Love – Marriage – Life (Episode – 9)


Hi guys thnq so much for ur wonderful support. i’ll try to extend my ff dears.

Recap : ragini’s past

swa : then what happened to ur child?
rag : ur bro is very strong. my stomach got hit by sharp corner so that child …..she cries heavily. swaragini hugs n swa consoles her.
rag : dont talk to me.
swa : y dear?
rag : u r Mrs. swara laksh maheswari but u didnt invited me to ur marriage.
swa : sry Mrs. Ragini sanskar Mehra. rag gives a killer look. ok ok leave.
swa : sry dear after ur departure there is no smile on any one’s face. so lakk thought to marry me.
rag : ohhh thats it. u never loved him?

swa : how do u know.
rag : i’m ur best frnd more over i’m ur babhi. so i know every thing.
swa : ya i loved him. i fell in love with him in kolkatta when we came to intenship. there we spent a pleanty of time together. i dont know how but it just happened.
rag : hugs her. really u chose a better guy. lak is very good n very caring. sure u bot will lead a happy life together. suddenly swara’s face turns sad.
rag :what happened?
swa : nothing. ok its already very late. come we will sleep.

tanu sleeps in 1 room. sanlak sleeps in 1 room. kunj n uv sleeps in hall. while swaragini sleeps in another room.

rag seeps peacefully after sharing her hardness to her frnd. but swa cant sleep. something flashes on her mind.

FB shown.

rag leaves sanky. sanky was totally broken. lak cant see his sad state. he decides to bring happiness in his life. he broughts san to mumbai. tanu is a team leader of sanlak n kunj uv. she loves sanky deeply. so lak decides she will keep sanky happy through out life. he gives some ideas to impress sanky. swa dislikes this.
swa : lak u r doing wrong. plz.. rag is the only sita in my sanky’s life. plz stop ur indecent business.
lak : plz ddont support ur hell frnd. bcos of her now san forgot to smile. u r seeing san’s pain but still u supporting the******
swa ; mind ur words lak. u r talking too much. ok fine u support ur frnd i’ll support my frnd. i never let tanu to be close with sanky.
then started gap btw swalak. they r newly marrried but no happiness in their life.

FB ends.

nxt day morning.
every1 in hall. rag serves coffee to every1. lak refuse to take coffee.n goes frm there.swa follows her.
swa : y r u doing this all?
lak : plz dont start ur drama at this morning
swa : look lak without knowing truth u r doing wrong. plz listen me.
lak : what i want to listen.
swa says the truth. especially abt rag’s child. n goes frm there in full angry.
lak : swa sry plz forgive me. he follows her.

kunj : ragini ur coffee is awsm.
san : not only coffee she cooks very well.
tanu fumes in anger.

after some time.
kunj : guys i’m getting very bore. come lets we play some thing.
tanu : u r absolutely ri8. but what game?
uv : hide & seek
lak : ok first tanu u close the eye by this cloth.
kunj : i’ll tie her eyes.
uv : hey san swaragini come n join with us.
swa : no i’m not interested in anger tone.
tanu : rag u’ve work na go n do that.
san joins with them.

tanu falls down while playing every one laughs enjoys the game. this is lak turn. they ties loosely lak so he can see lightly. he sees swa watering plants. he goes n hugs her.
lak : hey.. out! he never breaks a hug. every1 eatches silently. he removes the cloth.
swa gives a theri killer look. he sings sry in his eyes.
she also him tanu disturb them swa scolds tanu in mind 4 distubing her.

rag shouts in kitchen san runs she hugs him.
san : what happened?
rag : rat…
tanu drags her r u alright. rag nods yes.

at night
evey1 watching movie rag dont know that is horror movie. she hugs san tightly when ghost appeares. tanu fumes in angry.

screen freezes with hugging position of ragsan.

i know this is short but i’m in emergency. now am going to my grany’s house. so i’m not able to update tmrw. sry 4 spelling mistakes. i typed in hurry so here is lot of mistakes plz bear me n keep supporting.

Credit to: Aastha

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