Love After Marriage (Last Part)

Hi friends this is last part of love after marriage.. Thank you for supporting me..
Arshu are enjoying their life with Pari and Arya.. There first priority is just their kids… After some days.. Kumar and sadhana come to arshu’s home.. Kumar apologies for his mistakes.. Aishu forgives him..say you’re elder to us you should never apologize us..thank you for knowing your mistake..
After 1.5 yrs..
Arvi comes near aishu when aishu is busy with Pari… He asks her will you marry me again? She smiles.. They get married according to aishu’s wish.. On married night Arvi give her a document and ask her to check.. She reads it and hugs him tightly…says thank you for fulfilling all my wishes.. Arvi smile and say Pari and Arya are getting sister day after tomorrow Thursday.. All get busy with preparations..
Arshu are at orphanage.. They see a baby..smiles.. Arvi takes baby and give to aishu.. After a while ..they leave for home.. Arshu reach home.. All welcome baby…Pari and Arya come near baby..say arshu.. All smile.. They start naming ceremony.. Arvi repeats arshu in baby ears 3tyms..

After 1yr…
Arshu’s room
Arvi comes and see Pari is taking care of arshu.. Arya and aishu come there.. Pari say daddy arshu is sleeping.. Arvi smiles and say my Pari is not sleeping na.. Arya comes and pulls pari’s hair.. Arvi says Arya.. Aishu says Arvi..don’t interfere in their world you will go mad go sleep..ill see them.. Arvi sleeps next to arshu…
Aishu winks at Pari and Arya..they smile.. All go down.. They all are having ice cream.. Pari and Arya hug aishu say love you mamma… Arvi says aishu I hate you.. All three see him.. Aishu holds ears and say sorry.. Pari and Arya also do same as aishu.. Arvi smiles..he hugs kids.. Aishu says so bad of you.. Arvi asks what happened? Arya holds pari’s hands and both say dad you’re bad.. Arvi asks what happened? Arya say you didn’t hug mamma… Arvi smiles and say really bacha party wins.. Sorry..he tries to hug aishu.. She holds teddy bear and sit on sofa.. Arvi says sorry jaan..i love you.. She goes without replying.. Arya and Pari push Arvi and say go..else mamma will not give us ice cream.. They all go to bed room..see aishu playing with arshu.. Arvi say jaan you’re connected to more than feel her every moment na.. Aishu smiles and says these three are my’re my breath.. Arvi kiss her forehead.. Aishu says Arvi… Pari and Arya asks shall we play hide and seek.. Arvi says ok.. Aishu says arshu’s sleeping’ll play.. Arvi says aishu plz.. Arya says I’ll also sleep..pari repeats same..making crying face.. Aishu says ok don’t blackmail me now..

Arya closes eyes and start counting..pari runs to hide..she takes arshu with her.. Arvi smile seeing aishu.. She asks what? He pulls her near and say you won’t escape from me name of kids.. She smiles and say Arya… He holds her hands and take to other room.. He closes door..she nods no… He hugs her and say you’re nervousness make me go know what…this is same how you made me go mad when you proposed me.. She smiles.. He kiss her lips…she tickles him..and say please all yours then.. Arya knocks door and say dad I know you’re door.. Arvi says you’re son.. She says you’re too.. Both smile.. He hugs her and say you escape now..but daily ok.. She says I also don’t want to escape from your love..
Arvi opens door..Arya says mamma you are also here..i caught you.. Pari says dad why did you allow mamma got caught see.. All smile.. Arvi hugs Pari and say I love you my baby princess.. Pari says arshu? Arvi kiss arshu and say I love my little baby princess too.. Pari says Arya.. Arya says my mamma loves me more than anyone… Aishu smiles..hugs Arya and says I love you my prince more than anyone but I also love my princesses… Arvi says no one loves me what to do… All three kids say I love you dad.. Arvi signs aishu.. She smiles and say I love my prince charming..? kiss his lips seeing her kids busy with dolls.. He says aishu you won’t change na.. She smiles..
Amma and mom knock door.. Aishu says someone as comes..pushes arvi and runs to open door.. See suji with arjith and family members.. All come inside.. Smiles.. All get busy with kids.. Arshu with their kids and family enjoy their time..


Thank for supporting.. Bye take care ?. Sorry friends im busy with Pooja’s marriage and can’t update so ended this story..

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  1. awesome story i really really miss this ff and arshu.

  2. nice ending.
    All the best pooja. Wish you very happy married life.

  3. Loved this and will miss this ff
    And pooja happy married like dear

  4. I will miss dis ff badly…u gave new meaning to love…pls come back wid new ff soon

  5. Thanks for such a beautiful story di ! Wish u a very happy married life Pooja di !!

  6. Pooja Di wish u a very very happy married life I will miss dis ff so badly try to come up with new ff

  7. Ohh…its really sad yaar……I will miss this ff…..pls u can cont it no….or start another ff pls…
    Thank u pooja 4 this wonderful ff
    And thank u shree 4 conting it…
    MISS THIS FF?????

  8. Awesome, marvellous, outstanding episode. ..n sweeeeeet n lovelyyyyyy story. …it was really beautiful n amazing narration. …I’ll miss it a lotttttttttt. …say hi to pooja and give lots of hugs n kissesssss from me…..I’m totally addicted to this story. ..n you both did phenomenon job to present this amazingly awesoooooome story. …please come back soooooooon with another amazing story when time permits. ….I’ll wait for it….till then love you soooooooo muchhhhhh n will miss you honeyyyyyy. …muaaaaahhhhhh

  9. Thank you friends ? for your wishes?? ill really miss you all☹

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