Love – Marriage – Life (Episode – 13) (Last episode)

hi guys i’m extremely sry to dissapointing u by ending this. i cant continue this anymore so i’m ending this. situation demands me to end this. thnq a lot n lot for ur response. keep supporting. thnq so much to silent readers too. plz guys every1 try to cmnt me bcos this is last epi i want to know how many of u likes my ff. i dont know i’ll be able to write another ff. but i’ll try to come soon.

Recap : abhi saves ragini. ragini’s past.

swa : then what happened?

FB shown
rag goes to mandir. she cries a lot.just then post man gives a letter. that is her admission letter frm mumbai clg. she thought to go there but she had no money. then the priest comes.
priest : ragini idhama inda panatha vechiko. un amma appa uyiroda irukum podu enaku kadan kuduthanga ana appo ennala kuduka mudila. inda panatha vechi pudhu vzhalka aarami ma. (ragini take this money. when ur parents alive then they lend money to me i’m not able to repay that. now i’m giving to u. start a new life with ur parent’s ashirvad)
she joins in mumbai clg.

later tanu also refused to marry abhi. then they find pragya n married her in compulsion. in starting tanu tried to make bad name to pragya. abhi also not cared abt her n told that he loves only ragini. but time can change any thing. that time turned good to abhigya. they started to lead a happy life.
FB ends.

lak : what tanu loved him? no i’ll not allow to marry her with san.
tanu : hey pragya do u came here to snatch again?
abhi : we came here to celebrate our honey moon. we r going to moonar. on the way we saw ragini n helped her thats it.
san : leave this non sense arguement rag. dont stress ur self that is not good 4 baby.
tanu : what??? baby!!!! hey u snatched san also frm me? what kind of girl u r? 1st love with abhi then u married 1 idiot then leaved him now u snatched san frm me. item is better than u!
abhi slaps tanu. she holds her cheek. how many times i told u to mind ur tongue. but u crossed ur limit.
swa : she needs more than this.
abhi : rag tell me who is the hell? who cheated u?
rag : no mama not like that.
abhi holds sanky’s collar hw dare u? u said u r in love with tanu now rag is pregnant what is this?
rag : mama avara vidunga avar mela enda thapum illa.( leave him. he never done any mistake)
swa : look mr. he is the 1 who cheated ragini n he is the same father of rag’s child.
every1 was shocked specially tanu.

kunj & uv thats ok but what abt tanu? she is also loves him na?

a voice : dont bother abt that.
every1 turns.
swaragini & sanlak ; kavitha!!!!
kavi : ya its me. dont bother abt tanu she is unfit for love.
rag : what r u saying?
FB shown
tanu enjoys with her boy frnd. one he lost his job bcos of sudden close of his office. tanu comes to know this.
tanu : look i cant live with u. we will break up
bf : y dear?
tanu : u r jobless.
bf : jobless or moneyless
tanu ; thnk god u understand me. i dont want lots of money but i want money for living luxurious life. i dont like stingy life. good bye.
bf : now u r refusing me na. u never understood my true love u r unfit 4 love. u cant gain any 1. if u married then also ur hus will hate u. good bye
FB ends

kavi : she challenged to him that she will gain a person who loves her. still in sanky’s heart rag only. she is always money minded. now also she is with san bcos he is going to be big in business world. ur project got succeed. ur good time started sanky.
san ; what my project got succeed but y u hide this tanu? kavi how do u know all this?
kavi : i know everythnig abt ur life san. his bf is none other than my bro. i tried to break ur relationship but god gave punishment to my lovable bro. he is heart broken. ya i sent the anonymous msg to rag. i made fake papers reach to ragini. actually then i was not pregnant. i pretend like that only.

kavi : few days b4 i saw rag in hospital but not able to talk to her later i saw u with tanu then i searched ur address just now i got then i came to know u all r here.
swalak : now y r u saying this all. any other drama
kavi : no swara i’m counting my last days. i’m affected by cancer. i’m trying to do parigar b4 death for reduce my sin.
swa : i’m sry..
kavi its ok. ragsan now lead a hpy life together.

ragsan swalak goes to kolkatta. on the way,
swasan ; u hide ur biggest part of ur life frm us na?
rag ; plz forgive me. that is a bitter part of my life thats y i hide it.
they reached home. sujatha opens the door. she sees sanskar.
suj : y u came?
swalak : to tell u a good news.
suj : come in. what is the good news.
rag : u r going to become granmaa ma.
suj : ragini beta. when u came? she hugs her. now happiness came to my our life .
lak ; yes maa. now rag came so no fights btw house. she is really brought happiness in every1 life.

everyone smiles 1 cute fmly pic clicked.

screen freezes with smiling face of RAGSAN SWALAK SUJATHA.


thnq so much guys plz cmnt me i’m waiting for ur cmnts. how is my story? i know i ended it very soon plz support me. every 1 try to cmnt today. by urs loving Aastha.

Credit to: Aastha


  1. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    Oh girl I will miss your story! Whenever you will be able to try to update a new story 🙂 Kiss from me I will really miss this story :/

  2. Lila

    oh no yaar why so suddenly…I will miss ur ff…episode was awesome as always… will be waiting for another ff from u

  3. pavani

    Hey astha darling y r u stopping this .ur sis will miss u nd try to start a new onee ur akka needs it plzz

    • Aastha

      akka intlo okka prob thanikosam stop sesthanu akka. nan intlo nenu okade kani ikada nakosam meru unnaru. i too misss u a lot akka. soon i’ll try to come back. dont wry akka never i’ll stop reading ur ff. we will meet there

  4. Awesome ending akka but neenga en ida end paninga ivalo sekrama I m going to miss ur ff neenga tu page varuveengala??? Akka neenga hangouts la irukeengala na just konja nalaiku matum anga join panirukan so pls solunga and I m going to miss u but I hope we’ll chat here r at hangouts if u r there

    • Aastha

      nan tu page ku varuven ana ennala sty post panna mudiyadu adan end panten. hangouts na ennada enku teriyadu? adha app ah?

  5. fira

    Neenga yen athukullaiyum finish panninga ….naan unga story ya romba miss pannuvean….?enakku unga story romba pidikkum unga story page la irunthale enakku romba happy ya irukkum…I miss ur ff…pls come with New ff ragsan…take care….waiting for ur New ff…..

    • Aastha

      ni tamil nu nan konjam kuda expect pannala dear. i too miss u a lot. i’m very happy to hear u likes my ff very much. sikarama nan varen dont wry

  6. RSR

    Its really shocking dea… U gave it a sudden end, its really sad. I loved ur ff. Anyways don’t leave the page we want u here, again with a new treat. Love u n come back soon…

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