love after marriage kkb part-1

Hello everyone.. it’s me haritha.. with a new story…so without intro.. just get into it..
Pragya arora.. daughter of sarla arora was simple girl who leading a simple life.. for her her family is so important… she will do anything for them.. but now there is big problem going to happen in her life.. what is that problem?? Her maaa is compelling her to get married soon.. but she is not interested in it.. as her maa.. emotionally blackmailed her.. she said yes without other options… and maa shows photo the person whom she is going to be married… but for her.. she is doing this marriage just for her mother’s wish.. and it’s not a matter for her how he looks or not.. may be he too don’t wish to marry that’s why.. without any other rituals… their marriage has happened.. bulbul who is pragyas sister was too excited than her.. when we saw her.. her happiness we will feel that it’s her marriage going to happen.. but truly speaking bulbul loves her di a lot.. she too excited for her marriage as she is going to take a new step in this life.. but she don’t knew that her di.. don’t like this marriage accepts this for her maa.. marriage rituals started… the person to whom she is going to married sits on mandap.. his face is not seen because of sehra… pragya came and sits beside her.. for her and he.. they both are just stranger’s.. he too can’t see her face because of the veil… soon marriage happens and pragya reached at new house.. it’s dadi.. who take her to his room..
Da; beti.. from this day onwards this is your house you have all the freedom.. if you need anything tell frankly.. dadi smiles and go.. pragya looks around and an evil her..
Pr; so from today onwards I am going to become part of someone’s life.. the person who I never seemed.. talked.. it’s really interesting na.. the play of fate and life.. because of her tiredness.. she slept fast.. when he came to room sees her sleeping and thinks not to disturb her.. it’s morning…
Pragya slowly opened her eyes.. and get tensed look around.. see his lying at couch… she slowly move towards couch.. and tries to see his face.. but because of his lying position she can’t.. she don’t try to see as she has no wish to see him.. and get ready goes down..
Pr; good morning dadi..
Da: good morning beti.. is abhi gets up.. abhi.. yes that’s his name.. abhishek prem mehra..
Pr; no he is sleeping..
Da: make a coffee and give to him.. it’s time for his rise up..
Pragya goes to kitchen and comes with coffee and reached room.. she couldn’t see him anywhere.. she roam around house to meet him.. but couldn’t find.. on that way she met the family members one by one.. how can she find her husband without seeing once.. she can’t ask to anyone directly…
She sees a person coming to her side.. she calls suniye.. he turned to her side..
Pr; suniye.. do you see my husband?
He look at her confused..
Pr; I am asking you.. actually I was searching him everywhere.. couldn’t get..
Per: haa.. you can’t get him..
Pr: why..
Per; because I am your husband.. pragya get shocked…
Pr: are you abhishek prem mehra..
Ab; haa..
Pr: sorry don’t misunderstand me.. actually I didn’t see your photo.. so..
Ab: you don’t see my photo.. oh achaa.. when you hear that I am rock star..
Pr:rock star..
Ab:haa.. do you hear music.. then definitely you will hear my name.
Pr: actually I don’t.. I will only hear melodies.. i hate such happy love waala songs..
Ab; oh actually happy love is my song..
Pr: sorry actually don’t misunderstand me..
Abhi smiles.. by seeing her innocence..
Ab:let me knew why you say yes for this marriage..
Pr; I did this to my maa..
Ab; achha…
Pr: sorry don’t misunderstand me.. I knew its bad to become a part of one’s life like this.. abhi smiles.. why are you smiling?
Ab: because this is third time you are telling that don’t misunderstand you.. pragya smiles..
Ab; so you don’t wish to marry me?
Pr:truly speaking no..
Ab: do you love someone?
Pr; no I am not that type..
Ab: what loving someone is bad..
Pr; no..
Ab; then..
Ab: then answer me..
Pr:actually I have no beliefs in such things.. may be I have not meet someone like that.. that’s why..
Ab; k.. I just ask you that’s it.. pragya goes..
Ab:chashmish are you leaving without giving coffee..
Pr; actually it cools I will get another.. pragya came back with coffee.. where abhi is sitting on bed looking at his phone..
She gives coffee.. abhi takes a sip..
Ab:wow.. nice coffee…
Pragya smiles..
Ab; k chashmish.. sorry do you have any problem as I call you like that..
Pr:it’s k..
Ab:please give me your phone number.. if I need that.. that’s why.. abhi saves as my chashmish.. I have send a miss call save my number… pragya took her phone.. she was confused.. as by what name she will save this..
Ab: what are you thinking off..
Pr; kuch nahim..
Ab:it’s lie.. are you thinking in which name you will save this na.. save it as abhi..
Meanwhile purab comes there..
Pu: hllo bhabhi.. I knew its not good to come into your room.. I am purab.. I knew we don’t get any chance to meet.. this is all because of this Bhai..
Pragya smiles..
Pur: bhabhi.. do you knew.. he never seen your face..before marriage… it was a shock for pragya too.. pragya look at him.. he is smiling…
Episode ends..
I Will complete this as 3 parts..

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  1. Shanu

    simply superb ??????and waiting for next part ???????????

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    How sweet…….really u r fabulous narrator

  3. super duper ff

    but 3 more epi yaaaaaa???????????????

    awesome dear

  4. CuteVanshu

    nice epi di…l like that part when pragya asked abhi about her husband??????

  5. Wow ! This was A Great Surprise !
    Nice shot this was ! So 3 shot story uh ?? Waiting to read the other 2 parts greenie !

  6. Very nice…i lyk ur ff…keep writing…waiting 4 next 1…

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  8. Wow really amazing ya. I can’t control myself enjoyed alot. Really different thought great story eagarly waiting ur nxt update,,keep rocking ya.

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    Lovely darlu but sad tat u ll finish in 3 parts love u?????

  11. Hai haritha…Amazing opening….??? love it

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  15. Awwwww sooooo sweet n cute episode plzzzz font end it with 3 part plzzzz give little more sweetness yaar plzzzz plzz plzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

  16. Haritha update the next 3part soon pls i am eagerly waiting.

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  18. Sandy

    One day change ff ki comments

    Third time am leaving this comment now a days TU is erroring frequently.
    I ? the scene
    pragya testing abhi, then pragya sharing thoughts abt her future hubby.( Please add romantic scenes like the one u gave in cave in ur other ff)

    1. HARITHA

      Actually sandy.. just wait yaar.. that track is going to start soon.. now abhi and pragya is trying to impress each other.. purab will be their connecting link.. just wait for that..

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