Love – Marriage – Life (episode – 3)


Hi guys. how r u all? i hope everyone is fine. Many of u have lots of doubts abt sanky dont wry in next epi that will be cleared. thnq so much for ur valueable cmnts. thnks to silent readers too.

previous epi
Episode 2
Recap : sanky nd tanu decides to take revenge on ragini.

Nxt day

tanu calls someone and says something but that was in mute.
tanu : do what i said. come soon.
caller : yes mam.
cling cling (calling bell rings)
sanky opens the door. a lady nearly 40-43 stands there.
san : who r u ?
rag : this is janki maa. (janki frm swaragini)
tanu : she is not maa. she is just a maid.
rag nd janki feels bad.

tanu : y u came late?
jan : voh…my son’s health is not well. thats y
tan : sooo
rag : tanu u go. i’ll talk to her. maa how is ur son? u have any problem to come here and work here?
jan : haan.
rag : ok no prob. i’ll handle every work. u dont wry.

tanu : hello we r giving salary to her. she have to work.
rag : but try to understand her situation.
jan : mam right beta.
rag : but maa….
jan : may i cook only bcos i want to go earlier.
tanu : hmmm ok ok.
tanu & sanky goes frm there.

rag : maa take care of ur son and ur self too.
they both hugs. janki in mind : sry beta. i dont have any option. if i dont do this tanu will dismiss me. (the caller is janki. tanu ordered her to say like this. actually his son is well. tanu doing this to torture her)

Ragini does all household work. she is cleaning the floor by mob. sanky sees this.
san in mind : nice, u r working. he puts some more dust on floor when rag turned to other side.
rag : arey. how this place got dirty/ just now i cleaned here. she cleans again.
tanu : rag what is this? u dont have eye? cant u see? see here how dust?
rag cleans there nd feels bad to see tanu’s anger.

tanu orders this nd that. rag works very hard. she is very tired but tanu gives lots of work to her to torture her.she enjoys to see rag in pain.
tanu : ragini y r u doing this? see i like cleanleness u know that. u took cleaning work. so i’ve to order u. u know how my heart feels hard when i order u? (she acts like a innocent)
rag : no prob. again tanu says another work.

sanky sees this all.
san : varey vaa. how nice. this rag working very hard. i thought to torture her but her frnd tortures her superbly. (he says this with a smile on his face)

Few days passed like this.
these all days rag lives a life like hell.

tanu : u r doing all work so easily. this is not fair. i want to see u in pain. she puts oil on floor. now see how u got injury. (she throws a evil smile)
Ragini comes towards oil and she steps into oil and slips but our hero sanky holds her at right time. as usual they takes a sweet nd deep eye lock but again as usual tanu comes there to disturb them. she forgets oil is there she falls down. but the sad news is she didn’t got any injury.
ragsan leaves frm there.

san in mind : i like to harm her but y i saved her. her eyes disturbs me. some spark is in her eyes. i think she had some impression on me. her eyes sees me with love. he gives a evil smile. then that is her weakness. now watch the game my dear.

sanky acts as something felt on his eyes he screams. tanu comes fastly nd helps him to remove dust frm eye. rag sees this in far. (u all know na this position looks like a kissing position in far) she feels sad and goes frm there.

sanky sees this in one eye. san in mind : sanky u picked the right way to harm her. rag goes to her room. she holds her marriage pic in her hand. but the groom’s face is not shown. y? y did u leaved me? harsha i love u but i hate u. she cries vigorously

screen freezes with cring face of ragini.

guys i think this epi is boring. sry to bored u but nxt epi is really entertain u continue reading. do cmnts

Credit to: Aastha

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  1. Both were unbelievable

    1. di i cant gei ur point. can u tell me detaily

  2. Awesome di no words to say so her name is harsha i thought it would be sanky but i don’t get is he taking revenge from rag plzzzzzz cmnt and update everyday post soon will be waiting

    1. thnq so much dear. u r right harsha is sanky. i’m post daily morning 10 o’ clk but tu publishes lately. what can i do for that dear!.in 6/ 7 th epi past will revealed. so u have to wait.

  3. V nice

    1. thnq kiran

    1. thnq dear

  4. Why sanky wants to take revenge frm ragini??

    1. bcos of their past dear in sixth epi it will reavealed. keep reading. thnq dear

  5. i am confused…why is sanky taking revenge against her? i thought he was going to tell her her husband wasnt that bad…is this his was to convince her of that?? is harsha sanskar??

    1. u r ri8. harsha is sanky. sry for confusing he want to take revenge frm her bcos of their past. keep reading to know the past dear.

  6. Harsha….her husband..That’s a good twist that Rags still loves him.I want to see sanky jealous soon…waiting for it..,loved the way he unknowingly helped her by saving her from falling..?

    1. actually u r wrong dear. u misunderstand the story. tmrw i will clear u. sry for the late cmnt.

      1. now iam eagerly waiting for clearing my misunderstanding…??

      2. sure dear

  7. Nice but tanu too bad…s swara s coming in future episodes

    1. thnq dear

  8. Why sanky is taking revenge from her n tanu why she us helping sanky…..

    1. dear tanu is not hepling to sanky. she loves him. she dont know the past of san.
      san want to revenge rag bcos of their bitter past. sry for confusing

  9. I couldn’t understand di y Sankey want to hurt her and that tanu I just hate her pls update next part soon…… But its amazing story line

    1. thnq so much dear. sanky wanna revenge her bcos of their past deeds. sry for confusing. and again thnq

  10. Nice one astha darling sanskar is harshh ?nd rag knows it???

    1. thnq akka. harsha is san. they know this very well. but they r doing bcos of their ego.

    1. thnq dear

  11. so sad yaar….both of them are torturing ragini……?
    but episode is awesome

    1. how cute u r. thnq my dear

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