Love – Marriage – Life (Episode – 4)

Hi guys. i’m really confuesd u all a lot. i’m extremely sry 4 that. that’s i posted clarification. i hope u all read that. now here is the link of clarification.

Recap : tanu tortures ragini by giving all household work.

Ragini holds her wedding pic in her hand. she cries vigorously. she closes her eye.

FB shown.
A girl stands in front of clg gate. thats her 1st day clg. she enters the clg with nervous.
A gang of boys stoped her.
boys : how dare u? u r going without give respect to seniors?
the girl : i’m really sry senior.
boys : u said sry we will leave u? no way u ‘ve to punish. see there a boy wears a pink shirt na go and kiss him
the girl : what? no i cant.

the boys forced her. she goes towards him with full nervous. she kisses on his cheek. he turned and sees that girl. he saw a beautiful rosy lips. that saying something but he is mesmerized to see her beauty. she rolls the eyeballs here and there. the girl and boy none other than our ragsan.

rag : i’m really sry. they forced me.
sanky comes to sense and drags her towards the gang. he beats the boy.
san : how dare u all? u all treating a women like this? once again i saw u all ragging i’ll show who am i.
boys : sry bro. plz leave us. they all goes frm there. he turns to ragini but she is not there.
FB ends.

someone knocks rag’s room door. she opens the door. san stands there. she wipes her tears.
san : wow u r crying! how sweet! r u jelous?
rag : y i want to jealous?
if u behave close to her i’ll feel jelous? no way. i hate u bcos u had affair with another girl. now also u doing the same. u never changed. she cloeses the door on san face.

san : haan i never changed. but u changed. even i cant imagine another girl in ur place but u r saying………its very hard to act also like close to another girl. but u r blaming me. cordialy i loved u but now i just hate u. water drops comes frm his eyes. he closes his eyes.

FB shown.
A girl chasing sanky. he runs fastly. suddenly collides with ragini. she falls on him. they takes a cute eye lock. they composes their selves to stand. they both takes books which is shattered on floor. rag gave books to san

san says sry and rag says thnq.
san : do u like collide?
rag : no no no . i said thnq for saving me that day. then i leaved without saying thnq thats y now am saying.
san : ohh. nice to meet u. i’m..
rag : harsha am i ri8?
san was shocked! how do u know?
rag : i saw ur name in this book.
san : ohhh. ( san has writing habit. he writes story under his pen name harsha. rag thought this is his real name. even his family dont know that he has writing habit) and u r honey.
rag : no i’m ragini.
san : may i call u as honey?
rag : but y?
san : bcos u have very sweet voice like honey and ur looks too.
rag : r u flirting with me?
san : not like that. basically am frank. if u dont like then i’ll call u as ragini.
rag with smile its ok u can call me as honey.
san : nice meeting like honey. one coffee?
rag : not now another day
san : ok.
FB ends.

san : u r how sweetin past. but now u r very bitter
san’s conscience: concentrate on tanu.

rag nd tanu in hall.
san : tanu can we go out?
tanu : how sweet my doll. i luv u. rag we dont want lunch.
they both goes.

@ restrarent.
Grp of ppl breaks the things. san asks abt happening. a man says one politician imprisoned thats y. plz go frm here they r dangerous.
they both r very hungry. they entering home while they smells a fragrance of tasty food.
they both serves their selves. eating very fastly. janki ma comes there and rag also comes there.

san : ma u r really awsm. what a taste. after a long days i’m eating food like my mom’s taste.
tanu : ya 2day food is really delicious.
san : really the hand deserves thousands of kisses which made this tasty food.
janki : then u have to kiss Ragini.
sanky splits the food.

screen freezes with spliting face of sanky.

Guys i hope u’ll like this epi. u all supporting me frm my previous ff. we all bcome frnds but i dont know abt u all. i know abt 1 or 2.
so 1st i’m introduce my self. am frm tamilnadu. i just completed my 1st year in eng lit in UG. i know now u all thinking what. she is eng lit but her eng is very poor. i agree that. i dont know eng well. i chose this for learn eng. basically am frm tamil medium. i hate eng but now i like this. i hope when i complete my UG then i’ll be better than now.
ok now ur turn. u all frm where and what r u doing?
i’m asking this for fun. now am in vaccation. all social meadias r boring so i thought to chat with u.
will u chat with me?
by urs loving Aastha.

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  1. awesome conçept
    make it long

    1. thnq dear. i’ll try to make it long bcos my naughty nephew not allows me to use phone. but i’ll try dear

  2. nice update……i hope ragsan find each other and their love for each other once again in this mess

    1. sure future epis will filled by ragsan love. thnq so much 4 cmnt

  3. Awesome
    im from hyd dr

    1. ohh u also frm ap. nice dr. r u studying or?

      1. u said hydrabad or haryana?

    1. thnq dear

  4. khup changle ahe..mla jast avadale lol

    1. thnq rani

  5. pudacha epi lavkar post kara..mla ragini khup avadate swara pekshya jast pn serial mde tila evadi imp nahiye mhunun mla ragini che ff wachayala avadtat tumhi khup changl kam kartay mla yacha abhiman ahe dhanyavad!!!mla ragsan awadate te doghe cute ahet!!

    1. i cant get u clearly. but i think u r saying in serial they r not giving importance to rag but i’m giving imp to rag so u r thanking me. am i right?

      1. Hi Aastha,

        your ff is really nice!!!

        And i am gonna translate rani’s post:- she said pls update next episode soon. she likes ragini more than swara. in that serial they r not giving imp to her character. so she loves to read all rag’s related ff. you r doing great job. her fav pair is ragson. and last she said thank you to you.

        yes i love ragini too 🙂

      2. Even I love ragini more than swara I completely agree with rani di

      3. thnq so much akshata for translating. again thnq u for cmnt bcos i think u r silent reader.

      4. actually, i have joined tellyupdates few days back.
        i really like your ff.

  6. Hi di awesome epi they both love each other but don’t want to show it I think and I m from tamilnadu I completed my 10th and waiting for results even I m n my native enjoying with my bros and sis and my native is a village in villupuram …even I hate eng di after reading the ff of azure di I m thinking to learn eng with her tips…..

    1. thnq dear.

      1. Astha Akka can I ask u one thing if u don’t mind which is ur native place and wr r u from??sry if it is personal Akka pls pardon me…

      2. nan salem city. porandadu valandadu ellame ingada chlm.
        idhula personal lam onnum illa. sry for the late update.

      3. Its OK Akka no tqs and sry btw sisters

    1. thnq dear

  7. Awesome dear

    1. thnq dear

    1. thnq dear

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  9. Hello…..Aastha…..really nice episode……
    and M from Darjeeling……and m studying …..2nd year doing BBA…..

    1. u r senior to me n u r frm cooling darjeelig

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