Love – Marriage – Life (Episode – 10)


Hi guys. i’m back with my 10th epi. thnq so much 4 ur support. thnq fira, lila, sanam am not able to reply ur cmnts.

Recap : swa tells lak abt rag’s aborted child. lak feels bad. ragsan sweet moments.

Few months passed.
one fine morning rag serves breakfast to every1. suddenly she vomits.
taanu ; what happened?
rag : nothing.. just food poison.
kunj : hw could u so careless. tc of ur health. if u fell in ill then who will give me tasty food.
rag gives a fake smile.

rag goes to hospital sanky follows her. rag gets inside of doctor’s room. dr. checks her. sanky tries to over hear but he cant hear anything bcos of sound proof glass.
dr. : ragini u r pregnant.
rag dont know hw to react.
rag : dr plz abort this child.
dr : what ? but y?
rag : plz…. i dont want this child.
dr : then ok but i want ur hus sign on papers.
rag : sry dr i cant. plz….
dr. : ok tmrw i’ll abort ur baby.
rag : thnq dr,

kunj ; where u went?
rag : voh…
swa : u went to hospital na? dr what said?
rag : just food poison thts it.
swa : thnq god
rag : by the way i got iv card again. plz let me go.
swa : now what is the need for job?
rag : thats my self respect. i know u like my company so i’ll stay here for only 10 DAYS ok.
sanky : no prob.
swarag gives a killer look.

nxt day
dr says u r in starting stage so i’ll give u tablets thats enough 4 u. that will abort ur child. ok
rag : but doc….ok u r saying i’ll take this tablet.

in after noon she is watching tv while she feels vomiting so she takes tablet while sanky throws a successive smile.
swa : bro y r u smiling at her?
fb shown
yesterday, rag leaves hospital. san goes to dr. nd asks abt rag but she refuse to say. but he convince her. she tells all.
san ; dr plz dont abort her child. i’m the father of child. she hates me thats y she is doing this all plz doc.
after lots of time he convinced dr.
she decided to give vitamin tab in name of abortion tab.
fb ends.

swa : wow bro. really i’m hpy 4 u now. but how u know tha is ur child
san : hey what r u talking?
swa : i’m not asking in wrong meaning. u both were fighting with each other then how baby?
san : actually when i drunk nxt day morning i awake b4 rag. i saw rag sleeping on me. just then she wakes. if she knows i’m awake she’ll fight with me so i acted like sleeping after her leave i rewind then i came to know what happened in that ni8.
san : i know whats ur nxt question. hw i changed na?
swa :mmm
san : i heared ur n lak talking. i’m repenting. hw cruel i’m rag just tried to say abt her child but i ….. he cries. swa hugs him.
san : this time i’ll keep her very hpy. tc of her frm that tanu.
swa : u dont wry i’ll handle her.

2 days passed there is still 7 days only.
@ 2pm.
every1 having lunch. swa stares them.
san : hey y r u looking us like this?
lak : she is fasting. thats y.
kunj : fast ? 4 y?
uv : 4 laksh maheswari.
tanu : what?
uv : today karvacho virath.
every1 ohhh..
san ; where is ragini?
tanu : dont know. she is not in house frm morning.
he waits 4 rag till 5pm later he goes to seek her. he seeks her in many temple but he cant find her.

@7pm moon will come in few minutes
san came to 1 temple. there he sees a girl. she wearing yellow color netted saree. she looks like angel. she is none other than ragini.

san : how could u do this? u dont have any sense?
ladies : who r u ?
san : i’m her hus.
ladies : she is fasting 4 u but u r scolding her?
san : ya i’m scolding her 4 her fast. she is pregnant. but she is fasting. is this good 4 her health?

rag was dazed to hear this
ladies : ur hus is very caring 4 u. virath is not imp than ur baby.
1 lady : moon came come to pooja.
rag does arti sees moon n sanky. there they both takes a cute eye lock. he gives water n sweet to her. then they comes out of temple.
rag : how do u know abt my pregnancy?
san : i know everything.
rag ; sry mr. mehra i aborted ur child. i cant bear ur child.
san laughs : u cant bear my child. u hates me then y r u doing virath?
rag was dumb
san : 1 imp thing u r having na that is just vitamin tablet.
rag : what????
san : mmm look if any thing happened to my child i’ll punish u in extreme level. u cant bear it.
rag : really? u throw out me what punishment u can give more than that?
san : if i died that is cruel punishment to u na?
rag slaps him. she hugs him. plz dont say that to kid me too. really i cant bear that. if u dead then i’ll kill myself too. san puts his figers on her lips n says dont say like that.

screen freezes with hugging position of ragsan.

guys hw is the epi? by urs loving Aastha.

Credit to: Aastha

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  1. awsm epi….ragsan r married????

    1. dear what is the question dear 1st they loved then got married then sujatha tortured her later kavi created problem btw them so they seperated then now she is again pregnant.

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  5. Aastha if u don’t mind can I tel one thing I don’t like t part ragini aborting her child…she might b angry at sansky but as a mother hw can she try to kill he child…othe tan tat itz gud

    1. i can understand. i expected this finally u asked. u know every decision is wrong which taken in angry. thnq so much for the frank cmnt.

  6. Excellent epi… words to express my feelings…super. …ur rocking

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