Love – Marriage – Life (episode – 1)


Hi guys. I’m overwhelmed with ur amazing response. thnq so much for ur fabulous support. first i’ll tell the leads.

Ragini / Honey – Tejswi prakash

Sanky / Harsha – Varun kapoor

Tanu sri – leela jumani (Tanu from kumkum bhagya)

These three r the leads the story runs around their life.


Kerala, Mumbai, Tamil nadu, Kolkatta.

scene at Mumbai

One 20-23 stairs building shown. That is a glass building. It seems like a IT company. All staffs gathered in confarence hall. Maanager informs them about circular which he holds in his hand. He leaves from there. staffs all are very happy.
person 1 : hey where is he? how sweet news is this but still he didn’t came here.
person 2 : ya u r right.

A car comes to the office. that car is very stylish and rich. a man comes out from the car. he wears sandal color jean and white color shirt with blue lines.
he wears a cooling glass in stylish manner. he goes to upstairs.
person 2 : hey sanky !!! (ya that man is our hero sanky)
person 1 hugs him and says how sweet news we have?
sanky removes his cooling glass and asks sweet news? what is that?
person 1 : we got permission to open our new branch in Kerala.
sanky : thats really good news dude.
lets celebrate this. they all starts to drink.

scene at Kerala

A girl walks in the road. she is in full stressed state. she is not in sense. she deeply thinks something. the girl is other than our heroine Ragini.
Ragini in mind : God why r u doing this to me? u gave beautiful life to me but every time from birth to till now u r snatching my happiness. i forgot to smile. but still u r testing my patience. i came far away from my past but still it irritates me and insults me in present. why ? what is my mistake? y r u punishing me?
she thinks these all deeply. while one truck comes fastly in her opposite direction. there is few inches to hit her.

screen freezes in fast truck and sad ragini.

guys i know this is short. but from tmrw i’ll update long one. do cmnts. in my story no swalak do u want them in this story? i’m informing that if i include them then i can give minor role only i cant give more importance to them. if i add swa i have to show her like sis to sanky do u want or no? if dont want them as additional character then i’ll use some other for that character. do support me guys by ur loving Aastha.

Credit to: Aastha

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  1. interesting…..can u write more longer epis please……would like to read more

    1. sure dear frm tmrw i’ll post long epi

    1. thnq dear

  2. no don’t give them role coming to the story awesome update but please try to post long update and in the end thanx for ragsan

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  3. Swalak I need them

    1. r u sure in story i’ll show swa as sis to san. ok dear but i’ll decide them after saw everybody opinion. who got more vote i’ll show them.

    1. thnq dear. do u want swa in this story?

  4. thnq for a suggetion dear

    1. thnq di. do u want swa in story?

      1. If story needs then ok

    1. thnq dear

    1. thnq dear

  5. Awesome
    i want swara as sanky sis

    1. thnq dear. i’ll decide abt swa after seeing everyone cmnt. in tmrw epi i’ll tell swa in this story or not. again thnq 4 ur cmnt dear

    1. thnq dear

  6. Superb aastha keep it up

    1. thnq dear

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  7. interesting
    waitng fr ragsan face off

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  8. Good yaar

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  9. Interesting,really waiting for next epi

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  10. A little big one will be prfct?

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    1. thnq my dear akka

  11. make it long

    1. sure dear and thnq for ur cmnt

  12. superb and……different one…..update soon

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