Love – Marriage – Life (Episode – 5)


Hi guys i’m very happy to see ur cmnts. thnq so much to silent readers too. i think now a days i’ve many silent readers so really thank u for reading my ff. lovely u said make the epi long but i’m sry dear my dear naughty nephew not leaves me to use phone. i’m updating this also when he sleeps. but i’ll try to make long.
venni u sad u r frm hyd what is the full form of it? really thnq rani. u r the first one cmnted me in hindi. thnq akshata to tanslating rani’s cmnt and likeing my ff. priya en sonda oor salem. porandadu valandadu ellame ingadan chlm. sry for the long speech. here is the link of my previous epis.

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Recap : sanky splits the food when janki ma says u’ve to kiss swara.

Tanu : what r u saying?
jan : ragini only cooked the food. i came just now.
sanky washes the hand on food.
rag in mind : i know u will do this only. u and ur ego……
tanu in mind : i made janki only for cooking to stop ragini cooking. but it happened. i know she cooks very well. anyone ate her food they will get mesmerized. god y r u floping my every plan.?

@ sanky’s room
sanky sat on bed with confused state.
his conscience 1 : hey dont think abt it. just concentrate on tanu.
conscience 2 : no sanky. rag is urs. dont leave her still she loves u. and u also loves her. that is true.
c.s 1 : kya bakwaas. food was tasty thats y he appreciated. nothing else. he is just hating her.
c.s 2 : ohhh really then y every time he saves her.
c.s 1 : that is humanity. he just like to harm her.
c.s 2 : i’m asking the same. he want to hurt her then where is his humanity ? bcos he loves her.
c.s 1 : no
c.s 2 : yes
s no s no……
sanky holds his head and shouts. conscience disappears.

@ 8:00 pm.
rag : tanu where he gone?
tanu : dont wry. he’ll come soon. i’m hungry. come lets we eat.
uninterestedly eats. but her mind thinks abt sanky.
ragini continuously stares at clock. tanu plz once again call him. tanu calls him.
tanu : again his phone is switch off. go and sleep. he is not a child. he know the way to home. he will come.
they both goes to home. tanu sleeps but rag cant sleep.

@11:30 pm.
there is heavy raining. someone knocks the door. tanu and rag goes, tanu opens the door. they saw sanky in fully drunken state. he is fully wetted by rain.
san : gooo..good night honey. he says this to tanu.
tanu : i’m not honey, i’m tanu.
san : ohh s..sry
tanu closes her nose bcos heavy smell comes frm sanky. she pushes him out and closes the door.
rag : hey what r u doing? there is raining.
tanu : he’ve to think b4 drink. go & sleep.
rag cant control herself. she comes out after few minute,.
rag : sanky come in. she helps him to compose himself. but he fails in stand.
san : i’m always trying to harm u but y r u helping me?
rag : this is not the time to discuss plz come in.
they both goes to sanky’s room. tanu hears the sound of opening door n finds rag helps san but she didn’t came out.

rag helps him to change the dress. he falls on bed n pulls rag. she also falls on him. there they takes a deep eye lock. now no disturbance in their eyelock. later rag comes to sense.
san : r u still loves me?
rag tries to avoid him. but he hold her tightly. again she falls on him. water drops comes frm her eyes.
san : i done lots of things with u but still u r helping me. i thought tanu loves me a lot but she thrown me out. can u do another favour for me.
rag ; what?
san : i want to sleep in ur lap. bcos i’m missing maa so much.
rag : then call n talk to her.
san : i’m ready to talk to her but she dont like to talk to me.
rag : it means?
san : she stopped talking with me.
rag : what? but y?
san : bcos of u. u know abt her na. maa n sis both thought i cheated u thats y…they both stopped talking with me. this is the main reason for my angry on u.
rag cries vigorously. sanky hugs her. they both lives as husband n wife. they took their relation to next step.

nxt day morning
sunlight hits on rag face.she opens her eyes n sees her position.
rag : oh god what i rushes to her room.
tanu sees her. in mind : whole ni8 u stayed with him? no i’ll not leave u. i’m single so i cant do any thing against u. wait and watch i’ll bring whom to throw out u. but she hates me a lot bcos i’m in love with sanky. u also tries to close with him na. she will teach u a lesson.

@ ragini’s room.
ragini what u had done. u have to leave frm here. but how? idea.!

in evening
tanu n sanky in hall. rag comes with stuff.
tan : where r u going?
rag :voh..actually i got interview card. tmrw interview. so i’m going. i forgot to inform u b4.
tanu : oh thank god she is leaving. ok carry on all the best.

rag san tanu comes out to send off her. san n tanu is near to door. rag few steps ahead. she waves her hand to say bye. she turns n sees someone standing infront of her.
ragsan both gets full shock to see the person. n looks at each other. tanu feels happy to see a person.

screen freezes with shocking face of ragsan and smiling face of tanu.

Precap : Past reavealed.

guys how is todays epi. who is the person? any guesses? by urs loving Aastha.

Credit to: Aastha

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  1. Great going aastha ?

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  2. Awesome Akka and ya I said na Akka no tqs and sry btw sisters…. I think that is swara…. I m not sure . even I am in the same situation like u my cousin bros and sis are neither letting me to touch my phone nor letting to watch tv whenever they are sleeping are busy I l take my phone but when my big bro is busy only that too bcoz he l say that u said u r missing me but when I m here u r busy with phone…adhu matum illama enaku network kidaikadu ka but I l be waiting for ur next update…. So that i know ungaluku update panradu evalo kashtam nu….. Enjoy with her… When she is free update it ……

    1. unku paravalla anna enku 3 vasusu annanpayan. seriyana valu. ph mela yeri okkandukiran. ni ri8 adhu swara dan. ni di nu kupdum podu enku ni tn ponnu nu thonala. akka nu kupdum podudan nallaruku. ummma.

      1. APA na ungala Akka nu kupuduran inga Anna matum illa 2anna, 1akka, and there 6kutty valu’s are here avanga enna tv paka vidala and for my goodness network inniku kalaila irundu iruku adanala Anna’s busy so I m n chatting with all of my frnds in telly updates glad to chat with u….

      2. enjoy my dear. nan oru few shots eludalam nu iruken. adhum ragsan swalak dan. may b innaki 1st shot post pannuvennu nenaikiren.

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  8. Nice aastha…ana swara kum sanskar kum yena relation…

    1. husband and wife dear. nan pona epi la clarification apdinu oru link send pannirunden. ada padhicha unku clear ah purium dear

    2. sry sry sry ni ragini ya kekurenu nenachitu hus wife nu solten. sry dear. swara sanskar oda sister.

      1. I m so happy Akka nanum swara sanskar oda sis Dan nu nenaichen adu crct ayiduchu ….

  9. hyd means hyderabad………………………..plz reveal the past soon.

    1. sure my dear but u have to wait till tmrw morning. after a long days seeing ur cmnt. i hope u r the same anonymous who cmnted to my previous ff. thnq for cmnt dear.

  10. Amazing…I think the person is swara or laksh

    1. U R RI8 the person is swara. but lak also near with her.

  11. Hi Aastha.awesome epi dr

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  12. nice update….looks like some of their confusion was getting resolved before ragini tried to leave. it is sanskar’s family who is there? or the girl who was first linked with him?

    1. so curious u r but u have to wait. in 8 or 9th epi only u come to know abt that girl and san’ fmly. thnq for cmnt. i want to read ur ff. what is the name of ur ff.

      1. it is “red string of fate”

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  13. It’s called red string of fate ragsan

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