Love – Marriage – Life (Episode – 8)


Hi guys here is the 8th epi. thnq for ur support. silent readers thnq so much.

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Recap : ragini rejects sanky.

@ rag’s room in mind voice
she cries vigorously. i’m also loves him swara but i cant confess it. plz try to understand.

nxt day
as usual swasan waits for ragini. ragini comes there n says i already told my decision ri8 then again y u called me. i’m not interested to talk abt this matter.
swa : i called u to ask sorry. plz apologize me. i dont know abt ur past. bcos u told only to ur new frnd u didnt told to me. thats ok this 1 shows my place in ur heart.
rag : plz dont kill me by ur words. both starts to cry n hugs.
swa : i’m sry dear.
rag : its ok.
rag only can see sanky’s back pose. she stares him lovingly.
rag : ok now i’ve to go bye.
sanky holds her hand.
rag : what r u doing ? leave me. u told na everything is my wish.
san : ya thats y i’m holding ur hand. now also i’m saying everything is ur wish. i’ll fulfill it. u r in love with me na? i know u stared at me lovingly n longingly.
rag : what r u saying?
san : i’m not a child. i can understand whtas going on ur mind by ur eyes. u stared at me i saw that via mirror. u r hiding something plz tell me. dont stress ur self

rag : i’m not hiding. i’m not fit 4 u. u can choose a girl like kavitha. that kind of girl will suit u.
swa : then kavi threatened u?
rag gets nevous. not like that. i just….
swa puts rag hand of san head. now promise on him. rag escapes her hand frm swa grip.
swa : i know u cant promise. bcos u loves him more than u.
rag : haan…. kavi met me when u came back to mumbai when i came to know that sanky loves me. that day evening kavi came to my room.

fb shown
kavi ; look am in love with sanky. he also liked me. but when u came frm that day he is avoiding me. so keep away frm him. then i dont know what i will do.
fb ends

swasan gives a killer look
swa : u dont have any mokka (silly) fb than this.
rag : i cant break any one heart.
swa : of course rag u cant break kavi’s heart but u can break ur love’s heart n ur bst frnds heart. varey va.
san : look ragini i’m in love with u not with kavi. i cant imagine any other girl in ur place. if u accepted then i’m happy. or else no prob but dont suggest another girl in ur place. u dont have ri8 for that. got it.

after few days heavy efforts of swasan made rag to confess her love for him. ragsan enjoyed their life atmost. last 3 sems r the golden period of their life. now they completed their studies. san got job.

@ Kolkatta

swaragini n sanskar comes to their native. he knocks the door. sujatha opens the door n gets shocked to see them. (ragsan in marriage attire) sujatha angers on ragini. she hates her. swara try to convince her. but fails. sujatha tortures ragini. (sanky’s father is no more. he died when swasan was child.

6 months passed. slowly ragini filed sujatha’s heart by her goodness n impressed her. then they both looks like maa beti
swa : maa do u forgot me ? every1 takes a grp hug. they 4 lives a happy life like heaven.
but this is not permanant. a storm comes to their life. that strome’s name is kavitha.
for few days rag gets a anonymous msg. that says san is still affair with kavi. but she never mind it as a thing.
then one day rag gets a msg come to xy hotel. there u can see ur hus with kavi. she went there n saw sanky in hugging position with kavi. but then also she never believed. she thought someone misunderstand them.

one another day she accidently sees kavisan together. san : dont wry i’m always with u. rag feels something odd.
like this another 6 months passed. one day ragini feels very tired. suddenly she faints in road. ppl rushes to hospital. doctor said ” u r pregnant” she is in peak of the world.
in reception she asked the report. but receptionist gives the report of kavi. but she didnt noticed it. then rag sees kavi in hospital. she follows her. there is san with her.
san : kavi i know i’m married. but i cant leave u. u my sweety u n ur child is my responsibility. ok. just smile.
rag was dazed. (ava thalayila idi vilunda mari inrundichi avaluku)

ragini walks confusingly. she reminds every thought of kavisan.
rag puts report on dressing table. she was sad but she was excited to said abt her child. san comes to home.
rag : san i wanna talk to u.
san : what ? in irritated tone.
rag hesitates. today i came to hospital….
san : i didnt went to any hospital.
rag : i said i went to hospital…
san sees the file on dressing table his voice begins to raise.
san : then u r suspecting me? how dare u? he shouts.
sujatha n swara comes.
sujatha ; hey what happened? y r u raising ur voice?
rag explains abt everything. her anonymous msg n their meeting everything.
san : how could u do this? u r detecting me? what r u think urself? he speaks very harshly n finally slaps her. she falls n her stomach got hit on corner of table.
san throws her out frm his house at that late ni8.

after 6 months.
rag : i joined yyy company. but then also my past stings me.there 1 person tried to misbehave with me. i slapped him. then he said “ur hus is very lucky thats y he throwed out u frm his life” i was totally broken. i cant bear that word. then 1 truck came to hit me. then tanu saved me n brought here.


screen freezes with crying face of swaragini.

guys i think i’m boring u all. plz bear me. asap i’m going to end it. there is hardly 2/3 epis only so plz support me.

Credit to: Aastha

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  1. Awsm..plzz don’t end it soon

    1. thnq so much dear i’ll try to length it.

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    1. nan pray panrenma. dont wry. ni kavi child ah pathi solria nan konja nerathula rag child ah solrio nu nenachiten. paavam rag baby abot aydum.

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  9. Don’t end this please

    1. ok dear i’ll try to extend it n thnq for ur lovely cmnt

  10. Plz don’t end this ff so soon bring some twist. Make sanky jealous by introducing a new guy opposite ragini ?

    1. here is lot of twist so wait. n here is already a guy opposite to sanky he will come soon. thnq 4 ur cmnt n suggestion

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      1. i am not married i am just 15

  14. Superb
    plz dnt end it dear

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  15. so sanky in his own stupidity didnt even hear that she was pregnant with his child and hurt her so that she lost the child and threw her out in that condition…..he should be told this so that he realise his stupidity and begs for her forgiveness….and tries to earn it!

    1. your update was really good btw

    2. u watched the story very cleanly. sure dear he will repents for his mistake soon.

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    Oh no don’t end this now! Why Sanskar slapped Ragini?
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    1. sanky slapped her bcos he thought she is suspecting him. but she came to say she is pregnant.

    2. pls post your ff broken heart pls

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