love after marriage kkb part-6

hello everyone… thanks a lot for your support… so let’s go to our story…
Pragya gets into to room.. abhi who comes out from washroom
Ab: chashmish.. who is there.. I hear your voice as you are talking to someone..
Pr; no I am just signing song..
Ab: wow that’s really great.. you knew to sing..
Pr; I am just..
Ab; k… I knew what you are going to tell.
Pr: oh..
Ab: ha. I knew what’s going on through your mind..
Pr; what you knew my plan..
Ab: what plan. I couldn’t get.. oh so you are planning something..
Pragya.. I must tell some lie.. but.. haa I have a plan for my future..
Ab: what’s that..
Pr; I Will tell that later..
Ab; k… I will not compel you not only on this in everything.. and I am going out.. I will come late so.. don’t wait for me..
Pr: k.. abhi leaves..

As abhi goes pragya started to think.. pragya takes her laptop and look through her facebook account and sees Maya online..
Pr: hai Maya..
Maya ( abhi): hi pragya.. it’s been a long time you haven’t seen here.
Pr: ya I am really busy..
Ab; busy in what..
Pr: in house matters..
Ab: k what about your marriage as you told that maa is searching for your partner..
Pr: actually my marriage got over..
Ab; what you didn’t even inform me.. I thought that you consider me as your true friend.. but it’s not like that na..
Pr: no meera actually it’s not like that.. in these 6 months the day we start to chat till now.. I have shared you everything.. may be I have talked more with you.. my marriage and everything happens in 3 days… in these days you are not there na..
Ab: what three days..when I go to tour you are single.. but when I return back in 3 days.. your status become married..
Pr: ya that’s the truth.. I didn’t get enough time to just think about it.. whether it’s good or wrong..
Ab; I knew pragya.. your maa.. is compelling you a lot.. and each day she came up with new proposal ( abhi in mind.. that’s why I married you in this much hurry chashmish)
Pr: ya.. every time.. I will find some reasons.. but this time I can’t.. If I tell too my maa will not agree..
Ab: why?
Pr; because this proposal was good..
Ab; anyways marriage have take place.. how is your husband..
Pr: husband..???
Ab: why are you silent..
Pr: I don’t knew how he is..
Ab: oh that’s true as it’s only 3 days na.
Pr: not only because of that.. as for both of us.. we saw at first time on day after marriage..
Ab: what?
Pr: yes.. I am not interested in marriage so.I don’t see his photo.. but he.. when he came to knew that he too married me without seeing me.. as he trust his family..
Ab: wow.. he is really different..
Pr: yes he is really different.. I didn’t see someone like him.. he really supports me a lot.. he always tried to make me comfortable… he is really good at heart..
Ab: wow.. within this time.. you have praising him a lot..
Pr: it’s not praising.. he is really like that.. he didn’t make me compel at anything.. not only that.. he gave me full freedom..
Ab; so what’s you opinion about him..
Pr: he is true at heart…
Ab: so you like him..
Pr: ya.. I like him..
Ab: so you loves him..
Pr: I like him as a good friend.. not more than that..
Ab; k… but soon it will turn to love ( in mind.. I will make that to love chashmish)
Pr: I don’t knew about that.. I too thinks about it.. as what I am doing is not right.. but I was totally confused..
Ab: pragya… no need of confusion.. just hear to what your heart says.. not hear what your mind tells..
Pr; oh.. by hearing that.. you are so experienced in love..
Ab; may be..
Pr: Maya.. which means you love someone.. you didn’t even talk about it..
Ab: ya.. I love someone.. but..
Pr: what happened Maya..
Ab; I don’t knew whether she loves me..
Pr: what she..?
Ab; oh.. he.. it’s just typing error.. ( in mind.. abhi now you will tell all the truth now )
Pr: k.. k Maya.. I have some important works to do off..
Ab; works..

Pr: haa.. I have to plan
Ab: what plan…
Pr: I will tell you later bye..
She goes..
Ab: what plan.. sometimes before too she said the same thing. What’s Plan..
Scene shifted to living room where pragya purab and bulbul were sitting…
Pu: bhabhi… what will we do.. always Bhai gave me surprises.. this time I too need to give that..
Pr: we can arrange party..
Bul: ya thats really nice..
Pu: but party..
Pr: not like every party puru.. this time only we… means our family members..
Pu:ya that’s right..
Bul; k.. di….
Pr: but be careful that he must not knew anything..
Pu: k bhabhi… I will take care of that..
Bul: purab you call jiju and ask him when he Will reach…
Purab calls abhi..
Pu: Bhai.. where are you?
Ab:I am at my office as discussing about new concert..
Pu: when will you reach..
Ab; it’s may be late purab..
Pu: Bhai.. can we go for movie..
Ab: we??
Pu: not you.. me. Bhabhi and bulbul..
Ab: ( thinks )oh god I really miss a good chance to go with her..
Pu: Bhai are you hearing what I said..
Ab: yes you go… and enjoy.. call ends..
Pu: bhabhi.. he will come late.. we can do all the arrangements..

