Love – Marriage – Life (episode – 2)


Hi guys i’m very very happy to see this much response. support me like this forever. thnq so much for silent readers too. guys i asked suggestion abt swa but just 3 members only gave suggestion. guys i’m really confused thats y i’m asking to u.
do u want swa in this story?
plz tell me.

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Recap : ragsan entry

scene at Kerala.

ragini thinks her past deeply. a truck comes fast. there is few inches to hit her. suddenly someone saves her frm accident. then ragini comes to sense.
rag : u? here?
person : haan. its me. (they both hugs)
rag : tanu thnq so much. if u didn’t came at right time…..(ya its tanu frm kumkum bhagya)
tanu :offo..leave it. she mades ragini to sit in one corner of road. what happened?
rag : voh…voh..
tanu : i want only truth.
ragini says her past but it was in mute.
tanu : omg ! how many problems? ok lets ok.
rag : where?
tanu : what a question is this/ we r going to home. come on.

they both reaches to tanu’s house. that was not a big house. that is medium size but beautifully located into middle of garden and fields. in backyard there is small pool. the house is small in size but very beautiful. the house have 1 big living room and 3 very small bed rooms.

one week passed.
one bright morning.
tanu : rag y u can’t sit in one place. all time u r doing any work. y? what is the need? we have servant na?
rag : u know na i can’t stay with out working.i wanna entertain my self na? that’s y i’m working.

ragini cleans the top of the door. she is standing on stool. door is lightly open so anyone can’t see that rag is near to door.
A boy suddenly opens the door. rag looses her balance and falls down. at the right time the catches her in his arms. they both takes a cute eyelock. his eyes r very sharp.

tanu : hey guys what r u doing?
they both comes to sense. he leaves her down.
rag : voh…
tanu hugs the boy. unknowingly rag feels hard in her heart. she lost her in his first sight.
tanu : hey this is my cute smart nd handsome boyfrnd nd lover, SANKY.
rag : lover?
tanu : haan. y r u standing at door. come in.

sanky comes to hall after his fresh up. tanu gives coffee to him. rag continues her work. suddenly sanky asks r u married?
tanu : kya bakwaas?
san : i’m not asking to u idiot. i’m asking to that girl. who is she?
tanu : ya i forgot to introduce her. she is my SISTER ragini.

sanky splits the coffee. she is ur sister? but u didn’t show her b4.
tanu : actually she leaved our house few yrs ago. just one week ago i met her.
san : ohhhh.. eloped marriage. then where is ur jiju.
tanu : y r u asking this?
san : no she is wearing mungal sutra in her neck thats y….
tanu : she loved an idiot deeply. they both got married then he went back to another girl. now she is in road. she lost hope to live.
tanu : if i saw him i’ll kill him. how cruel he is? how can he left her? cheap fellow. (she says this in very angry)

san : ok ok cool…cool….
tanu : the highlight thing which makes me angry is he leaved her but still she wearing mangalsutra.
san : i think she is still loves him.
rag : just shut up. i’m not in love with him. i just hates him. she tries to remove her mangalsutra but it stucks in hair.
san : u r really hates him then i’ll help u.
he removes the mangalsutra. (in background mangalyam thanduna nenam mantra sad version plays)
unknowingly drops comes frm her eyes.
rag nd tanu leaves frm there.

san in mind : what is the need that u r saying the truth? there is a chance may be ur husband is not like that u saying? in all stories many fights for women rights. but in this story i’ll fight for men rights. i’ll stands on ur husband side nd will prove that he is innocent. wait and watch i’m going to do what with u?
on the other side,
tanu in mind : ragini i’ll never let u 2 lead a happy and peaceful life. now see how i’ll torture u. i’ll never forgot ur deeds in past. u snatched everything frm me. i’ll not leave u. but i saved ur jaan. but that only for torture u. the game starts now.

screen freezes with evil face of sanky and tanu.

guys i hope u will like this epi. and give the suggestion abt swa. do cmnts. by ur loving Aastha

Credit to: Aastha

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    1. thnq swati

  1. Hey nice stroy dude and yes if there will be Swara in ur story it will rock more. Anyways love ur story line.

    1. thnq so much zuha

  2. Oh tanu is the villan

    1. yes my dear

  3. Nyc but make it lengthy

    1. thnq. i’m hpy that u like to read a lot but i’ll try to make longer dear

  4. Ya want swara but in positive role one vamp s enough

    1. sure dear nd thnq 4 cmnt

    1. thnq dear

    1. thnq dear

  5. Nyc but I have a doubt is sanky also a negative character and coming to swara that’s ur choice.

    1. thnq dear but san is really good by heart situation demands him for that. i showed him like negative for a change. thats it my doll.

  6. Nice dear

    1. thnq dear

  7. Awesome waiting 4 next epi

    1. thnq dear

  8. Chelli sanky rag hus kada

    1. u have wait to know the fb akka. sry ippu nenu septhe suspence irukadu. sry akka after one or 2 epi u’ll know the truth.

    1. thnq my dear

  9. Awesome….but r u going to keep sanskar as negative..plz don’t make hime fall in love witg rags…and yes add swara who will always be with ragini and support her

    1. thnq dear. san is not cruel he is sweet by heart situation demands him. u com to know abt in future epi. definitely swa i’ll shown in very positive and suptive role.

      1. Ok I get it….sorry I was meant to write make him fall in luv with rag

      2. no need to sry dear

  10. Its awesome aastha,..i really loved it..N ha..i would like to see swara in this ff….but pls,more importance to ragini??
    Now,in the real serial,only swasan r getting importance..iam not watching it thats why.But love most of the ffs.

    1. thnq so much dear. i’m really happy to see ur cmnt. i’m flying in the sky. ha i’m also stopped watching swaragini when that hell rajat gave entry. again thnq dear. umma with lots of love.
      sure swa will play a +ve role.

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  12. superb episode….and really sorry for late comment

    1. no need to sry my dear

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