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Love – Marriage – Life (Episode – 7)


Hi guys again sry for the late update. in this epi here is some illogical things employed so plz bear it. this is a flash back of 4&half yrs so the fb lasts till nxt epi. thnq for ur amazing soupport. do more n more cmnts.

Recap : rag chats with rag instead of swara.

2 months passed.
harsha n honey becomes close. on clg they spends a lot of time together. they both feels comfortable in theit company. but still rag does not knows his real name n abt his fmly. but sanky knows each n every thing abt her.
on the other side in the evenings rag texts sanky in thought of swara. she shares each n every happiness n sadness to him. she shares small things n her nokjokes too. but still he dont know who is the girl. he knows she is girl but that also in her talking manner. he knows she is swara’s frnd thats it.
on the two sides their bonding becomes so strong.

one day @ canteen
san is seeing msg at his phone. rag taps on his shoulder. what r u doing?
san : nothing just msg.
rag : ohhh really then y r u hiding ur phone? say the truth.
san : ok. i…
rag : u
san : i…i’m in love.
rag : hey.. what a pleasant news! who is she? how she looks? is she very beautiful in the world? am asking this bcos u r the heart rob of the clg. many girls likes u but u always rejects them. now u chose her. thats y. i’m very eagar to see her.
san : i too.
rag : what?
san : i never met her. i dont know how she looks but i know 1 thing she really good by her heart.
rag : then how do u know her?
san : i’ll chat with her in whatsapp.
rag : how do u got her no?
san : i’m using my sis’s whatsapp no.
rag : u cheat!
san : i’m not cheat. i thought to said in 1st msg. but then she was in prob. so i thought this is not right time. later i tried to say many times but i cant. i’m addicted to her childish behavior. now i’m in love with her. i cant live without her. she is my SWEET HEART.
rag : she is really lucky to get u in her life. all the best my dear.
san : thnq

chirag (frnd of sanky) : hey dude give me ur phone.
san finds he missed his phone in talking. they searches.
rag : wait i’ll call u. she calls. phone rings at rag’s ankle. she takes the phone san also comes near to her.

they both gets full shock to see the caller name. caller name is SWEET HEART.

san : r u frnd of swara?
rag : is swa ur sis?

they both understaand whats happening in their life. rag now knows that she txted to harsha n his real name is sanky. n he loves her a lot. now san knows that rag is the one who chated with him n whom he loves.

they both in full shock suddenly someone hugs them frm back. they turns n sees the person n gets more shock.
person : guys y r u looking me shockingly. i’m ur swara. i’m back after completing my intenship at kolkatta. u know how happy i’m to see u both together.
but how u know each other.
ragsan is dumb.
swa : guys i’m talking to u
rag : i wanna go plz excuse me.
san : i also bye.
swa : what happened to them? y r they behaving wired.

@ sanky’s room.
swa : sanky what happened to u? y r u avoiding me? soon come frm bath room. i want to talk to u a lot.
she gets bore there. she sees her old phone. n gets shock to see ragini’s msg. san comes out after his bath n sees phone in swara hand.
swa : sanky what is this?
san explains every thing.

nxt day.
swasan waits in park. rag comes there.
rag : y u called swara?
swa : u know na my bro loves u. whats ur reply for that.
rag was dumb
swa : hello i’m talking to u. answer me.
rag : gathered full courage. i’m sry swara. i’m not interested.
swa : but y? what is fault in my bro?
rag : u asked me a answer i gave it. i dont want to tell any reason.bye
swa holds rag hand. u have to give explanation. rag stands stubbornly.
san : swa leave her. dont force her. leave her as per her wish.
swa : but i cant leave on good babhi easily. she is a good bahu too. i cant leave her.
rag : san is tolding na plz leave my hand.

swa : dont show ur attitude towards me. ok if i done this with ur bro will u leave me? say if cheated ur bro will u leave me?
san raises his hand to slap swara. rag cries n runs frm there. sanky follows her.
swa : y u stopped? slap me. i’m supporting u bhai y cant u understand.
san : i’m sry how could u hurt her? she is a ” orphan” u r talking abt her bro. how could u?
swa : what she is orphan!
san :mmm
swa : varey vaa. thnks my dear bro n my dear frnd.
san : swara..
san : enough u both done a lot with out me. n u both showed me where am in ur heart. u hide ur love frm me n she is more than u. she could tell her past to new frnd. but she cant share this with her best frnd. ok its ok.
san : swara its not like that.plz…. they both hugs.

screen freezes with crying face of swasan.

