love after marriage kkb part-12

Hello everyone.. thanks a lot for this love and support.. today it’s 8 th November.. which means we are moving to our last episode slowly… and one thing I want to clear is that.. this story will end when abhigya get united… as you all knew.. this is not at all ff… but it moves like that.. so let’s go to story…
Abhi; chashmish what are you thinking off..
Pr; nothing is there any possible way to go out..
Ab; are you feel bored by talking with me..
Pr; not at all..
Abhi smiles..
Pr; k.. now I will ask you you some questions now…
Ab; you are so nice and simple person.. and you look cute when you get irritated and I like to do that..
Pragya look at him.. so you are trying to irritate me to admire my cute look
Ab; exactly..
Pragya look at in stern look and abhi came to sense at what he said.. and look at pragya hidingly..
As pragya tried to ask him question.. at that Time purbul came..
Pur; sorry Bhai.. and bhabhi.. we thought you both go.. and that’s why..
Ab; oh at last you come na.. we are waiting for you..
Pragya is looking at abhi… abhi knew that what she is going to ask him.. so to divert pragya..
Ab; come let’s leave.. and purab.. you take bhabhi along with you.. I have some works…

Pr; I will also join with you..
Ab; no chashmish.. may be it will end late night..
Pur; bhabhi.. come let’s go.. purbul and pragya leaves..
Ab; oh god.. now I escaped.. I knew she will surely questions me.
Sometimes I can’t control myself.. I blabber out something always.. if after knowing all the truth when she feels that I cheated her then.. no I can’t lose her because that much I loves her..
After sometimes..
Pragya reached her room and fresh up.. and sitting on bed.. recalling everything…
She takes her phone and sees her best friend online.. ( abhi )
Pr; hai beauty..
Ab; hai pragya.. actually I was waiting for you.. you ended our chat at your marriage na.. you don’t tell anything about him..
Pr; him??

Ab; yes Merri jijju ki bare mein..
Pr; he is none other than rock star abhishek prem mehra..
Ab; what oh my god rock star… my rock star..
Pr; yes..
Ab; how that happened.
Pr; it’s all happened yaar..
Ab; so now you may be too happy right.. enjoying every moment with him.
Pr; no..
Ab; why?
Pr: we are strangers yaar.. only now we become friends..
Ab; what?
Pr; I knew you will sounds weird but that’s reality.. we both get married without knowing and seeing each other..
Ab; what? How can that possible..
Pr; ya.. it’s possible in our case.. I knew all will laugh on me.. but that’s truth.. I didn’t see him till our marriage occur.. no I see him first the day after our marriage..
Ab; k.. at that moment what you feel..
Pr : I feel how bad I am..
Ab: why?
Pr; do you knew I ask about my husband to my husband itself.. I said that I don’t see him till now..
I feel so pitty… but he is truely good at heart and nice person.. I don’t knew if anyone instead of him how will behaves to me..

Ab; so you started to fall for him..
Pr; no… no.. actually I don’t mean that..I knew he is trying a lot to adjust with me.. and doing so much sacrifice for me.. I didn’t want to hurt him.. I knew he have some feelings for me..
Ab; feelings..
Pr; ya.. but I don’t knew it in what way..
Ab; I couldn’t understand..
Pr; ya.. I too..sometimes I feel that he knew me before we got married…
Ab; how..
Pr; from his behavior.. expression.. but I don’t knew whats his feeling for me.. is it as a friend… or wife.. or…
Ab; or lover right..??
Pr; ☺☺☺… do you knew one thing I feel so much relaxed when I talk with you.. and I feel just like talking with him..
Ab; relax??? Pragya can I tell you one thing..
Pr; yes..
Ab; I think you you must give a chance to this relationship… I don’t knew of I have right to talk with you like that.. you just try to understand him and what he is for you..

Pr; yes you are correct.. I too thinks the same. As I got a good knew how company is his brother… and dadi.. who showers love on me.. and my maa.. and bulbul Is really happy for this relationship… if their happiness is with this relationship then.. I too give a chance..
Ab; no pragya… what you doing is not right… you don’t do any sacrifice for others.. as if you don’t like this relationship.. I think he too have you freedom to move on..
Pr; yes.. but..
Ab; what I am trying to say.. is.. it’s sure that you too likes him.. when getting to knew about him further..
Pr; Ohio… I think you knew him better than me..
Ab; ???.. just philosophical approach that’s it..
Pr; k… fine.. so let’s see you again.. Good night..
Ab; is your husband came..??
Pr; no… he is busy…
Ab; busy…

Pr; yes dear… so goodnight…
Ab; good night…
Pr; now I really feels better.. yes what she said is right.. ( pragya thinks about abhi.. all their moments and smiles.. )
At that time abhi enters..
Ab; hey chashmish.. don’t you sleep till now..
Pr; no I am waiting for you..
Ab; waiting for me..
Pr; yes.. I just need to talk with you something serious..
Ab; serious.. sorry chashmish.. actually I am really tried today.. and that too this headache… which is killing me.. pragya go and took Vicks….
Ab; no chashmish.. it’s k.. it will be better when I sleep..

Pr; you just lie down.. I will apply this on head.. and make massage..
Ab; no chashmish.. I will..
Pr; no.. as this is an order from a friend..
Ab; k… abhi lies on bed.. pragya sat near to him.. and started to apply balm.. nd pressed his head..
Where as abhi is enjoying her closeness… and sweet touch..

Episode ends…
Nb; only 3 episode more… I will end up with 15th episode

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