love after marriage kkb part-8


Hello everyone thanks a lot for this much support and love.. actually because of not enough time I can’t reply you for all your comments… but I express my overwhelming gratitude for that.. so I read my dear Durgas.. anis and ashikas.. comments thinking about the next part… ya some of that was correct.. so let’s see what’s the further part..
Episode starts with pragya coming to room with abhis special coffee…
Pr: abhi… abhi…
Abhi gets up from his sleep.. good morning fuggi… and rubs his eyes as a child..
Pr: fuggi… who Is that?

Ab; fuggi what was that..?
Pr: it was you who called me like that..
Ab: oh actually it was not you..
Pr: then whom?
Ab; my dream girl..
Pr: dream girl.. who is that?
Ab; hello chashmish… you started to question me like typical wife from morning itself..
Pr: wife???
Ab; haa.. you are actually my legal wife na..
Pr: which means??
Ab: again… go.. and do your work.. pragya doesn’t leave and just look at him again.. now why are standing like a statue…
Pr: actually… today was our first day of shooting so..
Ab; oh really so sorry chashmish.. as I was in dream with her.. I forget all the things.. he leaves by smiling..

Pragya look at confused… what dream with her… who is that girl his dream girl.. pragya look herself in mirror.. pragya actually why are you bothering about that.. he is just your legal husband right…
Abhi by looking at mirror in bathroom.. fuggi… now I will make you fall for me and smiles evily.
After breakfast… pragya and abhi gets ready.. pragya was in her Salwar..
Ab: chashmish.. is this what you going to wear…
Pr: yes.. is there any problem..

Ab:is this the costume and look of a director…
Pr: actually it’s not in look.. but about talent..
Ab: I knew you don’t have that..
Pr; what? In mind what happens to him today I must be careful in dealing with him… and look at him..
Abhi: shall we go???
As they started to move they hear a sound which stops them.. it was purab and bulbul..
Ab: what happened to you both? Why this much excitement..
Pu; because I am going to become an assistant director..
Ab: what?
Bul: yes me too..
And look at pragya..

Pu: shall we go bhabhi…???
Pr: wait… and goes and take blessing from dadi..
Ab: wait you both come in another car.. and pointed towards purbul..
Pur; k…. and leaves.. and you pragya.. keep in mind that I am just your legal husband we both don’t knew each other at location.. just director and actor relationship not more than that..
Pr: what are you thinking about yourself.. abhi..
Ab: I knew very well about myself so don’t take stress by thinking about me.. just think about you.. and entered car..

Pragya murmers… I don’t knew how I am going to handle him.. each time he is eating my brain.. I don’t knew why that producers have this much condition that they need this abhi as actor…. I say yes to this because this is my dream project… and I have worked a lot to shoot such a short film but I have no one to give financial support..
Ab; hey chashmisha are you coming or not
Pragya is frustrating voice.. oh god please control myself in front of him.. I don’t knew if he shows his attitude too Much may be I will kill him.. and enters car in fake smile..

And car starts she look through mirror… abhi look at her and look at mirror.. fuggi.. I am really enjoying your frustrations.. you look really cute at that time… and smiles..
Pragya see him smiling.. pragya is he really gone mad.. look he is smiling without any reason… abhi sees pragya staring at him.. so he acted really well.. he just stretched his hands pragya get shocked by that action as his hands are coming close to her.. then he take his headphone and started to hear music…just imagine ( filim; something something )in which actor jayam ravi singing a song to make the dog goes away… abhi is doing the same .. which makes pragya more tensed and irritated.. now pragya is sitting at the corner of seat and get shocked by abhis prank.. suddenly pragya shouts her ears with hands and eyes too.. after Sometime when pragya opens her eyes sees abhi sitting patiently..
She shook his head in confusion.. oh god what’s happening around is all my imagination or real.. by looking his facial expression I think all are just my imagination..
Ab: hey chashish.. why are you looking me like this with your 4 eyes..
Pr: 4 eyes..
Ab; haa.. 2 eyes of chashma and next one is with you… I think you can’t see clearly right… k.. then do one thing.. go and change your specs.. may be its power got changed..
Pr: can you please leave me alone..
Ab: actually speaking… this is my car… and I don’t hold you to make you leave…
Pr: uhhhhhhh…

And look back through glasses.. some how they reached at studio…
Pragya gets down.. and goes.. abhi gets down in rock star style.. and when everyone sees him all surround around him..
Pragya turned back.. oh god.. he started his show off of attitude.. abhi looking at pragya.. fuggi… you are going to see my attitude more even now…
Purab and bulbul came there..
Pu: bhabhi.. I have make all the arrangement but there is one problem..
Pr: what is that?
Bul: just come with us.. she drags pragya… abhi sees they leaving..
Aftersometime… abhi gets ready in his carravan… for shot..
Pu; Bhai.. are you ready?

Ab; ya..
Pu: so can we go for take…
Ab; ya.. but where is my heroine..
Pu: she is getting ready..
Ab; k.. can you give me script… purab gave it to abhi.. abhi read it.. and was stunned by the scenes actually written in it.. this really written by pragya…
Pu: yes Bhai… it’s by bhabhi.. you knew it was bhabhis dream project too..
Purab; Bhai. You just come.. I need to check about the heroine..
He goes..
Abhi came to set… all greets him..
Bul; jiju … now we are going to take the shot of first meeting of the pair..
Ab; k… he look around for pragya.. but couldn’t find her..
Pu: Bhai are you ready…
Ab; but heroine..

Pu :she will come don’t worry..
So start action…
Abhi is standing in bus stop in his special black costume ( same as real kkb).. wind fan is setup at studio and it’s waving so fast so there is heavy breeze too.. abhi is looking at his phone and looking at one direction… and suddenly he gets up seeing a red bus coming and gets into it. As he enters bus started to move.. actually our abhi is standing on bus step.. and hears a call.. suniye… stop.. stop.. he moves back to see and sees his heroine in full white Salwar comes by running.. abhi was mesmerized by her looks.. she has some books and bag in hand.. while running… her hairs are dancing in air.. she forward her hands.. to reach… but abhi is still stand like a statue..

Heroine; hey idiot.. just hold my hand and help me to get in.. abhi forward his hand.. and the girls gets in.. as at that moment she just falls on his chest.. ( just think about dilwale dulhaniye me in Karol ki entry just the same ) the girl in full happiness thank you.. and gets in sit in a seat.. a girl sitting next to her..
Shalini.. today too you came late..
Shalini: haa… mridhu.. because I must be thrilled by this.. do you knew till now I didn’t miss the bus na..
Mri: Haa.. that’s right.. because all the time some boys will came to help you… don’t you knew idiot.. boys are waiting at door step to help you like this… to make you love with them… looking at abhi… but who is this new character..
Pu: cut…
All claps for that shot…

Producer,; abhi it was really excellent shot.. what an acting.. and move towards heroine..
Pragya you did so well.. bulbul hugs her… di… you are amazing.. purab hugs her.. bhabhi.. you are too brilliant..

Episode ends.. actually all of you thought was right.. heroine is pragya… I didn’t want that tanu… because I hate her… and what I think and what I wrote was really different… now I am going to shoot all the scenes of short film like this.. just tell me that if you need that.. or I will shift to next part of story as which I already thought

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