love after marriage (intense ardhika & nesam) episode 3


Nandini was quite while returning home. Sid notices her. “Wat is bothering u . Why r u so quite”asked sid. “I was thinking to ask mala to give choti’s hands for aru. I liked her somuch” ” me too liked her. We shall discuss this with mala and dileep tomorrow then” sid replied. “Before that we should ask aru too” nandini said. They reached home. Found arjun has went to sleep. It was almost a surprice for them as usually arjun works in his study late at nights.

Next day morning. Arjun came for his break fast. ” aru i want to tell u something” ” why r u behaving weired. U should say me straight” “we r seeking an alliance for u” nandini cleared him the situation. ” from where did u get this sudden idea of mrrg now”. His voice has cleared how much he was annoyed with her words.” I m not ready for mrrg now. Mom” he replied her. ” then wen wil be u ready for it in ur 60’s or 70’s” asked sid from his back. ” aru, we knew u neither had a gf nor a lover during ur school/college days. and we know this too that u wont marry if we left u as u r”
Nandini supported sid. “As ur parents we cant allow that. We want u to get married” this is the final decision”said sidharth in a very firm voice. Now arjun has to agree. He said” then promise me that this mrrg wil not disturb my works” nandini assured that on her behalf. While sid teased”atleast u should hav time to tie the mangalsoothra,fill sindoor and do pheras as it will not suit if we do all these in ur mrrg” arjun gave them a blank look and left for office.

In the office. Sam were continously scolding teji. But he even didnt know why she scolding him. Raneil came there. They asked teji why she got hyper temper on him through their actions. Teji gave a innoccent look as he even didnt know. Wen he came to her cabin she was in an angry mood. He gav her some file and she started scolding him. Neil asked her”why r u scolding him like this” “look, this file “she shown it to raneil. It was only containing few photographs. Then teji realised his mistake “oh it got changed. It is not the file i suppossed to giv u” he explained. Now neil said to sam “sam u should hav told him before scolding that why he is getting scolded. Look u wasted somach time instead correcting him. If u hav corrected him then all these drama wil not be happened here” “now , all of u stop. We should go for a coffee . “Radhika lightened the situation. “Yes, sam needs coffee as she want get energy to scold someone now ” neil teased sam. Sam was irked with him. Their nok jhok continues.

Radhika’s home. Sidni comes. Maldeep was surprised with their sudden visit. “We came here to discuss some imp thing with u” sid started the conversation. “U can tell us anything. Dont hesitate” mala assured them. “We want to ask choti’s hands for our son aru” said nandini. Maldeep was glad to hear those words from nandini. “We r glad to do choti’s mrrg to ur house. But we should ask our children too as it is about their life. Completed dileep. “We hav asked aru. And he too agreed for the alliance. ” nandini said. “We wil talk to choti and then we can go ahead with it”..mala said.

Precap: rads agrees for mrrg

How was it guys, i hav written whole the story in my notepad. Just need to update it. But i’m busy with my 6 month old son. And if u finds i’m late to update dont be upset as i ‘ll complete my story anyhow
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  1. Was very nyc but very short dear.pls .give a looong update next one πŸ™‚ tc

  2. Rossy

    Very nice dear…it was short but can understand ur situation…i m wondering when Arjun will know that he is going to marry rads what will be both peoples reactions…

    1. RituM


  3. Kavina

    Loved it

  4. Brin

    I can understand even I’m a mother too. Your episode was awesome, whenever you have time, please continue with the next update. πŸ™‚

  5. Jessie

    It will be fun when Ardhika knows abt their marriage..eager 4 next chappy.. 6 months old baby!! Wats his name?? U update when possible..TC n loads of love

  6. Myra

    it was short cute fun filled ep…..update when u can….no issues πŸ™‚

  7. Sweetie

    Ardhika ki expressions dekhne laayak hongi when they get to know they were going to get married to each other.. πŸ˜€ Update when you find free time dear.. πŸ™‚ Love you loads and take care.. πŸ™‚

  8. Starz

    Awesome dear…short and sweet….

  9. S.v

    woo indirectly ardhika is going to get married, now the story starts lovely update

  10. Hashmy

    Thank u friends, i wil try long one next time.

  11. awesome.eagerly waiting next one,,,tc

  12. It’s very cute story. ..loved it. ..

  13. _Ritu

    Its awesome dear…waiting for ArDhika’s mrg…loads of love πŸ™‚

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