love after marriage kkb part-3

Hello everyone.. thanks for this kind support and love… special Thanks for my silent readers too…. let’s move on to story..

As function ends.. abhi came back to his Room.. he didn’t see pragya there.. he goes on searching..
Ab: where is this chashmish… may be she is crying because she will miss her family na.. aftersometime he sees pragya… at terrace.. it was heavy rain.. pragya is standing in rain.. and enjoying it… abhi is watching this and smiles by her action.. abhi stares at pragya..
(Tere sang yaara plays )
Abhi gets an umbrella and goes near to her..
Ab: hey chashmish are you gone mad.. if you caught sickness then..
Pr: please.. please.. just some more time..
Ab;( why she is behaving as a kid)
Suddenly there happens thunderstorm..pragya hugs him.. actually it was a shock for him.. because of that.. he released his umbrella from his hand and it flies in wind.. they both hug each other.. and stands like that.. when they heard the sound of next thunder. … they both came into sense..
Pra: sorry… and she goes away from there… abhi smiles.. and enjoy the rain…
Purab sees pragya coming from terrace and drenched in rain.. he climbs up and sees abhi coming down.
Pur: achha… so you are playing romance.. rain romance..
Ab: purab..
Pur: Bhai.. don’t need to explain.. actually I am too this age na.. so I can’t understand.. go fast.. and change the dress otherwise both of you will caught sick.. purab smiles and goes..
Ab: I will show you dear…
Abhi get into room.. and starts wheezing…

Pragya who sees this.. go outside.. and comes with something in her hand..
Pr: have it..
Ab: what is this? He coughs..
Pr: it medicine.. it will make you k.. abhi takes it. And just take sip..
Ab: uhh.. what is this.. sour..
Pr: haa.. you just drink it full…
Ab: how can a person have this.. is this what you have..
Pr: haa..
Ab: that’s why you become like this..
Pr: what?
Ab: don’t take it as a joke.. she shows the way of having it.. press your nose and have it in one sip..
Abhi do it same.. and gave glass to her..
Ab:thanks doctor..
Pragya smiles… now you sleep well.. tomorrow you will be perfectly fine..

Abhi takes his blanket and goes near couch..
Pr: you can sleep on bed… I will sleep there..
Ab: no chashmish.. actually this couch is more comfortable for me..
Pr: why?
Ab; you knew na.. the bed is too big.. pr: so..
Ab: if I sleep alone.. then there will be more space free.. so I will..
Pr: you will..
Ab:kuch nahim.. he lies on and cover his face..
Pr: what he means.. I didn’t get that.. ab:chasmish.. please off that light..
Ab; no but.. just do it..

Next morning…
When abhi wakes up.. he sees.. the hot coffee on table.. all his dressess.. towel to bath all are ready..
Ab:wow.. this is great.. actually I must roam around this room.. to get all these.. he sees his room is totally changed.. too neat and perfect.. abhi after bath getting ready..
Ab: yeh.. ajeeb ladki hey na.. till now she didn’t come in front of me.. but do everything for me.. what is the reason for that.. may be she understands what he told yesterday.. pu: good morning Bhai… come let’s go for breakfast all are waiting for you..
Abhi says good morning to everyone..
Ab: wow.. aaj.. ethana grand breakfast.. what a smell.. Dadi… you prepare all this.. what is this dadi.. it’s time to take rest na.. but you..
Da: abhi.. it’s all prepared by pragya.. ab: then where is she.. he sees pragya… actually he was mesmerized in her looks because today she wear a Saree.. just in (mogambo style)..

Pragya serves food to everyone.. but abhi is still staring at her..
Pu: Bhai.. for what are you waiting for me.. abhi came to sense..
Pu: bhabhi.. come… sit with us.. let’s have together..
Pr: no I will have later..
Da: no beti… sit with us..
Pragya sits in middle that’s means between abhi and purab…
Pu: bhabhi.. then what’s your next plan..
Pr: plan means..??
Pu: haa.. after marriage.. you thought to change completely to house wife..
Pragya smiles.. bhabhi.. I am talking to you in serious..Why don’t you continue your job..
Ab: job.. which means she is working…
Pu: what is this bhai? You don’t knew that.. Bhai.. bhabhi is a famous director..
Ab: what?.
Pu: haa.. advertisement ki..
Ab; pragya.. you.. really..
Pu: why you have this much shock bhai..
Abhi didn’t say anything because he can’t talk that in front of everyone..
Pu:bhabhi.. tell me..
Pr: not yet decided..
Pu:look bhabhi.. we have no problem with your job.. I think bhai too agree with you in that.. pragya look at abhi..
Pr: wait..there is time for that na.. puru..
Ab: puru..
Pr: haa..

After breakfast..
Abhi sees pragya sitting in garden..
Abhi sits opposite to her..
Ab: chashmish what are you thinking of..
Pr: nothing.. just thinking about the sudden change in my life..
Ab: can I ask you one thing..
Pr; haa..
Ab:is you really a ad director..
Pragya smiles..
Ab; I am asking you serious..
Pr: haa.. actually I am doing it.. but don’t knew is that my job…
Ab:really.. I can’t believe.. it.. you director.. pragya feels as abhi is just making fun of her..
Pr: why is that not suits for me..
Ab: actually sorry.. I just thinks as your behavior looks and everything is just like typical silent girl.. but you are doing something different..
Pr: you mean.. just as bhahanji vala..
Ab: haa exactly the same..
Pr: so you thinks that we must change our behavior and attitude to do a job… so that’s why you are behaving this way..
Ab: I can’t get that..
Pr: haa.. making fun on me..
Ab; sorry chashmish.. I don’t want to hurt you…
Pr: abhi.. I knew this fact may be shock for you.. actually direction is my passion.. that’s why I am doing that.. I love stay as what I am.. because I love myself a lot..
Ab: k.. but I have one doubt.. to be a director.. you didn’t saw me and hear about me..
Pr; no..
Ab; how’s that possible… pragya smiles by seeing his thoughts..
Ab: k anyways.. that’s good.. and I have no problem with your passion.. you have no restrictions here..
Pr;thanks.. but now I am not interested in it..
Ab: why?
Pr:actually I need sometime to be in settled with my new life.I need to make my mind to convince for that. Abhi.. thanks a lot..
Ab: for what..
Pr: for everything.. for coming into my life.. giving me full freedom.. I knew what I am doing to not right.. as I came into your life.. and destroying it..
Ab: what are you saying chashmish..
Pr: haa.. abhishek… I am your wife now.. and it’s time to start a new life.. I am keeping a distance from which makes you too in difficulties..
Ab: chashmish.. for both of us.. we are strangers.. not like before.. first we both must understand each other.. then if we feel that we moved to next stage.. then we can..
Pr: if not then..
Ab; we can go back to our past life..
He goes…
Abhi sits in his room.
Ab: chashmish.. I told you a lie that.. I don’t see you.. and don’t knew anything about you.. that was all a lie… it’s me make you a part of my life… because I fall in love with you…

Episode ends..

Sorry I don’t knew whether you all liked it or not.. and I will try to upload the other two ff.. soon.. actually I have exams going on now.. that’s why this delay.. sorry for that

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