love after marriage kkb part-7

Hello everyone.. hope all are fine.. so let’s go to our story to find where is our pragya…

The episode starts with after finishing all celebrations at hall.. abhi goes to his room to look pragya.. but he can’t find her there..
Ab: where is this chashmish gone.. I knew its you who did all this arrangement as purab can’t do all this.. abhi noticed a letter on bed.. he took it.. it was pragyas letter..

Hello abhi… I knew now you are searching for me.. before that.. happy birthday abhi ( my husband )… there is a surprise for you for that please come outside.. abhi smiles. So this was the plan what you talk right.. k I am ready for that.. and he goes out… and sees a gift on table.. on that there is letter again..
Will you accept me as your friend.. as I think that only through that we can move further.. if so open that gift.. abhi smiles and opens it.. it was a CD. Is this her surprise.. in that too another letter.. abhi please play the CD.. actually there was screen arranged.. abhi plays it.. it was just like a short film on abhi..
This is the house called mehra mansion.. there was boy called abhishek prem mehra.. who was too naughty lived there.. ( at that time little abhi making his mother run to have food is shown ) his father is abhinav mehra.. mother is priyanka mehra… (parents photo is shown ) his main hobby is to trouble his mama.. ( abhi making his mother ran.. making her done make up.. playing with her cricket.. troubling her at time in kitchen photos are shown ) look he is too naughty na..

ya he is always like this. Always so some naughty things to make others smile.. He love his father alot.. always trouble him by playing chess with him. When he feels that he is going to fail he stops the game because he didn’t like to get failed.. his family is not at all end by this. He has a brother named purab.. he loves him a lot.. take care him but main job of this purab is teasing his brother.. he gave this chance only for him as he loves that ( some photos regarding that is shown ) there is another important person too in his life that is his Dadi.. who he respect a lot loves a lot because it’s she go look after him and his brother.. ( during this time his photo from younger to till now is shown ) now this abhi is not that naughty abhi.. he become rock star abhi ( abhi with guitar photo is shown ) who stole thousands of Heart with his music.. who have a lot of fans especially girls..but unfortunately he get married with a girl called pragya arora because of his dadis wish( their marriage photo shown ).. what’s going to happen to further his life is really mystery.. so happy birthday abhi…

Pragya come near abhi.. abhi emotionally hugs her.. pragya get shocked by this sudden action..
Ab; chahsmish this the most beautiful gift which I have got.. thanks for this.. now I feel that my mama.. and papa is with me.. pragya can see his love and his missing for them in his eyes..
Pr; my surprise is not end till now..
Ab: again surprise.. I love this surprise tell me what’s next..
Pr; I decided to do a short film..
Ab: wow that’s great.. so you taken a decision to what’s next I am happy for that.
Pr: but for that I need a help from you..
Ab: help from me..
Pr:ha.. actually what I am going to do is a short filim based on love..
Ab: k.. but what help that I can do in it..
Pr: if you have no problem will you act in it..
Ab: what?
Pr; yes. A main character of lover..

Ab; me..
Pr: yes.. please can you do this for me..
Ab: k.. I will. Do this only for you.. because it is the first thing you ask me to do as a..
Pr: as a..
Ab: as a friend.. pragya smiles.. but I want to knew who is my lover.. I me an my heroine..
Pr: that’s a famous model named tanusree Mehta..

Ab: -what tanu?
Pr: is there any problem with that…
Ab; ( in mind ) oh chashmish don’t you get anyone expect her.. how can I tell her that I can’t..
Pr; abhi.. why are you seem to be silent..
Ab; nothing. K I. Will do that.. who is doing direction… pragya look at him in irked..
Ab; k.. I knew its you.. and script..
Pr: me.. Ab: you..??

Pr:why are you so much confused as its me..
Ab: chashmish you are going to do short film na.. that too about love..
Pr: yes why you ask it again..
Ab; I am just asking you as how can an unromantic person can right a script about love..
Pr: who told you that I am unromantic.. I am really enough romantic..
Ab:then why are you not expressing it to me.. ( in lower voice )
Pr: what you said..
Ab; nothing.. I said I don’t knew that.. that’s it..
Pr; if you need to knew that you must have a heart..

Ab: what? What you said.. do you knew how many girls roam around me to get my love.. to spend some time with me..
Pr: but your fate make you with me right..
Ab:ya what to do.. my fate is so bad.. otherwise I will get someone better than you.. atlease someone who have brain..
Pr; abhi what you said.. which mean I am a fool right..
Ab; someone now sensed what they are..
Pr: abhi I will not leave you.. abhi runs pragya too… as abhi is running fast pragya cant catch him .. so she did a drama as she falls down and her leg got sprained.. as by seeking this abhi came there and touched at her legs.. as by seeing abhis concern for him pragya get lost in him.. abhi waves his hand in front of her face..
Ab: chashmish is all fine now.. pragya hold his ear.. now tell me is I am fool..
Ab: chashmish it’s really paining a lot..
Pr: answer to me..

Ab: no.. you are not fool.. but too clever.. by saying this abhi takes her in arm’s..
Pr: what are you doing.. just make me stand..
Ab: your leg got sprained..
Pr: no abhi. I just did a Drama.. abhi placed his finger on her lips and said that just keep quiet.. abhi caries her and move to his room where pragya has lost all her senses on abhi..
Abhi make her sit.. good night chashmish.. and lies on opposite side of bed..
Pragya too lies..
Pr: ( in mind ) why I am getting completely lost when I look at his eyes..
Abhi who is lying on opposite side..

Because you see my love in my eyes.. pragya look at him.. and thinks who’s this happens.. episode ends at pragyas confused face and abhis smiling face..

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    Superb dii…

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    Arareeeee…..u have stolen my heart…….

  4. Awwww soooo cute episode yaar really chance less awesome n rocking one… Haritha always rockzzzzzz it’s really superb one in eagerly waiting for next part n also I hope tat may b tz short film drama vl make our real over possesive n fall 4 her n our hero… I’m too excited haritha…

  5. awesome ! the gift was so cute

  6. B_Ani

    so cute chechi. i loved the surprise esp the video. i think abhi will somehow make pragya as his heroine. or just lyk durga said it might bring them closerrrrrrrrrrr…
    anyways…rocking asusual, come up with next soon.

  7. Wow awesome cute lovely epi dear…

  8. So sweet di….l loved the surprise….today’s epi was awsome….l loved it till the core….abhigya may fall for each other and as ani di said maybe pragya may become the heroine…u r always rocking di…l love ur ffs…waiting for the next part…take care…love u and keep writing… 😀 😀 ..

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    Wow finally my fav ff awesone to tye core darlu love u loads?????

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  11. So cute loved it

  12. So cute and lovely epic di

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