love after marriage kkb part-11


Hello everyone… thanks a lot my sweeties so let’s move on to story to check whether purbul plan works or not..
Episode starts with abhi and pragya are near pool side..

Pr; I think you want to ask me something..
Ab; no nothing.. I just came here to check whether if you ready we can go back.. but I thought you are thinking about something seriously..
Pr; no.. not all.. as I saw this reflection of moon at this pool.. I feel it so beautiful..
Ab; so you are admiring it right..
Pr; ya.. but not in the way in which you admired me…
Ab; what? I admired you… seriously.. he started to laugh.. pragya too smiles.. when I admired you act like thinking wow that.. hey chashmish you really misunderstood me.. it’s not admiration it’s my acting.. actually I always act like this.. everyone feels it as real..

Pr; k.. you act then.. what happened there.. ( pragya stops talking as a she came to sense about what she is trying to tell him.. )
Abhi too knew what she meant.. but he too don’t wish to bring that matter between us..
Ab; so let’s go..
Pr; k. They both leaves..
Ab; I think all leaves.. as they reached entrance they seen that it’s locked..
Ab; what the hell is this..
Pr; vo locked…
Abhi tries to call purab.. but it was during that time abhi checks his phone and oh no..
Pr, what happens…
Ab; my phone is in purabs hand..
Pr; k I will call.. she opened her bag..oh no..
Pr; my phone is with bulbul.. then what we do now..
Ab; what the he’ll is this how they goes without checking that if I am leave or not..
Pragya laughs..
Ab; why are you laughing..
Pr; just thinking about the state of a rock star trapped in his own studio..
Ab; what a comedy.. oh for you it will be common na..
Pr; bad joke..
Ab; if you can then I too..
Pr; oh no.. so I want to bear you in till anyone came here na..
Ab; ya I too think about that.. how can I bear such an irritating character..
Pr: hello. Are you thinking that I am irritating. It’s you who is irritating more than me..
Ab: really..
Pr; please I am not in a mood with fight with you now..
Ab; so you are in mood to romance.. abhi smiles..pragya look at tensed.. romance you ha.. ha.. it’s unbelievable na..
Pr; what you mean by that.. I knew you got shocked by reading my script and thinks too that how can I do that na..
Ab; ya exactly I thought it..
Pr; you feels that I have some love.. and I right it from that experience..
Ab; yes.. but I knew you don’t have anyone..
Pr; why…
Ab; you told me on the first day of our marriage…
Pr; do you knew.. it’s been a week after our marriage..
Ab; yes that’s right.. but I didn’t feel like that.. chasmish.. can we knew each other..
Pr; knew each other means..
Ab; actually we are husband and wife… not in real.. I don’t how you feel about me.. and our relation.. I think we both will feel better by knewing each other..
Pr; ya.. that’s right..
Ab; k.. now I will ask you some questions you must answer for that.. after that.. then it’s your turn..
Pr; k deal..
Ab; k.. first question.. tell truth no lies.. na.. what you feel about me..
Pr; about you.. actually I don’t really knew that… sometimes I feel you as nice.. but at the same time I feel you are the most irritating person…. sometimes i feel you as cute.. and good friend sometimes…
Ab; wow so you have some feeling for me..
Pr; feelings means..
Ab; what you said…
Pr; ( in mind.. but why I feel that there is some inner meaning in it)… and I always feels that you are hiding something from me.
Abhi get tensed.. hiding no.. nothing like that..

Pr; then why your each words has double interpretation..
Ab; because you always thinks a lot.. and take life as serious..
Pr; life is somewhat serious..
Ab; ya that’s correct life is somewhat serious actually it’s not..
Pr; what you mean by that..
Ab; chashmish… just take life as simple and problems as simple and do what your heart tells to you.. not do anything for others.. just like you did this marriage..
Pr; then about you.. you too did this marriage for your Dadi Right..
Ab; no chashmish..
Pr; then???
Ab; don’t stare at me like this.. I did this marriage for me.. as I too wish to settle in life..
Pr; then why you chose me.. without seeing or talking or understanding me..
Abhi smiles..
Ab; if you wish hear truth or lie..
Pr; first lie..
Ab; k.. because I knew that dadi will choose perfect match for me.. I trust her a lot…
Pr; is this your lie.. so you don’t trust her..
Ab; no that’s not right. I really trust her.. but our marriage happened not because of that trust..
Pr; what you mean.. abhi.. why don’t you study till now to say anything directly with out choosing twist and turns..
Ab; actually in some case this twist and turns are good..
Pr; k then keep this twist and turns then tell me your truth..
Ab; truth is.. I knew that dadi will choose perfect match for me.. I trust her a lot…
Pr; what? One answer for same question..
Ab; sometimes same answer is only needed to solve different questions.. as the way question execute is only different..
Pr; again… abhi.. I think you must become a philosopher than a rock star.. because your real success will achevied in that path..
Ab; thanks for the compliment..
Pr; actually it was not compliment..
Ab; but you knew my heart that much loyal.. so I will take that as compliment.. ( chashmish.. actually I wish to confess my love to you.. the love which started at your sight.. which drives me crazier.. but I think time is not good yet.. as when I get the sign that you too have some feelings then I will confess my never ending love that is only for you.. )
Pr; ( why I always feel that there is some connection between as some where as sometimes his talks.. thoughts are just like similar someone whom I knew closer.. but I can’t figure it out the person)

Episode ends..
So guys as this conversation section will extend to may be 1 or 2 before they getting out.. there happens a bond creation between the two’s..

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