love after marriage kkb part-4

Hello everyone… I am back.. sorry for not updating till now.. from nowadays I will be regular.. as no exams are there on this month.. I am so free… so lets go into story from where I end..
Abhi takes his phone and look at pragyas photo..
Ab : ya chashmish… it’s all a lie to get you in my life.. to get my love.. I am really doing a cheating I knew that… but I have to do that.. but I will tell you this… at the day when you too confess your love.. I knew it will surely happens.. abhi lies on bed.. thinking something..

Fb shows…
The first meeting of abhigya happens in this way… when abhi is coming to a restaurant… actually he was alone that time.. this is his favourite restaurant.. whenever he feels to frustration he will come here.. because the restaurant step up itself make a cool mind.. actually it’s like a beautiful atmosphere…its upon a hill and we can enjoy the beauty of nature.. th cool breeze that touched his head make him relax and bring him to a new world.. where he is not a rock star simple as others..
When he came to sit at one seat.. he gets a book.. (like a notepad ).. he opens it…
This is the day I am waiting for till now to tell my love to you…
I need to confess it to you..
But I can’t…. but I love..
Love you…
Actually when he reads it and a smile arise his face… there is nothing special in it..
A waiter comes.. excuse me.. sir can I take it.. it’s belong to the person who sits before you.. she is waiting there.. abhi gives it..after 2-3 seconds.. abhi goes behind the waiter and sees this owner.. it’s our pragya.. it was his first meeting.. may be because of the influence of the filim mozhi.. just like that.. when he sees her.. he hears sound of bell and music… she was in a yellow Salwar.. when she get that.. she leaves.. abhi was still standing in his imaginary world.. when abhi came into sense.. she has already gone..
Fb ends..

Ab: do you knew chashmish… that day I can’t sleep because of thinking you.. my heart tell that she is borne for me.. but after that I didn’t see you. So slowly my hope too dies.. but it was a sudden..
Pragya enters..
Pr: to whom you are talking..
Ab: me.. I am just reading something in phone.. but from abhis face.. pragya is not convinced by his reply..
Pragya takes her laptop and do something.. abhi lieing on bed.. looking at his phone.. no admiring her and her beauty..
Ab: pragya…
Pr: oh god.. you called me by my name..
Ab: is that a thing to get happy..
Pr; of course.. for the first time I am hearing my name from you..
Ab; k.. k. I understand… let’s go outside.. just a get free from this atmosphere…
Pr; no I am not interested.. to come.. she stops.. she leaves.. actually it’s really hurt abhi.. but he hides it..
Pragya comes to kitchen.. and started to talk to herself..
Pr: pragya.. what are you going to say to him. What will he feels when I told that.. he must really got hurt na..
Pu: bhabhi.. to whom you are talking.
Pr, my self…
Pu: is anything problems with you and Bhai..
Pr: nothing like that puru..
Pu: no bhabhi I will ask him..
Pragya holds his hands..
Pr: no purab… he really don’t do anything.. he is always helping me.. but what I am doing is not right..
Pu: what are you saying bhabhi..
Pr: purab.. u knew na.. that I married him without my wish.. and till now I am cope up with this life… he is adjusting alot for me.. but what I am doing is not right..
Pu: bhabhi.. Bhai.. is not like that you think.. he will never get hurt.. he will never complained to you..
Pr: I knew purab.. no one will not adjust this much for me.. but I did was not right..
Pu: bhabhi.. come to the point..
Pr; to which point I must come..
Pu; oh bhabhi… I have a doubt now.. are you really a director or not.. I have heard that they have brain.. but in your case it’s all..
Pr: k.. when he asked me that let’s go for a drive.. I oppose him.. I think he must be hurt. He did that to give me change.. and pleasure.but..
Pu; oh. It’s so simple.. you just go and tell him.. you will come with him..
Pr: but..
Pu: just do what I say..
Pragya goes..
Pu; bhabhi.. don’t worry I knew that you both are like strangers.. and I will make love between you..
Purab smiles..

