Love – Marriage – Life (Episode – 12)


Recap : ragsan romance

the person saves ragini who shouted as Ragini…..while he falls on floor rag falls on him. he stares her without blink his eyes. rag avoids eye contact with him n gets shock to see him. they composes their selves.
the person : ragini r u alri8?
rag nods yes.
swa : cant u see? in 1 min u stopped my heart beat.
rag : voh….
sanky fastly comes towards her. u r always careless. r u alri8?
lak : san plz calm down she is alri8. by the way he is the one who saved her.
the man : hi.. i’m abhi. abhishek sinha. he forwards his hand
san : nice to meet u. i’m sanskar mehra.
just then tanu comes there.
tanu : mama (uncle)(cousin) how nice to see u here. what r u doing here? ohh u came to save ur jaan ragini.
every1 reaction changed.

san : y he want to come 4 ragini.
tanu : they r lovers na?
after hearing this a ladies caughs tanu turns they both shares a killer look.
the lady : dont take tanu’s word. they r not lovers. by the way i’m mrs. pragya abhishek sinha.
tanu : hello i accept that he married u but still he loves rag thats y he saved her.
san : excuse me whats going on here?

FB shown
@ Tamil nadu
heavy rainy ni8.
there 1 accident. both were floated in blood pool. a kid crying near them.
tanu’s parents shekar & sumi comes on the way after completing the prayer for child.
on the way they took the child n assumes this child is gods gift to them.
shek & sumi brought ragini as their own child. after 2 yrs sumi gives a birth to another child. after that dadi gave priority to sumi’s own child tanu n started hating ragini.

but shek & sumi gave more love to ragini than tanu. after that tanu started hating ragini. shek sis(tanu’s aunty) also hates ragini bcos she is not their own blood.
rag, tanu both grown up. now they r in 12th std. tanu was beautiful ragini is not less than tanu. she is also very beautiful n very traditional. she always used to wear half saree n salwar.
abhi the handsome n heart rob of the village. he is shek sis’s son. cousin of tanurag. frm childhood he admires ragini later it converted to love. he deeply loves her mean while tanu loves abhi. rag know abt abhi but never bothered abt it. she always concentrated on studies only.

that day topic is abhi’s marriage.
elders all discuss abt allience 4 abhi. then tanu told her wish. parents accepted easily. that news came to abhi.
abhi : who decided my marriage with her?
aunty : y? i’m ur mom i’ve ri8s to chose my marumagal(bahu).
abhi : maa i’m a major. i cant marry her i’m in love with another girl.
aunty : who is she?
abhi : ragini. ragini was shell shocked to hear this bcos she knows he likes him but she never dreamt that he loves her.
dadi n aunty throws ragini out of house.
FB ends

swa : then what happened?

screen freezes with curious face of every one.

Credit to: Aastha

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