love after marriage kkb part-10


Hello everyone.. thanks a lot for all this support and love which is driving me to write more crazy.. so let’s move on to story..
Pragya is sitting under a tree.. she takes a book… which prem forget to take.. she slowly opened it.. she started to read it..

Hello my life.. how are you… do you knew how I am I… I am getting lost in something.. getting lost in her..
Pr: her… who is she? She continued reading… I don’t knew why I am lost in her.. every time my heart want to roam around her.. I want to hear her talks.. I want to see her smile.. do you knew how cute she looks when she smiles.. she always drive me more crazier… crazier on her.. what a ladki.. whenever I think about her a unknown smile came in my face.. I think I am in love with her..
Pr; oh no..he loves someone.. but who is she making him more crazy on her.. is she look better than me.. hey shalini.. now you are thinking a lot about him.. what is the need of that.. he is no one for you.. if he loves someone or not that doesn’t affect you too.. so keep reading..

My first meeting with her is the one which make me to follow on her as because it was first time in life I have seen someone mad like me..
You are thinking that how I am get mad right.. I have special habit that having icecream by standing on rain
.. every time my friends tease me by seeing this… I see her first by having icecream on standing rain.. I was surprised that there is someone like me who is mad…

Pr; so there is 2 others like me too. She smiles..
After that we both met at temple… as a small child falls down I rushed to make her stand.. she too reached there at the same time and our heads get hit each other.. when i said sorry… don’t you knew what she tells.. she told that this problem doesn’t get solved by just sorry.. I must kick at her head on more Time.. other wise.. she look like a bull.. with that’s horn.. I smiled at her pranks.. after hitting with my head she goes away.. but I was lost in her craziness..
Pragya smiles… this story is really interesting.she turns page to read further… actually I don’t knew who she is.. but I tried to search her everywhere at last I found her college.. she is studying in st. Stephen college..

Pr : oh god.. it’s my college.. who will be she.. meena. Myna.. Rakhi.. no sherin.. yes there is chance.. let me check.. she continues reading… I always followed her.. without her knowing.. she is really different from every girl’s.. she is totally mad.. she has more boyfriends than girl friends.. she always be company with everyone.. always talk with smile in her face..

Pr; so it’s not sherin then who is she..
She turns next page.. but now Its a long that I don’t see her.. I used to check her in her usual places.. I check even at her house area too.. but she shifted to another place.. I didn’t get adress.. like before I can’t wait for her in front of her because of my bad luck.. my sister joined in same college..if she get to knew this.. and started to tease me.. as calling strange.. yes this is some what strange.. a strange connection.. but I really love this.. thrill… a Thrill to love someone without her knowing.. a thrill to find her.. lost in her thought in her madness…
Pragya smiles.. I think he is more mad than that girl.. pragya flip pages in a hope that she can found out that person.. but there is nothing written after that..
Pr; oh.. no.. who is that girl.. did he met her… and tell his love.. oh.. now his thoughts make me crazy… I can’t get peace without knowing about her… but who is she.. but he really loves her a lot.. not love mad for her a lot…
As class ends her friend comes out..

Mri; shalini.. where are you lost?
Pr; lost in him..
Mri: him.. which means prem.. at last my salini get lost in someone… the girl who always make everyone lost in her.. get lost in someone..
Pr: but he is lots with some other girl..
Mri; some other girl…
Pr: yes..
Mri; how do you knew…
Pr; from this diary..
Mri; oh no… don’t worry you will find someone better than him..
Pr; but who is that girl..
Mri: why do you think about her..
Pr; just to knew who is this much lucky to got him..
As they both turns sees abhi ( prem ) standing next to them..
Mri; prem..

Ab; yes.. I came here to get my dairy back…
Pragya gave it to him..
Mri: but how you knew that we are here..
Ab; I just asked it to conductor..
All this time pragya is glaring at him..
Abhi leaves from there..
Mri; shalu.. he gone.. pragya came to sense..

Scene shifted to pragyas house.. mridhu and salini are staying at same house.. as they both are studying.. mridhu is studying that’s right but it’s not in the case of salu..
Pr: mridhu.. how did he knew that we are studying at this college..
Mri; oh you are still at his thought.. don’t you hear that what he tells she enquired about us from conductor..
Pr; ya that’s right.. but we don’t get down at our college stop na.. after collecting books we take an auto and reached there then how he knew that..
Mri; may be he enquiries about us in book shop from that they knew we are in this college as we collect library books na..
Pragya smiles..
Mri; why are you smiling shalu…
Pr: nothing..

Scene shifted to next morning..
As today too.. pragya gets in to bus by late.. as it’s prem akka our abhi who helps her to get in.. she smiles and tried to go to her seat.
Ab; no thanks too..
Pr; there is no need of thanks as I knew you are standing here for me..
Ab; what??
Pr:yes.. she goes and sit near mridhu… abhi looked at her in confused expression…
Pu; cut..
Bul: wow kamal ki scene.. di you did it really great..
Pur; bhabhi.. how can you write like this….

Pragya smiles..
Pur; bhabhi.. I have a doubt is this your real story…
Pragya smiles.. and leave which makes abhi in dilemma..
Abhi is sitting in his caravan thinking about that..
Ab: when I read the script I feel like it’s real.. will she really have such a love.. no when I asked about it.. she told that no.. so may be not.. if there is then..
Abhi look at confused.. so he decided to talk with pragya… and he leaves to see her..

Scene shifted to purbul..

Pur; bulbul.. let’s do our plan now..
Bul; ya that’s right.. we can do the plan…
Pur; I think all leaves.. so we both to leaves by locking the studio…
Bul: yes… I think by that we can make them. So closer…
Pur; yes.. I knew they both are behaving as strangers.. till now..
Episode ends..

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