Precap : ragsan comes to native. sujatha tortures ragini. ragini leaves the house.

guys how is the epi? do u liked it? do u enjoyed it? plz do cmnts. priya irumalargal pathila stop pannala. zee tamil la 7:30 ku odudu. by urs loving Aastha.

Credit to: Aastha

    1. thnq dear

    1. thnq dear

  1. superb

    1. thnq dear

  2. awesome epi Akka and neenga sonnenga Akka na andha serial pakka maten…hmm na IPA Dan unga reply pathen enaku Tamil serial la vettaiyan pudikum ( saravanan meenatchi) apram ragsan na enakum uyir inum solanum na enaku avangaloda off screen mastiya vechu manasa thethipen… laksh pudikum real life la ….. hero’s first solran yhm Raman , ehmmbh viren, siya ke ram la ram and lakshman, apram dehleez adarsh and ssk prem apram nama sanskar enaku avana Saraswatichandra serial la irunde romba pidikum, laksh… heroines la ragini na teja fan ka,ssk simar, yhm ishita, dehleez swadeenta, Mahabharata draupadi, ehmmbh la jeevika avladan ka and sola marandhutan enaku Mahabharata arjun pidikum and naagin jodi um pudikum

    1. romba periya list la Akka enakum CVS mela romba kovam ragsan ah pirichutanga idiots na pathu romba love pana first jodi ragsan Dan enaku avangala thavara endha pairum swaragini showla pudikadu ipa raglak edho pudichudu ana swasanum pudikala swalak pudikala….

      1. Akka fb la poi raglak fb type pani andha page la poi parunga Akka adhu shared video colors TV larundu so pls try once again adula teju semaya eng pesuna once again try pls neenga fb la irukeengala so raglak page nu podunga varum en Anna sona na unga kita solita try panitu solunga …. gud nyt bye ka

    2. enku swasan pidikum bcos san oda pair la. innaiki fb la swasan interview onnu vandhichi semaya irundhichi.

      1. Akka raglak fb page la oru iv iruku parunga adula teja iruka that’s nyc ada parunga ipa dan en Anna enaku send panna

      2. Akka raglak fb page la oru iv iruku parunga adula teja iruka that’s nyc ada parunga ipa dan en Anna phone la pathen

      3. nan sonnadu telly masala page la da ni sonnadu enda page da. raglak?

      4. Oh swasan kum. Vandhuruka but ennala pakka mudiyadu na than fb la illaye and then en Anna IPA Dan veetuku vandhan oru matter clg varaikum poirundan avan fb la irukan but avanuku swasan pudikadu and andha site pomatan anga ragini ya romba bash panuvanga so I won’t visit nu sona avan teja paithiyam na avan ph nonduvan but avan kita promise panirukan clg ponadan fb pakam povanu so I can’t watch it temish iv rendu murai pathuten onnu en ph la Wtsap la anupuna another time avan veetuku vandhu rendu perum serndhu pathom but I can’t think I can watch swasan iv bcoz en Anna andha site pomatan mudinja and a iv pathi solunga akka

      5. nan thedi pathen enda video um kidaikala da

      6. raglak fb la parunga Akka oru 8clock pola upload ayirukam…. ada parunga teja’s secretes are there..

      7. nan thedi pathen marupadium kedaikala. i’m not lucky to see her iv.

      8. fb la search nu irukum adhula telly masala page ku po anga swasan video irukum. adhu 7 mins video adhula avangaloda chemistry apram experience tough scene lam solliru panga.
        ok da good ni8. catch u tmrw

      9. Idulayum adu Dan sonanga Akka but knjm xtra qns irundudu I mean fans qns its an 8:50 mins video pls check it once again neenga FBLA thaniya anda page search panunga as it is shared video…..

      10. ok da nan tedi pakiren. ashu vandhu ek cup coffee ff eludu mudichita. avaloda nxt ff kaga waiting da.

      11. hey colors tv nu 1st solla mata. nan clors page like panniruken. nan patha video ku next inda video upload pannirukan. pavam pulla ki irumal pola. ava voice kuda devayani voice mari sofy ah iruku. avalala kai vachitu summa iruka mudila. dress ah potu nonditu iruka. nice video.

      12. oh pathutingala Akka ama avalala pesa kuda mudila…. surgery vera ayirukam… and Akka na onnu solran neenga nambuveengala therila na devayani ah pathurukan…actually na abacus nu oru course pona but now mudichitan…APA oru competition Ku ava chief guest ah vanda ava kaila prize kuda vanguna but ava real ah avalo azhaga illa ka …eyes la black circles lam vandhu irundudu..