Pragya comes to room.. and sees abhi is getting ready..
Pr: where are you going?. I am asking you..
Ab: just to outside..
Pr: can I come with you..?
Ab: what..
Pr: can I come with you.. j
Ab: what is the reason for this sudden change..
Pr; I too bored that’s why.. abhi smiles.. and nodded his head.. he knews that.. she is doing this to make me happy..
Ab: (thinking )now I knew your weakness chamish.. and the way to enter into your heart… abhi smiles.
Pr; I am ready…
Abhi admires at her beauty..
Pr: why are you looking like this..
Ab: haa.. you seemed to good in Sarees.. and it is what really suits you more..
Pragya smiles.. k lets go..
Abhigya goes out.. and reached at the same restaurant where they meet first..
Pr: do you knew this restaurant.. this is my favourite place..
Ab: me too.
They takes a seat..
Ab: what you want to have..
Pr: your wish..
Abhi ordered all her favourite..
Pr; how you knew that’s all my favorite.. abhi smiles.. abhi.. really there Is some strange connection between you.. I don’t knew what is that..
Ab; why are you saying so..
Pr; because .. I don’t have too much company with anyone.. and it’s really difficult for me to talk with others.. but I have no problem when I talk with you.. even though we are husband and wife.. we are not like that na..
Ab; haa..
Pr: for you it’s really easy na.. as you are a rock star.. and you have companies with everyone boys girls..
Ab: haa.. I have so many girlfriends than boy friends.. actually I enjoy their company.. that’s why I have no problem to t alk to you.. company with you..
Pr: don’t consider me as like other girlfriend..
Ab:what do you mean..
Pr: I knew how is girl friends for you..
Ab: what.. then he get understand.
hey chashmish. I am not like what you think… k… I am decent..
Pr:actually in film and such fields this is usual..
Ab: don’t compare me with others k.. abhi and pragya have friendly talk.. they both talks a lot.. about random topics.. actually this chitchat.. gives them a real picture of their character..
They returned..
Abhi is driving..

Pr:thanks a lot abhi.. for this day.. actually now I really feel so you knew after a long time.. I am feeling this much happiness it’s all because of you..
suddenly car stops…
Pr: what happens…
Ab: I don’t knew let me check…
Abhi get down and sees his tyre got puncture…
Pr: do you have another one..
Ab; no..
Pr: then what to do…
Ab: wait I will call purab…
Pr: k..
Ab; purab… where are you I need one help..
Pu: haa… Bhai bolo..
Ab: purab.. my car got punctured… I have no extra tyre with me… will u..
Pu: you both wait there I will come.. ends call..
Ab: don’t worry he will come soon..
Let’s sit in car..
Pr: can we walk now..
Ab: chasmish.. its night.. and it’s not safe..
Pr: please hold his hand.. when he sees her cuteness he can’t said her.. no
Pragya walks by holding abhis hand… but whose most enjoying abhi.. by her touch..
Pr: why are you looking like this..
Ab: sometimes you behave like a child…
Pr: you too..
Ab; me..
Pr:haa.. when I said no.. your expression is somewhat like that.. and she pulls his cheek..
Ab: ouch..
Pr: sorry..
Ab: chashmish… don’t you feel any fear.. by walking like this.. in darkness..
Pr: are you feared..
Ab: somewhat..
Pragya smiles..
Ab: actually in this world.. I only have fear on 3 things.. one is darkness… 2- ghost 3- my Dadi..
Pragya smiles.
Pr: do you believe in ghost…
Ab: ha.. it’s really exists…
Pr: who told you..
Ab:dont you see in such films..
Pr: that are fiction not real.. k.. darknes and ghost.. k what about dadi..
Ab; I fear dadi.. and I love her most.. I fear Dadi because she will never get anger on me.. so I don’t how it look like so I fear that..
Pr: are you mad. Or crazy..
Ab: crazy about you..
Pr: what..
Ab: I mean my answer is crazy..
Pragya sees a bench.. Pr: can we sit there..
Ab: k..
Abhi started to talk continuously… mean while pragya falls in sleep by placing her head on his shoulder… abhi to place his head on her.. abhi takes her hand.. and place his hand on her… he smiles.. looking at her…
Precap; abhigyas… romantic rain dance…
I will upload other 2 ff soon as they are in process

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