Love – Marriage – Life (Episode – 11)


Hi guys i’m back with another epi to equalize yesterday’s break. once again thnq so much for ur warming cmnts.

Recap : rag fasts for san on karvacho.

another 3 days passed. there is still 4 days only.
rag was thinking abt san’s words. tanu loves him madly but now a days he tries to come closer to me. what i do now?
swara shakes ragini.
rag : what?
swa : i’m calling u frm 5 mins what r u thinking?
rag : nothing.
swa : its ok drink this juice. she sees a calendar.
saw : hey guys we all forgot 1 thing yaa…
uv : what?
lak : i know what she is saying
kunj : then say dude
lak : today is rakesh’s reception.
tanu : ohhh god i also forgot that. he is our colique so v have to go.
swa : ya u r ri8. guys soon get ready rag u too.
rag : how can i?
swa : u r coming thats it.
everybody goes there n attends the function. time gets late. san is abt to go.

tanu : san will u drop me by ur bike?
san : i’ve imp work moreover u have car na so go home by car.
san starts his bike while he saw swaragini standing at gate. he calls swara.
san : hello swara what u both doing at gate?
swa : lak said he want to talk with me so i’m waiting for him. rag feels akward here. so waiting 4 cap.
san : then ok i’ll drop her.
swa says rag san will drop u.
rag : i dont need any1 help frm him.
san goes to swaragini.
san : hey what r u think urself? this is outer city cap is not safe come with me. (he says this louder)
she sits on bike while tanu sees them together n fumes in anger

san drives fast n puts sudden break rag holds his shoulder tightly.
san : i’m sry i forgot u r in back. i’ll ride slowly.
rag sees pani puri shop. san notice this.
san ; bhaiya 2 plates pani puri.
rag : no its ok.
san : mrs. attitude i know u didnt ate anything at function. so plzz eat this.
both eats.
then they goes by bike. in mid way bike stopped itself.
rag : san what happened?
san : i dont know wait i’ll check.
he checks while starts raining.
there is a small shelter like bus stop.
san : rag stay under shelter. rag goes. san tries alot but he fails.
rag : san come enough ur mechanic work. rain comes heavily. he comes near ragini.

rag : see how wet u r? she drys his hair by her pallu. they r standing very close. they shares a strong eyelock.

tanu calls her frnd.
frnd : hey y u called at this ri8 time?
tanu : y what r u doing?
frnd : i’m watching romantic scene in live. wait a minute. she sends a video to her.
tanu gets shock to see the video.
in that video,
san kisses rag on her rosy lips. she closes her eyes n feels the kiss. they both hugs very tightly. he put his cheek on her cheek. they spends a romantic ni8 together.
video over.
rag : hey harsha what r u doing in road?
san : what u called me? harsha….
he drags her to road and enjoys the rain after a very long break. they both dances romantically in mid road. (in road no 1 is there )
suddenly a car comes. ragsan was shocked to see tanu there.
tanu : come into car.
they goes to home.

last day
san : today is the last day. 2day i didnt stop her i cant stop her any more. what i’ll do now.? ok 1st i’ll buy gift for her. later i’ll think abt it.

rag came to bus stop along with all except sanky.
she is abt to cross the road without seeing. a vehicle comes very fast.
someone shouts RAGINI…………………

screen freezes with panic face of ragini.

guys how is the episode? any guesses abt the person? by urs loving Aastha

Credit to: Aastha

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  1. it must be sanskar right??
    its awesome aastha 🙂

    1. ur guess was wrong dear

  2. Is it sanskar?plz dont kill or seperate them

    1. ur guess was wrong dear. dont wry never i’ll kill her.

  3. Super di . R u Tamil.I can see some Tamil words.I read all ur episodes.I can’t wait for 12 one so update soon di

    1. kavala padada thangam ippo dan 12 th epi post pannen. ni8 illa morning review aydum.

  4. Awsm..i think it’s sanskar

    1. ur guess is wrong my dear

  5. He must bee another pair for rag its just a guess

    1. u r absolutely ri8 akka.

  6. Awesome..plz..don’t kill anyone

    1. dont wry dear every1 r safe. tnq for a cmnt

  7. Though I am a swasan fan. I luv your ff yar, please don’t seperate them.

    1. i’m really in cloud nine to hear ur cmnt dear. thnq so much 4 ur cmnt.

  8. if he is sanskaar, then pls dont kill him..

    1. dont wry dear he is safe n ur guess was wrong

  9. Semma epi akka pona epi la na cmnt panala ipa Dan adayum padichan so ….adhu cute epi last part was mindblowing and then Inda epila andha person sanky Dana???? Love u Akka u r good writer unga ammaku mother’s day wish pannanu solunga belated ah

    1. amma thnq sonnanga da. anda person sanky illa da vera oruthanga. unku oru biggest shock iruku. epi 13 la. adha padhichapra yen enkita 1st sollalanu kepa.

    2. 24 padam pathutiya? epdi iruku

      1. Pathutan akka super ah iruku apdi na kepana apa na adula enamo perusa iruku pls update it soon apa adu swara ah?? K epi 12 update panunga

  10. awesome

    1. thnq dear

  11. Nice dr

    1. nanri dear

  12. Pls dont abort the child….pls unite ragsan……waiting for ur updates……

    1. thnq for a cmnt dear dont wry child is safe.

  13. Superb

    1. thnq dear

  14. very nice pls continue

    1. thnq dear

  15. Awesome but plz dnt kill raginis baby this time

    1. dont wry dear all r safe.

  16. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    I have been reading your ff from the beginning… Honest to god it’s really good… You’re an awesome writer!!! Keep up the great work Hun
    Also I write ff called destiny vs love. I hope you read it and comment of it
    Keep rocking aha~Nusz

    1. thnq so much dear for reading my ff. i’m really sry to disappoiting u. i’m reading very few ff bcos 90% i’ll in aunty house there os no network. but i’ll read ur ff when i’m free.

    1. thnq dear

  17. Superrb yaar just loved the episode

    1. thnq so much dear

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