      13. ava kelavi aytala so apdi dan irukum. i just like her voice only. she talks childishly. i posted this cmnt b4 but i dono y its not posted. and result 12th 17may n 10th 25may. all the best dear

      14. ok Akka and na ida pakama keezha ide info kuduthutan sry… 24 padam pathuteengala????

      15. ok da now i’m going to type my epi 8. so it takes 1 hour. i’m bery poor in typing da bye.

      16. ok akka we will chat in that epi…..24 pathuteengala nu ketane Akka???

      17. illa da innum pakala. neraya padam download pannitu vandhiruken but innum pakala. oru masam time poganumla so bore adikum podu papen. bcos enna atha vita thavara engaum kutitu pogamatanga. vitlayedan irupen. so porumaya papenda.

      18. is this astha Akka?? if so sry actually the icon and name is diff so only ask and 24 download panitengala iniku Dana release achu??

      19. priya en cmnt kela ashu cmnt ku pakathula iruku. idhu terila yarnu. poga poga terinjikalam ivangala pathi no prob dear. she is also frm tn. so we will made our frnd

      20. Okay Akka and pls swaragini dear reveal about u???

      21. i’m going to write ff soon. i hope i’ll write that on monday. priya dear i’ll reveal me there. soon catch u.

      22. waiting for ur ff pls reveal u soon!!!

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    1. thnq dear

  6. Awsm Akka ? I hope u don’t mind me calling you that

    1. chlm enku enda prob illa. i liked it. by the way wen s ur n 12th result?

      1. Not 12th 10th result…….i dont know akka

      2. I am in 10th ……….result…….i dont know akka

      3. i know dear u r in 10th i just asked for my frnds sis is 12th i dono the result date thats y asked. result date announce panna sollu

    2. Hi dear neeyum tn dana???nanum 10th Dan mudichirukan

      1. Aama Priya nanum tn thaan chennai

    3. I think its on 9th may.

      1. But I heard that’s on 7thmay but not cnfrm….my bro also finish 12th I l inform u wn he tells me Akka… And hi ashu i l call u ashu if u don’t have any prb…nee edhadu ff ezhuduriya???

    4. I wrote two ff’s one was “DOSTHI aur dil” and another was ” ek cup coffee ” but both are completed.

      1. ashu dosthi aur dil raglak ff ryt ??? then I know but u wrote in another name la??

    5. Illa pa I wrote in same name and ya its raglak ff

      1. Oh then I m ryt!!! I recognised u☺

    6. Yeah!!!!………thank you so much ?

      1. no tqs BTW frnss and 12th result on may 17and 10th result on may 25 astha akka

    7. Result pathi ninachale bak baknu irukku pa

      1. apdiya enaku apdi ellam onu thonala ma!!!inum 19days iruku la ..epdi pani iruka xmzz??

      2. priya ippo bak baku nu irukadu. ni en mari nu nenai kuren. exam result varaduku ph munnadi illa lap munnadi utkarumpodudan adivayaru kalakum. neenga rendu perum evlo mark expect panrenga? priya com grp eduka poralam ashu ni enna grp edhuka pora?

      3. priya nan innum 24 padam pakala. frnd kita pendrive keturuken. sunday nan chiti valakapuku poren so ennala epi upload panna mudiyadu.

      4. nan innum 24 dwload pannala. actually nan eppaum frnd kita irundu o si vangidan palakam. one week apram frnd thirunelveli la irundu vandapram yethi tharuva da

      5. Akka neenga Inda 2 days update panuveengala??? And except over all panala Akka but subject wise ellathulayum 95+try panra eng la 90+panra ana en amma adhulayum 95+varum nu solranga centum na expect pana virumbhala Akka yen ah adhu correction panravanga kaila iruku if our luck permits we l get that’s my policy… Iniku upload panuveengala?

      6. Anyways that’s good Akka nanum Sunday en chitti paiyan kadu kuthal Ku poren so I l busy…. Enaku 24 tic kidaikala Akka Sunday varaikum full

    8. I am expecting 485 plus and enna group eduka porennu innum decide pannala romba kolapama iruku

      1. nan innaki post panniten ana innum varala. tmrw post pannuven. sunday mattum mudiyadu. guys nalla expect pannrenga. god will give u a mark as like ur wish. mark vandadum sollunga. by the way i’m centum in science n social.

    9. But luck plays a very major role lets c

      1. god is called luck. god always be with good ppl especialy who makes smile on others face. so sure god will be with u dear.

  7. Amazing …

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