finished.
ohhh god i missed the fish. ok leave it.
according to me life is to enjoy. so guys enjoy your life.
heyhhh… i trapped the fish. now I am going to enjoy.

Do you want to know why he hates love? why he is saying marriage is hell? he had any experience? in last he said ” i trapped the fish now I am going to enjoy” this line have any other meaning? then don’t miss to read
Love Marriage Life

i hope you will like this promo. do comments by your loving Aastha.

Hi guys i came with another promo of my fan fiction. now i am posting my third episode but still my previous promos not published. but when you all reading this then sure my promos published. i know here i am bakwaas karraum but promo is very short i want minimum eight hundred characters that’s why please forgive my non sense talking. now here is my third promo.

A girl stands in sea shore. she enjoys the sea waves. cool breeze disturbs her silky hair. she says love, that is a fabulous feeling. i am in love. according to me he is the only super cool mam in the world. i am really very excited to marry him. in my life i want to become his wife. i am crazy on him. i will do any thing… any thing to get him in my life. he is only mine.

do you want to know she is in love with whom? any disturbance in their love? she will get success in her love marriage? more important she is a protagonist or antagonist? then don’t miss to read
love marriage life.

do comments by your loving Aastha again i am asking apologize for my bakwaas.

Credit to: Aastha


  1. Roma

    Awesome, looks like the boy got batrayed by a girl…n now he hates love n marriage…. now decided to trap the girls n enjoy just like the fish…is this correct? Love you loads

    • Aastha

      half right dear but the matter is he betrayed her or she betrayed him. so keep reading nd thnq dear

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.