After sometime..
Abhi came back.. and all the house is dark..
Ab: oh till now they don’t yet return.. dadi may be sleeping so I must not disturb her.. abhi takes key and opened door.. why this much dark.. usually this light are not off na..
Abhi goes and switch on the light… and get shocked… all shouts happy birthday rock star..
Purab comes and hugs Bhai..
Pu: happy birthday Bhai..
Bul: happy birthday jiju…
Dadi and sarla too wished abhi…
Pu: come let’s cut the cake… abhi cut the cake.. and gives to everyone.. but during all this time he was searching pragya.. but didn’t see her…
Episode ends..

So friends.. my question is where is pragya… why she is not seen and don’t wish him… let’s see.. sorry for making you all wait for this.. it’s because of my class works.. and I get enough time only on Saturday and Sunday to upload all my ff.. and I need to knew one this from all you.. please tell me.. the answer for my question… in my these 3 ff.. which ff you all like most.. as I need to end one among them as I can’t balance 3 at a time.. so please tell me.. and I need to inform one more thing.. it’s not a good news.. as my exam dates have published.. so from Nov 15th I will not be here with ff.. so I will end all my ff with that date.. as my exams will not over by short period.. and after that too I am not sure if I am able to come with any other ff.. I too don’t like to end.. I am just informing you all earlier.. as if I tell it at that time.. I think it’s not good..

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  1. Very nice

  2. what question ???? 3 ff r fav one

    always waiting u n u’ff so pls come back after exam is over…….

    happy diwa n best wish to brightness in u life………be happy always

    take care………….

  3. Superb episode yaar…. I love all the 3 ff yaar plzzzz don’t end @ the same point if u feel tat u shd end b4 exam s also OK u can bt comeback once ur exams r over with a new ff yaar…

  4. Asmithaa

    No!!!! You don’t end the ff na!! Pls pls pls pls!!!! We will wait for u Di!! Pls don’t end na!! Three also are my fav!! I am always waiting for it!! Pls na Di don’t end!! Even if u publish next year December, I will read it..pls na don’t end!! All the best for exams!! Rock it!!??????❤️❤️❤️❤️☺️☺️???????

  5. Awesome dear chotti…
    U qus asked… I like one day my life change, nakrat love story after this ff also ur all ff love it dear sis…
    I understand ur problem … Not worry dear… We r waiting for one month(exam finished) after continue….. Ur ff always love it….. So i waiting…. All the best to exam do well…

  6. B_Ani

    asum chechi. u should not have asked that question. i mean i love everything yaar. all three are my favourite. its ur wish to end which one u think shud end.
    i will surely miss my chechi. when are your exams gonna over dear? come back soon after that.
    now, happy diwali dear. enjoy it safely. let this bring u all happiness.
    love you and post the next soon.

  7. LakshmiSiva

    Haritha wat a question is this all the 3 is my fav. after exams over pls come back haritha. I really going to miss u and ur ff. and HAPPY DIWALI & SAFE DIWALI.

  8. Saranya24

    Ohh no u ll end feelng so sad i cant bear it?but hwevr iam very happy wit all ur ff love it darlu but to be true my very fav is tis ff abd one shot ff nafrat apso i love but tis 2 fav love u???

  9. Reshma_Pradeep


  10. Awesome dear…loved it…continue writing…take care and love u…

  11. PrincessesMadhu

    Di, its alright dont end it..we can wait for it! Ending is worse…than waiting..,so I really hope u dont end it! Take ur time di! Even i too have exams from Nov 15th.. hifi…haha and again dont end it! plz! and TODAY EPISODE WAS AMAZING!

  12. SavitaVidya

    dont end Haritha dear come back after exams!! Exam are good but i hate them…but please come back after exams dear. Update more. and teach Ekta madam how to write a serial

  13. Prathi

    How many times to tell you? Just come back after exams! We will wait for you! Pragya must be waiting for him inside their room for special celebration 😉

    1. HARITHA

      Really I knew but I am not sure that if I can came back or not.. it take more than 2 months

  14. What qus is this dhi?3 ff are my fav dhi.I can understand that u hav exams.but 1 request from ur choti pls come back with other na pls.episode was superbbb..HAPPY DIWALI dhi.Waiting for next.Love u dhi

  15. Its awesome…. Please update ur other ff toooo…happy diwali

  16. Superb di….
    Ur 3 ff are my fav…i dont know which one is select..we’ll wait di..pls dont end it..Happie diwali di..have fun & be safe..

  17. Monesha

    Hi my dear pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari…… Princess different di. I am back to torcher you by my immeasurable love. ??? That is mean by crazy love. I really loved it to the coreeeeeeeeeeeee…….. But di you are going to end this ???? feeling very sad. And di i am sure that you will come with different thought bcoz you are my different di. So don’t think like that. Love you a lottttttt…….. ????? Loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you ummmmmmaaaaaaaa………. ????? Keep rocking…….. With your different thought. I changed your name. Now i will call you as princess of different . Take care.

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