love after marriage kkb part-2

Hello everyone… I am really happy to see that all like my this story… thanks a lot for accepting it… so let’s go to story..
Pur: bhabhi… are you shocked na.. I too.. when your sister bulbul tells Bhai that you done see his photo… he too do the same..
Pragya look at him.. and he is still smiling..
Pur; bhabhi.. I don’t knew what you both feel after seeing after marriage..
Pragya couldn’t respond..
Pur: sorry bhabhi.. I am talking too much na.. k.. now I am leaving I came here to tell you about the evening reception..

Pr: reception..
Pur: haa… it’s for our family friends.. Aur.. Bhai ki business partners keliye.. I am going he goes.. pragya look at him..
Ab: chashmish why are you looking like this..
Pr: why don’t you see my face before marriage.. is you too don’t interested in marriage or would you love someone..
Ab; no chashmish..
Ab:as you decided to marry me without seeing me.. then I too thought I must do the same.. as it will be a different feeling na..
Pr: If I am not looking good then..
Ab: chashmish.. beauty is not in looks.. pragya stares at him..
Chashmish are you there.. and one thing I knew that my dadi and purab will choose best for me..

Pr: so is I am best..
Ab: not yet decided… let me check.. pragya smiles..
Dadi knocks the door..
Da:pragya this is for you.. to wear at party.. and get ready fast..
Pr: k dadi… abhi is taking dress from cupboard.. abhi sees pragya looking at dress.. actually it was modern dress.. pragya usually don’t wear such types…
Ab: chashmish..
Pr: haa..
Ab: don’t you wear such kind dress..
Pr; no… but it’s k.. I will wore it..
Ab; no… I will get something… abhi calls someone.. within one hour.. a robin comes to room..
Ro: sir.. this is comes for you..
Abhi; chashmis that’s for you..

Pr: for me.. she takes it..
Ab: open it..
Pragya opens it.. it was a red lehanga for her..
Pra; is this for me..
Ab; no for me..
Pr: there is no need of this.. what will dadi think..
Ab: don’t think about dadi.. she will understand.. take it easy chasmish.. now you go and get ready on dressing room.. I will change here.. abhi gets ready.. it’s become more than 45 minutes.. but pragya is not ready yet..
Ab: chashmish are you ready..
Pr: 5 minutes.. this repeats more than 3 times.. abhi opens the door and gets in sees pragya and get mesmerized by her look..

Ab: haa.. you have fully dressed then why are you not coming out..
Pr; vo… vo.. abhi sees that pragya is struggling to press the button..
Abhi comes close to her.. and turns her..
He helps her.. ( itni se baath hein… plays)
now are you okay na…. come.. abhi takes pragyas hands and comes down.. actually all guest have reached there.. and waiting for pragya..and abhi… bulbul reached there and hugs pragya and abhi..
Bu: jiju… howz my di ?
Ab: not like you..
Bul; haa.. I knew that.. because Ian only one piece.. will never get such one..
Pu: yaa.. what you said real fact.. and bhabhi you are looking so cute.. like an Angel.. not like you sister..
Pragya smiles..
Da: purab.. stop your blabbering all are waiting for them.. abhigya sits on stage.. and guest came one by one and takes photos..
Pu: so ladies and gentlemen.. so let’s give a small clap for abhigya..
Bul: abhigya..

Pu: all are confused for this name.. it’s so simple abhi+pragya = abhigya.. all laughs.. and claps.. now it’s their turn.. let’s welcome abhigya for a dance performance.. abhi and pragya get tensed..
Purbul invites them.. and all lights were off. And a simple lights focuss on them.. abhi forward his hand.. towards pragya she.. place her hands too.. they dance for mein waari jaava.. ishq waala love.. actually abhigya danced romantically and too passionately..
All remained silent by seeing their love.. and danced ended in a pose in which pragya hugs abhi… all claps.. they came into sense..
Purab hugs pragya.. bhabhi.. you rocked it.. I don’t knew you will dance like this.. amazing.. bhabhi..
Ab: purab stop praising her.. I too danced na..
Pu: haa.. you are rock star and it’s Your job.. but my bhabhi is not like that..
Ab: so within one day.. you joined her side.. hey chashmish.. what magic you did on him..
Purbul together; chashmish..
Ab: haa.. the one who wear chashma will be chashmish..
Sar: k.. beta.pragya.. we are leaving.. pragya hugs bulbul and maa.. they leaves.. pragya cries..

Pu: bhabhi.. don’t be sad.. I will be there for you na.. just like bulbul.. and dadi for maa.. pragya smiles..
Abhi (in mind ): vow.. within one day they both become too close.. how can this happens..
Episode ends..

Sorry I knew its small.. but because of less time.. that’s why.. and about how much parts.. that will be confirmed later.. I have no guarantee about how my brain works..

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  21. Wow ur ff chotti really great …. Ur always awesome i love it ff haritha ….
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